Thursday, April 25, 2013

Witnessing is just being honest...

Has it never dawned upon you that the essence of witnessing is just plain honesty? You are salt - whether you feel like it or not. You are not told to act like salt but to be what you are. You are a light. God has done a work in your life. Don't try to shine. Let the light that God put there shine out. It demands no more than honesty. It demands honesty before unbelievers. In fact such honesty is ninety per cent of witnessing. Witnessing is not putting on a Christian front as to convince prospective customers. Witnessing is just being honest, that is, being true to what God has made you in your speech and everyday behaviour. ...John White image

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Journalism and the first few minutes after childbirth
There is nothing new about journalists arguing about the loaded language that surrounds our public debates about abortion.

For starters, there is the whole “pro-choice” vs. “anti-abortion” thing and all of the years in which editors in so many mainstream newsrooms granted one side of the debate it’s positive, vague, self-chosen label while slapping a label on the other side that was, for many, too negative and too narrow. Most of all, only one side of the debate had to wrestle with the ugly word “abortion.” Who can oppose “choice,” the ultimate buzz word of the American Way of Life?...

Albert Mohler: Same-Sex Marriage as a Civil Right—Are Wrongs Rights?
We should have seen it coming. Back in 1989 two young activists pushing for the normalization of homosexuality coauthored a book intended to serve as a political strategy manual and public relations guide for their movement. In After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s, authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen argued that efforts to normalize homosexuality and homosexual relationships would fail unless their movement shifted its argument to a demand for civil rights, rather than for moral acceptance. Kirk and Madsen argued that homosexual activists and their allies should avoid talking about sex and sexuality. Instead, “the imagery of sex per se should be downplayed, and the issue of gay rights reduced, as far as possible, to an abstract social question.”

Beyond Kirk and Madsen and their public relations strategy, an even more effective legal strategy was developed along the same lines. Legal theorists and litigators began to argue that homosexuals were a class of citizens denied basic civil liberties, and that the courts should declare them to be a protected class, using civil rights precedents to force a moral and legal revolution.

That revolution has happened, and it has been stunningly successful. The advocates for the normalization of homosexuality and the legalization of same-sex marriage have used legal arguments developed from the civil rights era to their advantage. Arguments used to end the scourge of racial segregation were deployed to normalize homosexuality and homosexual relationships. Over the years, these arguments have led to such major developments as the decriminalization of homosexual behaviors, the inclusion of homosexuals within the United States military, and the legalization of same-sex marriage in some states...

Defense Department blocks Baptist website, calls content ‘hostile’
Chaplains with the Southern Baptist Convention said the U.S. military has blocked access to its website on bases around the nation, calling the content “hostile” and inappropriate.

The blocking comes just weeks after Army personnel cited Roman Catholics and evangelical Christians as possible examples of extremists. The Southern Baptist Convention is the nation’s largest Protestant group and stands steadfast in its opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

Chaplains told Fox News that had been censored, and those trying to access the site at various military bases were greeted with a warning: “The site you have requested has been blocked by Team CONUS … due to hostile content,” Fox News reported. Team CONUS is in charge of the computer network for the Defense Department, Fox News said...

The Real Problem With the Internet Sales Tax
...Rather, as an SBA guidebook for small businesses points out, you have to file a tax return with each and every locality for which you have collected tax. The bill streamlines this a bit, but you've still got to keep 50 states’ worth of records and file 40-odd states worth of returns...

Sweden: State officials keep boy “captive” for four years
...And the crime of Annie and Christer Johansson? Not sending their son, Domenic, to school. (Family pictured right.) They insisted on educating him at home. That’s illegal in Sweden – or it is now; amazingly, it wasn’t when Domenic was first taken into custody...

Britain’s House of Commons Debates Place of Sharia Law In England In Britain yesterday, in the House of Commons, MP Kris Hopkins opened a debate on Sharia Law, questioning whether the government planned to recognize and provide resources for Sharia councils. The full text of the debate is available from the House of Commons website...

Fox News to air one-hour special on Gosnell trial
The special program will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 5, according to Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

Scotland: Victory for Catholic midwives in abortion conscience case  Two Catholic midwives have won the right to be exempt from involvement in abortion procedures following a ruling by an appeal court in Scotland...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

He gives power to the faint...

