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Assembly 2014: Morning Prayer & Bible Teaching

June 27, 2014

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Supreme Court Decisions: Cellphone searches, recess appointments and pro-life buffer zones

Supreme Court Protects Prolife Rights in Abortion Clinic Case   ...Ruling unanimously, the Supreme Court chose to overturn a 2007 Massachusetts law that created a “buffer zone” banning pro-life demonstrators from standing on sidewalks and public streets within 35 feet of abortion clinics’ driveways and entrances. For the pro-abortion movement, this was a strategy used to silence peaceful pro-life prayer warriors, sidewalk counsels and protestors speaking up for the rights of unborn babies and the health of their expectant mothers.

As the Church, we should thank God this day for the Supreme Court’s steps to uphold citizens’ freedom of speech on public sidewalks and streets. We also pray that the nine Justices’ sentiments to uphold freedom of speech extends to our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion...

Supreme Court Curbs President’s Power to Make Recess Appointments  The Supreme Court on Thursday dealt a significant blow to executive power, cutting back on the president’s power to issue recess appointments during brief breaks in the Senate’s work.

The court ruled unanimously that President Obama had violated the Constitution in 2012 by appointing officials to the National Labor Relations Board during a short break in the Senate’s work when the chamber was convening every three days in pro forma sessions. Those breaks were too short, Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote in a majority opinion joined by the court’s four more liberal members... NYT

Supreme Court limits cellphone searches after arrests  In a strong defense of digital age privacy, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants.

Cellphones are powerful devices unlike anything else police may find on someone they arrest, Chief Justice John Roberts said for the court. Because the phones contain so much information, police must get a warrant before looking through them, Roberts said...

Assembly 2014: Gary Haugen

June 26, 2014

ACNA Assembly 2014 Pictures

Window: The Baptism of Jesus

ACNA Assembly Opening Eucharist

Archbishop Duncan giving sermon

Bishops around the altar

Mr. Roger's Trolley

Eric Metaxas addressing the ACNA assembly

Prayer time with J.I. Packer and others
Photos by Raymond Dague

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Jesus the Holy One is the humble one...

Jesus in Prayer 06
Jesus the Holy One is the humble one: the holiest will ever be the humblest. There is none holy but God: we have as much of holiness as we have of God. And according to what we have of God will be our real humility, because humility is nothing but the disappearance of self in the vision that God is all. The holiest will be the humblest. ...Andrew Murray image

Peace breaking out all over at the ACNA Assembly

June 2014
by George Conger

The imminent demise of the Anglican Church in North America predicted since 2009 by commentators from the left in the Episcopal Church and the right in the Anglican Continuum is just not going to happen, Archbishop Robert Duncan said today.

“Critics said I was the only one who could hold it together. Not true!” the archbishop told reporters on 25 June 2014 at the ACNA’s 2014 Assembly held at St Vincent College in LaTrobe, Penna.

The election of a new archbishop to oversee the denomination, which has grown to 983 congregations and 112,000 members since its inauguration in Fort Worth in 2009, appears to substantiate Archbishop Duncan’s optimism. A difficult, and at times contentious, meeting of the House of Bishops to elect his successor held before the start of the 25-28 June 2014 gathering of delegates from the ACNA’s 29 dioceses and special jurisdiction, has served to unite the church’s leaders, those attending the conclave tell Anglican Ink.

Bishops attending the conclave have been asked not to share details of their deliberations, but public statements by Archbishop Duncan as well as background discussions with some participants paint a picture of a church that seeks to be faithful to its calling to re-evangelize North America... the rest

No change in ACNA relations with Canterbury expected

Assembly 2014: Archbishop Ben & Gloria Kwashi

Tonight at 7:30 pm ET
Archbishop Ben and Gloria Kwashi

Assembly 2014: Press Conference
June 25, 2014

Assembly 2014: Eric Metaxas

June 25, 2014

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim: Arrested, Released, Re-Arrested, Re-Released

by Faith J. H. McDonnell
24 Jun 2014

On June 23, 2014, Sudanese Christian Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, who had been sentenced to death by a Shariah court in Khartoum, was cleared of all charges by the Appeals Court and freed.

