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Only the obedient believe...

Only the obedient believe. If we are to believe, we must obey a concrete command. Without this preliminary step of obedience, our faith will only be pious humbug, and lead us to the grace which is not costly. Everything depends on the first step. It has a unique quality of its own. The first step of obedience makes Peter leave his nets, and later get out of the ship; it calls upon the young man to leave his riches. Only this new existence, created through obedience, can make faith possible. ...Dietrich Bonhoeffer image

St. John the Divine: Unfinished at the Cathedral

April 12, 2012

For decades, New York City has considered designating the Cathedral of St. John the Divine as a landmark. But city landmark officials wanted to wait until the cathedral—under construction since 1892—was "finished."

But talk about landmark status for the perpetually unfinished Episcopal church is starting to percolate again, as developers ready plans for a new apartment building on leased cathedral property along 113th Street in Morningside Heights.

Real-estate firm Equity Residential hopes to start construction on the 15-story apartment building next year. The new structure's footprint would be some 70 feet north of the cathedral itself, replacing large metal sheds and parking spaces in the area now.

Church officials maintain that completing its "real-estate initiative"—as they call an apartment building already open at the southeast corner of the cathedral property as well as plans for another one on the north side—are an economic necessity to provide revenue for the cash-strapped cathedral. the rest

(I didn't realize when I was looking for a pic of St. John's that they have a Halloween extravaganze at the cathedral: here image)

Bishops put on alert as Irish Catholics reject key church laws

By Colm Kelpie
Friday April 13 2012

SENIOR church figures were last night trying to come to terms with the stark findings of a report which lays bare massive alienation among huge numbers of Catholics.

The survey, for an 800-strong group of priests, found most Catholics are at odds with the hierarchy over several issues.

The vast majority of those surveyed disagreed with the Vatican's thinking on women clergy, homosexuality and celibacy for priests.

The survey found:

- 87pc believe priests should be allowed to get married.

- 77pc support the ordination of women as priests.

- 72pc believe that married men should be allowed to be ordained.

- 46pc oppose the church's stance on homosexuality.

- 75pc believe that the church's teachings on sexuality are irrelevant to their lives. the rest

Unorthodox behaviour rattles Russian church

April 13, 2012
By Courtney Weaver

Yuri Shevchenko, a retired doctor and health minister, never imagined he would be fighting a $1m Russian lawsuit that would see his bank accounts frozen, his grown son forced to move back home and travel restrictions imposed on him so he could not travel abroad for cancer treatment.

He also never imagined that the claimant in the suit would be a woman with such deep connections to the Russian patriarch.

Lidiya Leonova, a laywoman, claims that dust from renovation work in Mr Shevchenko’s Moscow flat wreaked Rbs26m ($900,000) worth of damage to her own flat upstairs. While Ms Leonova is registered in the flat and initiated the suit, the flat belongs to Kirill I, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The scandal is one of several to envelop the Russian Orthodox Church, as the institution faces increasingly serious allegations of corruption and criticism for its role in Russian politics.  the rest

Friday, April 13, 2012

How the Media Whitewashes Muslim Persecution of Christians

by Raymond Ibrahim
April 13, 2012

While the MSM may report the most frugal facts concerning Christian persecution, they utilize their entire arsenal of semantic games, catch phrases, and convenient omissions that uphold the traditional narrative—that Muslim violence is anything but a byproduct of the Islamic indoctrination of intolerance.

When it comes to Muslim persecution of Christians, the mainstream media (MSM) has a long paper trail of obfuscating. While they may eventually state the bare-bone facts—if they ever report on the story in the first place, which is rare—they do so after creating and sustaining an aura of moral relativism that minimizes the Muslim role. the rest

Recently, for instance, in the context of the well-documented suffering of Christians in Egypt, an NPR report declared, "In Egypt, growing tensions between Muslims and Christians have led to sporadic violence [initiated by whom?]. Many Egyptians blame the interreligious strife on hooligans [who?] taking advantage of absent or weak security forces. Others believe it's because of a deep-seated mistrust between Muslims and the minority Christian community [how did the "mistrust" originate?]." Although the report does highlight cases in which Christians are victimized, the tone throughout—and even from the title of the report, "In Egypt, Christian-Muslim Tension is on the Rise"—suggest that examples of Muslims victimized by Christians could just as easily have been found (not true). The accompanying photo is of a group of angry Christians militantly holding a cross aloft—not Muslims destroying crosses, which is what prompts the Christians to such displays of solidarity.