He gives power to the faint,
And to him who has no might he increases strength.
Even youths shall faint and be weary,
And young men shall fall exhausted;
But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles;
They shall run and not be weary;
They shall walk and not faint.
-Isaiah 40:29-30

The eagle flies in storms while other birds seek shelter and other animals run and hide. With an adjustment of his wings, the eagle can fly almost motionless even in the face of great winds. The eagle uses the strong winds of the storm to lift him higher and higher until he rises above the clouds. The eagle has no power to stop a storm, but he knows how to overcome without fear. ...Kenneth Price image

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The State Funerals of Christendom
Will Margaret Thatcher’s in St. Paul’s be the last in a long civilized line?

Why Did Gosnell Sever the Babies' Spinal Cord If They Were Already Dead?
...One has to wonder of course why did Gosnell need to sever the baby's spines if they were already dead? Why would he have done that? Is it standard operating procedure to desecrate the corpses of babies post mortem?...

Kidnapped Syrian bishops in hands of 'Chechens'
The kidnappers of two Orthodox bishops seized in northern Syria are Chechen fighters, sources in the Syriac and Greek Orthodox dioceses in Aleppo said on Tuesday...

H7N9 Bird Flu 'One of Most Lethal Influenza Viruses' and Greater Risk than H5N1
"This is definitely one of the most lethal influenza viruses we have seen so far." Taiwan confirms first H7N9 bird flu case outside China

ObamaPhone Program Cost Spinning Out of Control
...Have a cell phone? You’re paying for this program then. It’s funded by a tax found right on your cell phone bill... image

Henan House Church Revival Meeting Raided, U.S. Church Leader Under House Arrest
A well-known U.S. church leader, Dennis Balcombe, was being held by police under house arrest following a Saturday raid on a house church revival meeting and his current whereabouts are unknown, ChinaAid has learned.

Also in Henan province, seven house church leaders in Pingdingshan have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to 7-1/2 years in prison on cult charges...

Middle School Girls Forced to Ask Classmates for ‘Lesbian Kiss’ During Anti-Bullying Presentation
During the workshop for girls, the 13 and 14-year-olds were told to ask one another for a kiss. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.”

A Boy's Life with Unisex Scouts
The Boy Scouts are en route to holding that there is nothing to being a boy, and nothing to the boy’s becoming a man; they might as well be the Unisex Scouts, as they are in Canada, where the scouting movement has collapsed...

Church of Scotland suggests an order of service for a civil partnership blessings
...A spokesman said: “On the one hand the report offers the Church a way of allowing the ordination of ministers in same-sex relationships who have entered into a civil partnership, while protecting both individuals and congregations who in conscience do not agree with the theological principles which underpin that choice.

“On the other hand the report, while reaffirming its belief that homophobia is sinful, invites the Church to reaffirm its traditional stance that the only appropriate expression of sexual activity should be within marriage between one man and one woman.”...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Syria: Metropolitans Kidnapped Outside Aleppo, Driver Murdered

Syria: Metropolitans Kidnapped Outside Aleppo, Driver Murdered
Obama is backing and arming the jihadists in Syria. Once again, Obama backs the Islamic supremacist horse -- every time. He is consistent in this.

Gunmen abduct two bishops in northern Syria

Syria: Franciscan Church Utterly Destroyed
The Franciscan church and associated monastery in the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor were destroyed in a violent explosion. This was reported by the Vienna-based foundation "Pro Oriente", citing the Vatican's Fides news agency on Sunday. Speaking to the press agency Tony Haddad said, the Franciscan Church was until then the only remaining undamaged Christian house of worship in the city on the Euphrates. It remains unclear how the church was destroyed.

Eyewitnesses reported that rebels entrenched in the Church, following which government soldiers took the church under attack. There is also the version of a car bomb.

Israeli official: Syria using chemical weapons
"According to our professional assessment, the regime has used deadly chemical weapons against armed rebels on a number of occasions in the past few months. For instance, on March 19, 2013, victims suffered from shrunken pupils, foaming from the mouth and other symptoms which indicate the use of deadly chemical weapons. The type of chemical weapons was likely sarin, as well as neutralizing and nonlethal chemical weapons."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Lord, if at this evening hour...