Today, while the world was still reacting with joy and surprise to the news of her release from prison, she and her husband, Daniel Wani, along with toddler son, Martin, and infant daughter, Maya, were re-arrested (some reports say “detained”) at the Khartoum airport while trying to leave the country. At approximately 3:10 pm ET this afternoon, the BBC reported that the family had been re-released and taken to a safe location. What is going on?

This is normal procedure for the Islamic Republic of Sudan. Deceptions, denials, and delays have kept the regime in business for decades. In this case, since Meriam was first arrested in September of 2013, all three of these tactics have been used against her, husband Daniel-- a South Sudanese Christian who is an American citizen-- and their children... the rest

Update 9:15 am: I honestly can't keep up with what's going on with her status.  Now I found this:
 Meriam Ibrahim Charged With Fraud, Prohibited From Leaving Country

Nigeria-more kidnappings; George Will vilified; National Cathedral's embrace of transgenderism...more

Lest Ye Be Judged: Pastor Dean has baptized 66 professional umpires, calling them safe in the only way that matters.
...Pastor Dean, as folks around baseball know him, is the leader of Calling for Christ, a nonprofit ministry that for the past 11 years has tried to ease the anguish of major league and minor league umpires by keeping them close to God. Esskew is 48 and enormous, with a booming, smoky drawl and his own cologne-scented weather. He ministers exclusively to umps, piling through stadium crowds with an awkward, hammering limp acquired years ago when a horse bucked him on the farm in Oklahoma where he lives with his wife. (Debrah Esskew runs a parallel ministry for umpires' wives and girlfriends.)...

George Will Vilified for Questioning Campus “Rape Culture”
According to Vice President Joe Biden twenty percent of college women will be sexually assaulted over the course of their college life. Walk onto any college campus, and one out of every five women you see either has been or likely will be the victim of rape during her college years.

Can you believe it? Well, if not, you aren’t the only one who’s skeptical. George Will recently landed himself in a hotbed of controversy by daring to question the accuracy of these statistics. In the aftermath of the public outcry, his column was canceled by the St Louis Post-Dispatch. Will’s column will continue to be syndicated nation-wide. In some respects it was encouraging to see that the campaign to vilify Will accomplished so little. It’s still unfortunate that pressuring conservatives to shut up now seems to many like the obvious way to deal with uncomfortable views...
"People aren’t 'misunderstanding' what Will wrote. They deliberately misrepresented what Will said..."  I think what is happening is more nefarious, because it focuses on the person. It's not just an idea that is put off limits (such as questioning the veracity of a woman who accuses a man of rape), it's the person who dares to say it. You are to be regarded as toxic. It's this fear of being regarded as toxic that inhibits many people from speaking.

Nigeria kidnapping: 60 girls and women, 31 boys said to be abducted   At least 91 people – more than 60 women and girls, and 31 schoolboys – were abducted last week by suspected Boko Haram militants, two months after the terror group kidnapped more than 300 schoolgirls in northeastern Nigeria, according to witnesses.

Local media reported about 60 people were abducted in attacks on villages south of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, between Thursday and Saturday.

The attack comes as more than 270 schoolgirls are still being held by Boko Haram more than two months after their abductions from a school in Chibok town in April. Several dozen of the girls managed to escape.

About 30 people were reported to have been killed by the extremists in the latest attack. Elderly residents fled their homes, trekking 15 miles to seek help...

National Cathedral “Comes Out” With Transgender Preacher
The Episcopal Church’s embrace of transgenderism is part of God’s “project of revelation” according to the first transgender person to preach at the Washington National Cathedral.

In a special Sunday service marking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride month, the cathedral hosted visiting guest preacher the Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, who was born a woman but now identifies as a Trans-man.

Partridge was joined by retired Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly partnered homosexual bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion, who presided at the 11 a.m. service of Holy Eucharist...