Right wing domestic terrorist stay-at-home mom

Real Moms of the GOP battle White House SOP
By Michelle Malkin
April 13, 2012

The authenticity of conservative women has always been under attack by radical orthodox feminists, but perhaps not as brazenly as by someone with such direct and frequent access to the corridors of the White House message machine as Hilary B. Rosen. the rest

Vanderbilt University Makes Catholic Student Group Change Its Name

by Karla Dial
April 12, 2012

Rather than allow people who don’t share their faith to hold leadership positions, a faith-based student group at Vanderbilt University announced last month it will become an off-campus ministry at the end of the year.

As a result, the university announced this week that Vanderbilt Catholic will have to change its name.

“Those student groups who choose not to comply with the university’s nondiscrimination policy do forfeit the privileges associated with registered student organization status, and that includes the use of the Vanderbilt name,” Beth Fortune, the school’s spokesperson, told Fox News.

The St. Thomas More Society, another Catholic group, has also announced plans to move off campus rather than comply with the new policy.

In the meantime, 11 Christian groups remaining on campus — for the moment — applied for university recognition last week while refusing to alter their statements of faith. The deadline for such applications to be submitted for the 2012-13 academic year is April 16. the rest

Pakistani Woman Accused of ‘Blasphemy’ Illegally Held in Jail

Authorities fail to file charge sheet against young mother of 6-month-old.April 10, 2012

CDN) — The mother of a 6-month-old girl has been wrongly jailed for more than a month, as Pakistani authorities have failed to file a charge sheet within the mandatory 14-day period against the young Christian woman falsely accused of “blaspheming” the prophet of Islam, her attorney said.

Shamim Bibi, 26, of village Chak No. 170/7R Colony, in the Fort Abbas area of Bahawalpur district, was charged under Section 295-C of Pakistan’s “blasphemy” statutes after neighbors accused her of uttering remarks against Muhammad. She was arrested on Feb. 28.

Speaking ill of Muhammad in Pakistan is punishable by life imprisonment or death under Pakistan’s internationally condemned blasphemy laws. the rest

“Shamim has been implicated in a completely baseless case,” said her husband, Bashir Masih. “I was present with her at the time of the alleged incident … nothing of the sort happened. The Muslims cooked up a false story, though it’s still not clear who provoked them into leveling this accusation.”

London Mayor blocks Christian gay bus ad

Friday, April 13, 2012

London Mayor Boris Johnson yesterday blocked a bus advert suggesting that homosexuals could be cured.

The advert featured the slogan: “Not gay! Ex-gay, Post-gay and proud. Get over it!”

It had been due to appear on London buses along five routes for two weeks, starting Monday.

Although advertising regulators had cleared the advert, Mr Johnson used his position as chairman of Transport for London to ban it from the capital’s buses. the rest
He said that London should be “intolerant of intolerance”.

Added: London mayor sued for pulling ‘Ex-Gay and Proud’ adverts from London’s buses

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lord, we come before Thee now...

Lord, we come before Thee now,
At Thy feet we humbly bow;
Oh, do not our suit disdain!
Shall we seek Thee, Lord, in vain?

Lord, on Thee our souls depend;
In compassion now descend,
Fill our hearts with Thy rich grace,
Tune our lips to sing Thy praise.

Comfort those who weep and mourn,
Let the time of joy return;
Those that are cast down lift up,
Make them strong in faith and hope.

Grant that all may seek and find
Thee a gracious God and kind.
Heal the sick, the captive free;
Let us all rejoice in Thee.
...Will­iam Ham­mond image by Renee Youngblood

The Day of Silencing

Dr. Michael L. Brown

On April 20, in thousands of schools across America, your hard-earned tax dollars will help underwrite the homosexual indoctrination of your kids. Yes, April 20 will mark the annual Day of Silence, described on its website as "a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools." As for those who do not support a special school day devoted to gay indoctrination, they are the ones who can expect to be silenced.

Originally the brainchild of some college students in 1996, the Day of Silence has been aggressively promoted for the last 12 years by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network. (Based on its activities, GLSEN would better be described as the Gay & Lesbian Sexual Education Network.) GLSEN calls on students to remain silent during non-instructional school times on the Day of Silence, thereby standing in solidarity with LGBT youth who are silenced through bullying and harassment. the rest

German incest couple lose European Court case

12 April 2012

A brother and sister from Germany who had an incestuous relationship, arguing they had the right to a family life, have lost their European court case.

Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski had four children together, two of whom are described as disabled.

The European Court of Human Rights said Germany was entitled to ban incest.  the rest

JoJo & Buddy

JoJo the Indian Ringneck and Buddy the Quaker Parrot have a little thing going on-"give me a kiss".

Australia's Anglican church still divided over women's ordination

Apr 11, 2012
by David Crampton

(ENInews)--Australia's Anglican Church has its third female bishop, Genieve Blackwell, but her March 31 consecration was boycotted by her archbishop, Sydney's Peter Jensen, a strong opponent of women clergy.

Blackwell, the first Anglican woman bishop in the state of New South Wales, was appointed regional bishop of Wagga Wagga, located between Sydney and Melbourne, by Bishop Stuart Robinson of the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Jensen is archbishop of the region, which also includes Sydney, one of the most conservative dioceses in the Anglican Communion.

Of her new role, Blackwood told ENInews, "It is about promoting Christ's church in the world, and encouraging parishes in what they are doing now and in the future." She told the Sydney Morning Herald that she was "a bit nervous but I look on this as meeting a great challenge that faces the rural and regional church ... It is a great thing that the gifts of women are being recognized and confirmed as being able to be used in Christ's service."

A daughter of a Methodist minister, raised in the Uniting Church, Blackwell joined the Anglican Church while studying at university. She undertook further study at Moore Theological Anglican College from 1989 to 1992 under Jensen, and was ordained as a deacon in Sydney in 1993. (Deacons may not celebrate the Eucharist and have been ordained in Sydney since 1989.)

Jensen, along with all his Sydney bishops, did not attend Blackwell's ordination service for "reasons of conscience." Instead, he asked Bishop Brian Farran of Newcastle, New South Wales' second senior Anglican clergyman, to take his place. the rest

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Tunisia: Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Its Cross with Garbage Bags

Raymond Ibrahim
Apr 10th, 2012

According to Al Quds, last Tuesday it was revealed that the Christian Orthodox Church in Tunis, one of very few churches in the country of Tunisia, is being “abused” and receiving “threatening messages” from “Salafis.” Church members are described as “living in a state of terror,” so much so that the Russian ambassador in Tunis specifically requested the nation’s Ministry of Interior to “protect the church.”

The abuse has gotten to the point where “Salafis covered the cross of the church with garbage bags, telling the church members that they do not wish to see the vision of the Cross anywhere in the Islamic state of Tunisia.” the rest

Obama admirer to teach ‘Understanding Obama’ class at Harvard Law School

By Caroline May

Not every Harvard Law School alumnus has a class devoted to him — but then, President Barack Obama is not just any alumnus.

According to the Harvard Law School course catalog, professor Charles Ogletree will be teaching a reading group called “Understanding Obama” for one classroom credit during the 2013 spring term.

“This reading group will focus on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader,” the Harvard Law School Course Catalog explains. “We will explore his views as a biracial child, his time as a student at Harvard Law School, the successes and failures of his political campaigns, and the way religion and his views on faith nearly derailed his campaign. Finally, time will be spent analyzing the challenges he faces as president of the United States in establishing both his domestic and global policies.”  the rest

Planned Parenthood Sets Up 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion

by Steven Ertelt

A local Planned Parenthood abortion business in California is copycatting the 40 Days for Life campaign, which recently resulted in saving the lives of more than 700 unborn children from abortion. The abortion business has set up its own 40 Days of Prayer for the local abortion center.

“We trust you to decide about your sexuality, having your children, and planning your family,” says a flier promoting the Humbolt County Clergy for Choice event. “We are religious leaders who value all human life. We accept that religions differ about when life begins. We are here to help.” the rest
Some of the local “churches” participating in the pro-abortion prayer event include: Temple Beth El in Eureka, Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bayside, St. Francis [Episcopal of course] in Fortuna, Old Town Gazebo in Eureka, and Arcata United Methodist.

USCCB: Abuse scandal’s total cost: $2.49 billion since 2004

April 11, 2012

The clerical abuse scandal cost American dioceses $108,679,706 in 2011, according to an report released on April 10 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Only 57% of those funds were allotted to settlements ($50.4 million) and therapy for abuse victims ($6.1 million); the rest was spent on attorneys’ fees ($36.7 million), support for offenders ($9.9 million), and other costs ($5.6 million), according to the 2011 “Report on the Implementation of the Charter for Protection of Children and Young People.” the rest

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As the light of the sun has only one common nature...