Dear Lord, if at this evening hour I think only of myself and my own condition and my own day’s record of service, then I can find no peace before I go to sleep, but only bitterness of spirit and miserable despair. Therefore, O Father, let me think rather of Thee and rejoice that Thy love is great enough to blot out all my sins. And, O Christ, Thou Lamb of God, let me think of Thee, and lean upon Thy heavenly righteousness, taking no pleasure in what I am before Thee but only in what Thou art for me and in my stead. And, O Holy Spirit, do Thou think within me, and so move within my mind and will that as the days go by I may be more and more conformed to the righteousness of Jesus Christ my Lord; to Whom be glory forever. Amen. ...John Baillie image

Christian hymns dropped from Anglican school where 75 percent of pupils are Muslim

Headmaster insists Christian values are 'more prevalent here than I have experienced in non-Church of England schools'
April 22, 2013

Headmaster Paul McAteer said the approach was to be "sensitive to the fact that we do have many different faiths in the school." As justification, he added that Christian values were "more prevalent here than I have experienced in non-Church of England schools."

McAteer also stresses that the Church of England describes itself as "a faith for all faiths . The values we support are very much Christian values of honesty, integrity, justice."

According to the school's prospectus its assemblies - which McAteer said contain a "moral message" - reflect humanitarian and spiritual issues "that concern everyone."

The gender-separated prayer rooms at Slough and Eton, McAteer says were not specifically for Muslim pupils, but said that it tended to be Muslim children that use them. the rest

Hymns silenced in largely Muslim Anglican school

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Nearly 15,000 French mayors will refuse to marry gay couples
Meyer, who is mayor of Sotteville-sous-le-Val in northern France, observed that some of the mayors in the group have said they “would resign if the law is adopted,” while others “have said they will refuse” to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Christians launch landmark human rights case
Christians are to launch a landmark legal case arguing their religion is being treated as a “thought crime” by government and courts....

The Siege of Egypt's St. Mark Cathedral
Even the Western mainstream media recently came around to affirming that Egyptian security forces were involved in the attack on the cathedral.

Boston bomber Tamerlan made 6 visits to a known Islamic militant in Russian republic of Dagestan
The FBI was alerted by Russia's security services to serious new concerns about one of the Boston bomb suspects as recently as last November, it was claimed on Sunday night.

Saudi Students in U.S. Up More Than 500% Since Sept. 11, 2001
...The 34,139 Saudi Arabian students in the United States for the 2011-2012 school year was more than the total of 30,256 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the University of Connecticut this school year...

Putting Lipstick on the Obamacare Pig
Even formerly enthusiastic Democrats now predict a “train wreck.”

Leon Kass: The Meaning of the Gosnell Trial
..."As pain is to the body so repugnance is to the soul," Dr. Kass says as we sit down for an interview in his book-lined office at the American Enterprise Institute, where he is the Madden-Jewett Scholar. "So too with anger and compassion. Repugnance is some kind of wake-up call that there is something untoward going on and attention must be paid. These passions are not simply irrational. They contain within them the germ of insight. You cannot give proper verbal account of the horror of evil, yet a culture that couldn't be absolutely horrified by such things is dead."

The observation may not sound controversial, yet Dr. Kass, who was the chairman of President George W. Bush's Council on Bioethics from 2001 to 2005, has often found himself in a minority among bioethicists when it comes to abortion, euthanasia, embryonic research, cloning and other right-to-life questions. Dr. Kass's emphasis on what he calls "the wisdom of repugnance," for example, has been assailed by liberal thinkers. The philosopher Martha Nussbaum, for instance, said in a 2004 critique of Dr. Kass's work that repugnance has been used in the past "as a powerful weapon in social efforts to exclude certain groups and persons."

Dr. Kass says his critics misunderstand the role of repugnance in his thinking. "It's not that repugnance is always right," he says. "There was once repugnance at interracial marriage, and there have been other repugnancies that turned out to be mere prejudice. But you wouldn't want to live in a society where people feel no guilt or shame just because guilt and shame are sometimes disruptive—or in a society that doesn't feel righteous indignation at the sight of injustice."...

Most Young People Don’t Know Planned Parenthood Does Abortions
According to research Students for Life of America published last June, a majority of young people do not even know Planned Parenthood does abortions, and often have a “favorable” view of the abortion Goliath.

Bill Mahar on comparing violence of Islam to Christianity
..actually was honest...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

We sheep need a shepherd...

 In our sickness we need a savior, in our wanderings a guide, in our blindness someone to show us the light, in our thirst the fountain of living water which quenches for ever the thirst of those who drink from it. We dead people need life, we sheep need a shepherd, we children need a teacher, the whole world needs Jesus!