38 Employees Behind Bungled Oregon ObamaCare Exchange to Get Fat Bonuses  ...Cover Oregon and its partner state agency, the Oregon Health Authority, spent upwards to $250 million and never produced a fully functional website. The debacle led to intense media scrutiny and withering criticism...

Slingshot water purifier: It can save millions
...Using a process called vapor compression distillation, a single Slingshot can purify more than 250,000 liters of water per year, enough to satisfy the needs of about 300 people. And it can do so with any water source—sewage, seawater, chemical waste—no matter how dirty...Kamen calls the global water crisis a “Goliath” of a problem, which suggests that he is David. He offers a quick refresher on biblical lore: David, it bears remembering, defeated Goliath with a slingshot....

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Council 2014: Archbishop Duncan's State of the Church Address

Archbishop's Address:
On the State of the Church
Given at Provincial Council on Tuesday, 24 June 2014, the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, by the Most Revd Robert Duncan, meeting at St. Vincent Archabbey and College, Latrobe, PA.

Those who sowed with tears, will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying the seed, will come again with joy, shouldering their sheaves. -Psalm 126: 6,7

We sowed in tears. We reap in joy.

It is five years to the day since I was invested as your Archbishop at Christ Church, Plano, Texas. It was a service of trust and hope in the context of many tears. Many of us had been exiled from—or were walking away from – the Church that had shaped and formed us. Many of us had lost – or were in the process of losing – buildings and friends, resources and relationships that were precious to us. Others just knew that where they were in their Christian journey was not yet where they needed to be and were prepared to risk what they had, trusting God for something better, though not yet realized.

There was both sadness and resolve in June of 2009. The context was weeping, but that did not stop us from planting seeds. It was springtime – planting time – and sorrows must not keep you – and did not keep us – from laboring in the trust that there would be a better day, and that a harvest would follow if we would – wounds and sorrows notwithstanding – faithfully plant. The Inaugural Provincial Assembly (of which that Plano Investiture was a part) – meeting at another St. Vincent’s (Bedford, Diocese of Fort Worth) – planted faithfully.

There were ten things the Lord moved me to call for on June 24, 2009:
a) Embracing our John-the-Baptist identity as Messengers/Forerunners… Anglicans
b) Growing in unity and charity – as the visible Body of Christ
c) Welcoming back the wounded/loving them/healing them/integrating them
d) Calling and equipping a new generation of leaders
e) Planting 1000 new churches in five years
f) Engaging Islam, secularism, and materialism with the Christian gospel
g) Loving the hungry, thirsty, strangers, naked, sick, and imprisoned
h) Blessing creative ministry responses
i) Getting Scripture by heart
j) Rejoicing and giving thanks in all circumstances.

We sowed in tears. We reap in joy. the rest

Breaking: Meriam Ibrahim REARRESTED!

Sudanese mother sentenced to hang for 'marrying a Christian' is RE-ARRESTED with her American husband
The woman who was put on death row in Sudan for marrying a Christian then freed after nine months in jail has been rearrested on Tuesday.

Meriam Ibrahim and her husband Daniel Wani were both held at an airport in the capital Khartoum as they apparently tried to flee the country.

Meriam, 27, a doctor, had only been released from prison yesterday - and going back to jail will cause her unimaginable agony.

Daniel’s arrest also creates a headache for the US government as he is an American citizen who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire...

Freed Sudanese Christian Woman Re-Arrested at Khartoum Airport  IBT

Victory for Meriam, but not out of danger yet...

June 24, 2014
by Faith J. H. McDonnell

...Meriam’s release is a great victory for religious freedom, but she is not out of danger yet. Her life is still threatened by the Islamists who first brought the accusations against her, including a man who claims to be her half-brother. It is now the responsibility of the U.S. government to protect the wife and children of American citizen, Wani, and to help them to return to Wani’s home in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In addition, the ideology of Shariah and jihad of the Islamists who threatened Meriam is the official ideology of the Sudanese government. This supremacist ideology still threatens the freedom, dignity, and very lives of all the Sudanese people. Meriam is the starfish flung back into the ocean when so many are stranded on the beach.