As the light of the sun has only one common nature towards all objects that can receive it, so God has only one common nature of goodness, towards all created nature, breaking forth in infinite flames of love, upon every part of the creation, and calling everything to the highest happiness it is capable of. ...William Law image by D. Sharon Pruitt

Chuck Colson showing signs toward recovery

Apr 10, 2012

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Prison Fellowship founder Chuck Colson remains in critical condition following surgery on the surface of his brain but has made "slow" yet "encouraging" progress toward recovery, according to a statement from his ministry.

Over the Easter weekend, Colson "hit some important milestones," the April 10 statement said.

"He was awake for several hours on Holy Saturday, and he was taken off the ventilator. He was also able to speak for brief periods," the statement said. "Showing his characteristic grace, he said, 'Thank you very much,' to a nurse, even though she had to perform an uncomfortable procedure, and he also gave an affectionate greeting to Patty, his wife of more than four decades." the rest

Horrors! School covers mural for depicting a man, woman & child


Warwick School Superintendent Peter Horoschak is stepping in after a student mural at Pilgrim High School was deemed inappropriate and painted over because it depicted a man holding the hand of a woman and child.

A parent of a Pilgrim High School student who first reported the incident to WPRO's John DePetro Show. The mural was meant to depict the life of a man and it ended with the scene with the man, woman and a child. The student artist, 17-year-old Liz Bierendy, said that she depicted the man and woman has married with wedding rings. According to Horoshack’s press release the scene was painted over because “some of the members of the Pilgrim High Schoolcommunity suggested that the depiction of a young man’s development from boyhood through adulthood as displayed may not represent the life experiences of many of the students at Pilgrim High School.”

According to the release, the assistant principal approached the Bierendy after the concern was raised from the school and “asked her to look at other ways to show the outcome of the subject’s progression to adulthood.” the rest

Student Loan Debt, With Little to Show for It

By Alison Damast
April 09, 2012

Kevin Wanek was one semester away from graduation at Western State College of Colorado in 2010 when he found himself in a bind. He no longer wanted to be an accountant, the field he had studied, but owed more than $50,000 in student loan payments to Wells Fargo (WFC) and other private lenders. Reluctant to take on further debt and close to reaching his borrowing limit, he decided to drop out. Says Wanek: “I started adding up what I owed, and it really hit me.”

Since he was a college dropout, his career options were limited, but he found an entry-level job at iTriage, a Denver-based mobile health-care application company. In the past two years, he has become a self-taught computer programmer and received a promotion. He now wants to go back to school and finish his degree online, this time with a focus on technology and computer science. But with nearly all his disposable income going toward his $600 monthly student loan payments, Wanek, 24, worries he’ll never be able to save enough money to complete his bachelor’s degree.

“It almost feels like the money is going into a black hole,” he says. “It is frustrating knowing that you’re paying for something which you don’t have a tangible return on.” the rest  image

Fertility Decline May Unhinge Asian Security, Expert Panel Says

Apr 05, 2012
By C-FAM Staff

The global fertility freefall is about to cause geopolitical upheaval in Asia, a panel of experts said this week. The experts, all contributors to the new book Population Decline and the Remaking of Great Power Politics, spoke at the world’s largest gathering of international relations specialists meeting in San Diego, California.

“For years scholars have said that if fewer people were born, the world would be a safer place. It turns out the opposite is true,” Dr. Susan Yoshihara told conferees at the 53rd annual convention of the International Studies Association, which drew more than 5000 scholars from around the world. Yoshihara is director of the International Organizations Research Group at C-FAM and coeditor of the new book with C-FAM Senior Fellow Douglas Sylva.

India’s leaders used to see a burgeoning population as a liability. Now they view it as a boon, Lisa Curtis said. India will add eleven million workers every year for the next several years. To translate this into economic wealth, India needs to overcome high social hurdles, the Heritage Foundation expert noted, such as its 25 percent illiteracy rate, labor inflexibility, and high rates of sex selective abortion and infanticide of baby girls.