If we would understand the profound wisdom of the most holy shepherd and teacher, the ruler of the universe and the Word of the Father, when using an allegory he calls himself the shepherd of the sheep, we can do so for he is also the teacher of little ones.

Speaking at some length through Ezekiel to the Jewish elders, he gives them a salutary example of true solicitude. I will bind up the injured, he says; I will heal the sick; I will bring back the strays and pasture them on my holy mountain. These are the promises of the Good Shepherd.

Pasture us children like sheep, Lord. Fill us with your own food, the food of righteousness. As our guide we pray you to lead us to your holy mountain, the Church on high, touching the heavens.

I will be their shepherd, he says, and I will be close to them, like their own clothing. He desires to save my flesh by clothing it in the robe of immortality and he has anointed my body. They shall call on me, he says, and I will answer, “Here I am.” Lord, you have heard me more quickly than I ever hoped!

And if they pass over they shall not fall says the Lord, meaning that we who are passing over into immortality shall not fall into corruption, for he will preserve us. He has said he would and to do so is his own wish. Such is our Teacher, both good and just.

He said he had not come to be served but to serve; and so the gospel shows him tired out, he who labored for our sake and promised to give his life as ransom for many, a thing which, as he said, only the Good Shepherd will do.

How bountiful the giver who for our sake gives his most precious possession, his own life! He is a real benefactor and friend, who desired to be our brother when he might have been our Lord, and who in his goodness even went so far as to die for us! 
...Clement of Alexandria image

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: February, 2013
Half of the Victims Were under the Age of Six

Boy Scouts propose motion to allow gay scouts, maintain adult ban
“The proposal says, in essence, that homosexuality is morally acceptable until a boy turns 18 - then, when he comes of age, he's removed from the Scouts,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “The policy is incoherent and, sadly, an affront to the notion that Scouts are brave, reverent, and 'morally straight.'” 

The Human Egg Rush
...There’s also no reason to think these morally and ethically dubious practices will be confined to consenting adults in first-world countries. If enough eggs cannot be obtained locally, look for egg harvesting companies to be formed to acquire ova from impoverished women in the developing world.

Such biological colonialism is already occurring. For example, destitute Indian women are paid to gestate babies and supply eggs—practices that occasionally result in their deaths. In 2010, a seventeen-year-old Indian girl died after undergoing her third paid egg extraction in eighteen months.

The growing demand for eggs also opens up the possibility of abortion becoming a remunerative activity. In order to increase the egg supply, Dutch and Israeli scientists are experimenting with ovaries taken from later-term aborted female fetuses. The ovaries are kept alive after the abortion and the fetus’s immature eggs extracted. If the eggs can ever be matured, the scientists theorize, they could be used in infertility treatments and biotechnological experiments.

The Huffington Post’s resident bioethicist, Jacob Appel, has already argued that women who want to abort should be paid to gestate longer in their term before undergoing termination. “If a woman has the fundamental right to terminate a pregnancy,” he asks, “why not the right to use the products of that terminated pregnancy as she sees fit? Many women would likely use the proceeds of such sales to finance college educations or to help raise their children.”...

“Family Meltdown and Economic Decline”
...It’s hard to overstate the breakdown of marriage and the rise of single-parent families. Consider out-of-wedlock births. In 1980, about 18 percent of births were to unmarried women; by 2009, the proportion was 41 percent. Among whites, the increase was from 11 percent to 36 percent; among African Americans, from 56 percent to 72 percent; among Hispanics, from 37 percent (1990) to 53 percent...

Anglican Mainstream Press Announcement – New Executive Secretary Appointed

April 19th, 2013

The Trustees of Anglican Mainstream are delighted to announce that the Revd Andrew Symes has accepted appointment as Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream in succession to Dr Chris Sugden. Andrew will take up the appointment on 1st August 2013 and will be based at the Anglican Mainstream office in Eynsham, near Oxford.

Andrew Symes, 47, is currently serving in the Diocese of Peterborough as Priest in Charge of the Parish of Kings Heath, a deprived council estate in Northampton, and Anglican Minister, ‘Church on the Heath’ Anglican/Baptist Ecumenical Partnership. He is Chair of Peterborough Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship and a member of the Church of England Evangelical Council. Prior to his ministry in Northampton he spent twelve years as a Crosslinks mission partner in South Africa, where he focussed on training of lay ministers and self supporting clergy in townships and other disadvantaged areas. In 2003 Andrew was one of the founder members of Anglican Mainstream Southern Africa. the rest