Khartoum’s Shariah court had sentenced Meriam to death by hanging for the crime of apostasy. Under Shariah she was considered a Muslim because her father was a Muslim, even though she grew up as a Christian under the care of her Ethiopian Orthodox mother. She was also sentenced to receive 100 lashes for adultery for her relationship with Daniel. Under Shariah, their marriage was not recognized because a Muslim woman cannot marry a Christian man. The death sentence had been postponed for two years, to give Meriam time to breastfeed baby Maya, but she could have been subjected to the lashes at any day now, if the appeal had not been successful.

Meriam’s attorneys submitted an appeal soon after the sentence was confirmed by the Shariah court on May 15 and had been waiting to hear the court’s judgment. According to Middle East Concern in a June 23 news release, “the Appeals Court overturned the conviction on procedural grounds, on the basis that the prosecution provided insufficient evidence to prove the claims against Meriam and that the defense had not been given adequate opportunity to cross-examine witnesses or provide their own witnesses.”...  the rest

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GAFCON - The story so far

GAFCON - The story so far (Long Version) from GAFCON GFCA on Vimeo.
posted June 23, 2014

Found here

Conclave 2014: Raw Footage with Archbishop-Elect Foley Beach

Conclave 2014: Raw Footage with Archbishop-Elect Foley Beach
June 22, 2014

Conclave 2014: Visit the Crypt
June 23, 2014
St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA

TLC: Bp. Foley Beach to Lead ACNA
The Anglican Church in North America announces the June 22 election of its new archbishop by its 50-member College of Bishops, which met in conclave during the weekend:

The College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America elected today the Rt. Rev. Dr. Foley Beach of the Diocese of the South. Bishop Foley Beach will succeed the Most Rev. Robert Duncan, the first archbishop for the Anglican Church in North America.

“The election occurred Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of the College of Bishops’ three-day conclave where they met in the crypt of the basilica at Saint Vincent Archabbey,” said the Rev. Andrew Gross, Communications Director for the Anglican Church in North America. The new archbishop will serve a five-year term and is eligible for re-election...

American Anglican Council Welcomes Archbishop-elect Foley Beach

June 23, 2014

Atlanta, GA:  The American Anglican Council welcomes the election of The Rt. Rev. Dr. Foley Beach as the next Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America. “Archbishop-elect Beach loves Jesus Christ and loves His Church,” said the Rev. Canon Phil Ashey, CEO of the American Anglican Council. “I have seen Bishop +Foley preach the good news of Jesus Christ, personally disciple others and lead his congregation with great passion and prayerfulness and we are thankful for his election.”

Archbishop-elect Beach has served on the American Anglican Council’s Board of Trustees for several years. His active participation has greatly helped the Council develop faithful leaders, equip the church for mission and renew orthodox Anglicanism.

“I’ve been privileged to watch and work with Foley in his ministry as rector of Holy Cross Anglican Church, then Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the South and also on our Board,” said the Rt. Rev. David C. Anderson, President and Chairmen of the American Anglican Council’s Board of Trustees. Bishop Anderson has recognized for many years Archbishop-elect Beach’s character and service-oriented heart. “When I was consecrated as a Bishop I asked Foley to be my chaplain and he graciously agreed. He not only prayed with me and offered advice but did the little things like help carry my robes. I appreciated his clear-headed demeanor and humble willingness to serve during those days and know the ACNA will appreciate these qualities also.”

About the American Anglican Council: Founded in 1996, the American Anglican Council is a nonprofit organization that is committed to DEVELOPING faithful lead­ers, RENEWING orthodox Anglicanism worldwide and EQUIPPING the church for mission. Find out more about this vital ministry at


Baptist Polity and the Integrity of the SBC; The Coming Methodist Split; PCUSA Allows Same Sex marriage...

Albert Mohler: Baptist Polity and the Integrity of the SBC
June 19, 2014

The Southern Baptist Convention meeting last week in Baltimore was, in itself, a lesson in Baptist polity. The organizational structure of the Convention is directly drawn from Baptist principles, and those principles have been adapted to meet the new challenges faced by every generation.