China’s sex ratios are even more skewed, compounding problems with a workforce that will soon start to contract. This raises doubts about China’s rise, Gordon Chang said, noting that “Beijing sees India through the lens of demography.” Chinese leaders are concerned about the imminent demographic eclipse by India which might fuel political tensions with its neighbor. the rest

Almost 900 New Zealand Women Hospitalized for Botched Abortions

by Ken Orr

A total of 877 women were admitted to hospital in New Zealand between 2009 and 2011 for the treatment of complications following abortions. The total number of bed-days totalled 1047. These important statistics reveal that abortions not only kill an unborn child but can result in damage to a woman’s health.

This information was obtained recently under the Official Information Act, from the Ministry of Health. Information on the nature and severity of the complications is not available. There were a total of 52,120 abortions reported to the Abortion Supervisory Committee in 2009 to 2011. The hospital admittance rate for women being treated for complications arising from abortions was 1.68 percent. This important information is not included in the Committee’s annual report to Parliament. Why was it necessary to utilise the Official Information Act to obtain important information concerning the health of women that should be freely available in the public domain? the rest

Can a Muslim Lead the Christian Campus Club?

Michael Brown
Apr 06, 2012

The court’s decision also opens the door for campus lunacy. What if a bunch of ardent Republicans decided to take over the campus’s Democratic club? Or atheists decided to take over the Hindu club? Or Jews for Jesus decided to take over the Hillel club? Or Greenpeace devotees decided to take over the hunting club? Or meat-lovers decided to take over the PETA club? Or gay activists decided to take over the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship club? Or evangelical Christians decided to take over the LGBT club? (Oh wait. I’m sure someone would find a way to stop that.)

Is it unreasonable that campus groups would require members – let alone officers – to adhere to their values and beliefs? Isn’t that the purpose of the club?

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported on the decision by Vanderbilt Catholic (a campus group with 500 members) to leave Vanderbilt University “in a dispute over the school’s non-discrimination policy that bars student groups from requiring their leaders to hold specific beliefs.” (All students are allowed to attend meetings but the leaders must adhere to specific beliefs.) As P.J. Jedlovec, the group’s president, stated, “If we were open to having non-Catholics lead the organization, we wouldn’t be Catholic anymore.” This is not exactly rocket science. the rest

Mike Wallace Interview With Margaret Sanger Surfaces After Death

by Steven Ertelt

Following the death of journalist and reporter Mike Wallace, an interview he conducted with Planned Parenthood founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger made the rounds across the Internet over the weekend.

Below are clips from the interview Margaret Sanger gave to Mike Wallace in 1957. During the interview, the full version of which can be seen here, Sanger talks to Wallace about why she became an advocate for birth control, abortion, stopping so-called overpopulation, and talks about the Catholic Church, and morality. the rest

Health-care law will add $340 billion to deficit, new study finds

By Lori Montgomery
April 9

President Obama’s landmark health-care initiative, long touted as a means to control costs, will actually add more than $340 billion to the nation’s budget woes over the next decade, according to a new study by a Republican member of the board that oversees Medicare financing.

The study is set to be released Tuesday by Charles Blahous, a conservative policy analyst whom Obama approved in 2010 as the GOP trustee for Medicare and Social Security. His analysis challenges the conventional wisdom that the health-care law, which calls for an expensive expansion of coverage for the uninsured beginning in 2014, will nonetheless reduce deficits by raising taxes and cutting payments to Medicare providers. the rest

White House has diverted $500M to IRS to implement Obamacare

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter: Dare we just ‘acknowledge then ignore’ Jesus?

by Raymond Dague
April 9, 2012

It is one thing to believe that there is a God and that Jesus is his Son, and entirely another thing to take that to heart and be a follower, a disciple of the Lord. When one ceases to be a follower it is tempting to say to oneself, ‘there is no God.’ In fact it is almost obligatory because to believe in God yet not be a follower is such a monstrous thing that one cannot for long be in such a state.

God by his very nature is someone who dispels indifference. Either he is, and all of life is thereby very different, or he is not, and we men just grope along making the best we can of meaninglessness.

Some would say that man invented God so that they could avoid meaninglessness. Perhaps so. But how then did man invent Jesus? No story such as his was simply made up. Either he was, and is, and is to be, or he is not. Yet Jesus is no made-up fable. He certainly was, for even secular man acknowledges that. Secular man has a hard time making much logical sense out of Jesus, if he applies himself to think about Jesus. C. S. Lewis had it right when he said that our only two viable options are to call Jesus a nut, or the Son of God. There is just no middle ground for this man who claimed to be the Son of God, and who makes the claims about himself which Jesus made.

The best way to deal with God if you do not wish to be a disciple of Jesus is to ignore him. That is what the bulk of non-Christian man does, and for that matter that is what nominal Christians do. Acknowledge him not at all, or in a pro forma Sunday sort of way, but whatever you do, do not take seriously that there really is a God and that this fact changes everything. Most of mankind takes this ‘acknowledge then ignore’ approach to God. That is a dangerous thing to do.

Easter is a time for us to reconsider this. Dare we just ‘acknowledge then ignore’ Jesus? Many do so. Do we?

The Lord is Risen! Happy Easter!

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Strangers in a Stranger Land

April 8, 2012
by Victor Davis Hanson

I need to go to a re-education, or perhaps a re-memorization, camp. What happened to “unpatriotic” presidents running up $4 trillion in debt in eight years, or is trumping that in three then patriotic? Was the presidentially appointed Simpson-Bowles commission the proper bipartisan way to address deficits, or were its findings coopted by the one-percenters? In December 2010, I thought suddenly raising taxes was supposedly the wrong thing to do in tough times. Was it not by March 2011?

When did the Catholic Church declare war on women, and at what point in history did condoms or birth control pills became oppressive expenses in need of federal subsidies in a way that, say, iPhones were not? Does the crude smear “slut” by media figures threaten the world of our children or help to raise money to donate to presidential campaigns? What words, what images, what references are taboo, and what are tolerable — and why? Did the president deprecate the working classes of Pennsylvania and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and did he make vague promises to the Russians off mic — or were those just products of our imagination?

At what point did borrowing against our children’s futures become needed “stimulus” and “investments”? Is keeping the federal budget far larger than it was during the Bush years “social Darwinism,” a term that is acceptable political invective in a way “socialism” is not? Where did the adverb “unexpectedly” come from, as in almost all economic news now is “unexpectedly” something: “unexpectedly” high unemployment figures or “unexpectedly” sluggish home sales?

Did unemployment ever really go over 8 percent? I thought that it had and is so now. I remember being told that high gas prices analogous to Europe’s, skyrocketing energy costs, and putting federal oil leases off limits (up to the point of risking $10 a gallon gas) were all our common aspirations to cool the planet, to cut fossil fuel use, and to transition energy management from the oil companies to the more caring government. But now I am told all that was never so: the private sector is to be praised for producing more gas and oil on private lands than ever before; high gas prices are bad; and we certainly don’t want energy costs to skyrocket. But will the 2012 truth soon revert to that of 2000-2011? Full Essay

Chuck Colson in Critical Condition after Surgery, Recovering Slowly

The Prison Fellowship founder fell ill at a conference after having an intracerebral hemorrhage.
Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Charles Colson is recovering in critical condition after falling ill at a conference and undergoing surgery last week. The founder of Prison Fellowship had surgery on March 31 to remove a clot of blood on the surface of his brain after he had an intracerebral hemorrhage. On Thursday morning, his doctor said that Colson shows some encouraging signs.

"It's still very an hour-by-hour, day-by-day process as we're hoping his condition will improve," said Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University. "It may be a longer process of recovery, but we're grateful that he is somewhat cognizant."

Colson had a pacemaker installed recently and had a recent fall, George said.

Colson was giving the opening address at his conference over the weekend when he buckled at the knees, said Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, who spoke at the conference. Colson sat down to continue his introduction before he was put in a wheelchair and taken to a hospital across from Lansdowne Resort in Virginia. the rest

(I totally missed this because of taking time off from blogging at the end of Holy Week and on Easter.  I have not seen an update in the last few days, but I will post one when I can. -PD)

Pope Benedict XVI warns of moral 'darkness' as he celebrates Easter Mass

Pope Benedict, leading the world's Catholics into Easter, says technological progress, in the absence of awareness of God and moral values, poses a threat to the world.
08 Apr 2012

Wearing gold and white vestments at the Mass, his last Holy Week service before Easter Sunday, the Pope wove his sermon around the theme of darkness and light.

"The darkness that poses a real threat to mankind, after all, is the fact that he can see and investigate tangible material things, but cannot see where the world is going or whence it comes, where our own life is going, what is good and what is evil.

"The darkness enshrouding God and obscuring values is the real threat to our existence and to the world in general," he said.

The Pope repeating one of the central themes of his pontificate, said man was too often in awe of technology instead of being in awe of God.

"If God and moral values, the difference between good and evil, remain in darkness, then all other "lights", that put such incredible technical feats within our reach, are not only progress but also dangers that put us and the world at risk.

"Today we can illuminate our cities so brightly that the stars of the sky are no longer visible. Is this not an image of the problems caused by our version of enlightenment? the rest

Benedict XVI’s Easter Homily

50 people killed in Easter Sunday bombings in Nigeria

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Abuja: At least 50 people were killed when explosives concealed in two cars went off near a church during Easter Sunday services in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, eye-witnesses said.

Shehu Sani, the President of Civil Rights Congress based in Kaduna, said two explosions took place at the Assemblies of God's Church near the centre of the city with a large Christian population and known as a major cultural and economic centre in Nigeria's north.

"There were two explosions and the casualty figure may go up because some injuries were really critical," he said on phone.

Another resident of the city, Miss Blessing Audu said that the explosion has caused panic among Christians celebrating Easter.
the rest

Iran: Historical Christian Cemetery demolished in Kerman

Muslim Grave Desecration and Jihad

12 Iranian Christians Stand Trial Easter Sunday

Easter Break Is Just For Bunny's Birthday

6th April 2012
By Ed Riley

A QUARTER of children reckon Easter is about celebrating the Easter Bunny’s birthday.

A poll found that 53% do not know what Easter is, instead seeing it as just a chance to scoff chocolate.

It also revealed four out of 10 Brit families are not interested in the religious side of the festival, with 82% of adults saying they will not go to church this weekend.

Instead we see it a chance to gorge chocolate, with parents splashing out an average of £17 on Easter eggs.

Easter is the oldest Christian festival which celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
the rest image

Anglican Congregation Celebrates Historic Faith in Property Settlement

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, Woodbridge, Va., and Episcopal Diocese End Property Dispute
Press Release

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (April 5, 2012) – St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, one of seven Anglican congregations that are parties to the church property case brought by The Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, celebrates taking a stand for the Gospel truth amidst settling its property involved in the case.

The settlement calls for St. Margaret’s Anglican to turn over to the Diocese its real property, including the parcel the parish bought, improved and maintained for fifty years. St. Margaret’s Anglican will vacate the property by April 30, and will turn over to the Diocese a portion of the liquid assets on hand when the lawsuit commenced in early 2007. St. Margaret's will retain a portion of those liquid assets and a valuable hand bell collection that was a gift to St. Margaret's from a parishioner.

St. Margaret’s was one of many Virginia Episcopal congregations who voted overwhelmingly to disassociate from The Episcopal Church and the Diocese in order to remain faithful to the historic doctrine of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

“This settlement is good news to us,” stated Alan Clark, Senior Warden of St. Margaret’s Anglican. “We are ready to move on in our mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ. Together, putting the legal dispute behind us, we celebrate who we are as Anglicans and followers of Christ. We trust in the path God has laid for St. Margaret’s Anglican, and look forward to where He plans to use our congregation to spread His transforming love.”

The Rt. Rev. David Bena, Interim Rector of St. Margaret’s Anglican, added, “Throughout these past several years of costly court battles, I have been humbled to bear witness to St. Margaret’s faith-filled stand for the Gospel truth at whatever expense.”

“We appreciate the good faith of Diocesan officials in negotiating the settlement, and we’re thrilled to be part of growing entities such as the regional Anglican Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic (a member diocese of the Anglican Church in North America) and the Convocation of Anglicans in North America. The death and resurrection of our Lord this Holy Week remind us that God is ultimately in charge. Our parishioners are ready to fully focus our energies on preaching, teaching, healing and making disciples in Jesus’ name. We may have lost the buildings, but we’ve kept the faith!” concluded Bishop Bena.

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church is a member congregation of the newly established Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, a regional and growing diocese of the Anglican Church in North America dedicated to reaching North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ. The Diocese consists of 35 member congregations.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012

Christians to the paschal victim
Offer your thankful praises!
A Lamb the sheep redeeming:
Christ, who only is sinless,
Reconciling sinners to the Father.
Death and life have contended
In that combat stupendous;
The prince of life, who died,
Reigns immortal.
Speak, Mary, declaring
What you saw when wayfaring.
"The tomb of Christ, who is living,
The glory of Jesus' resurrection;
Bright angels attesting,
The shroud and napkin resting.
My Lord, my hope, is arisen;
To Galilee he goes before you."
Christ indeed from death is risen,
Our new life obtaining.
Have mercy, victor King, ever reigning!