In the last generation, the Convention responded courageously to the challenge of theological compromise, asserting both the right and the responsibility of the Convention to require confessional fidelity and theological integrity of its seminaries, mission boards, and other entities. That process culminated in the Convention’s revision of its confession of faith, The Baptist Faith & Message, in 2000. That revision included a clear statement of biblical inerrancy and a host of other truths that the Convention urgently affirmed.

In this generation, moral issues also require clear action by the Convention. Most urgently, the issue of homosexuality and same-sex relationships demand attention. In this case, the Convention’s confession of faith is very clear — it affirms marriage as the union of a man and a woman and it affirms the sinfulness of same-sex behaviors...

The Coming Methodist Split?
The United Methodist Church, with 7.4 million members in the United States, is America’s third largest church, despite having lost over 3.5 million members over the last 50 years. But now its debates over same sex marriage are threatening to fracture the denomination.

United Methodism is the largest of the historically liberal “mainline” Protestant denominations and almost the only one that has not surrendered traditional Christian teaching on sexual behavior. It officially defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, prohibits celebration of same-sex rites, and ordains only persons who are monogamous in natural marriage or celibate if single.

There’s one major reason United Methodists have not liberalized sexually like the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Its membership is global, and on top of the 7.4 million (as of 2012) members in the U.S., it has over 4.5 million members overseas, mostly in Africa, where there are more than 4 million United Methodists. Even as the U.S. church loses nearly 100,000 members annually, the African church gains over 200,000 annually, in places like Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Angola. The DRC alone has more than 2 million United Methodists, and there may be more Methodists in church on a typical Sunday in the DRC, where attendance exceeds membership, than in the U.S., where the opposite is true...

Presbyterians Back Anti-Israel Divestment
..."It is revealing that Israel is the only country targeted for divestment, not countries that oppress, torture and execute dissidents, like Iran among many others."...

PCUSA Votes to Allow Clergy to Marry Same-Sex Couples; Approves Redefining Marriage
The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)'s highest governing body voted Thursday to allow ministers to perform same-sex marriages.

Presbyterian clergy can now marry gay and lesbian couples wherever same-sex marriage is legal.

The Presbyterian Lay Committee released a statement repudiating the action of the PCUSA General Assembly.

"The Presbyterian Lay Committee mourns these actions and calls on all Presbyterians to resist and protest them ... God will not be mocked and those who substitute their own felt desires for God's unchangeable Truth will not be found guiltless before a holy God."...

Catholic diocese changes process for baptism of children of same-sex couples

Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim walks free from prison

By Harriet Alexander
23 Jun 2014

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy, has finally walked out of prison - after six months behind bars.

"Meriam was released just about an hour ago," said Mohanad Mustafa, one of her lawyers.

"She's now out of prison," he told AFP, but said authorities will not issue the reasons for her release until Tuesday.

She has been transferred, he said, "to an unknown house to stay at for her protection and security."

"Her family had been threatened before and we are worried that someone might try to harm her," he told Reuters... the rest

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Foley Beach elected Archbishop of the ACNA

20 Jun 2014
By George Conger

The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has elected the Rt. Rev. Foley Beach as its second archbishop in succession to the Most Rev. Robert Duncan.

Meeting in a private conclave at St Vincent College in LaTrobe, Penna., on 22 June 2014 ACNA’s bishops joined by the Primate of the Church of Uganda, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali of Kampala, elected Bishop Beach by secret ballot.

A native of Atlanta, Dr. Beach was educated at Georgia State University, trained for the ministry at the University of the South and earned at Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He served in the Diocese of Atlanta from 1992 to 2004, when he withdrew from the Episcopal Church following the consecration of V. Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. In 2004 Bishop Beach founded Holy Cross Anglican Church in Loganville, Georgia. On 9 October 2010 he was consecrated as the first Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the South.

Bishop Beach and his wife Allison have been married for over 30 years and have two children. Anglican Ink

The Anglican Church in North America Elects New Archbishop
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Foley Beach of the Diocese of the South is elected the new Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America.

LATROBE, PA (JUNE 21, 2014)——The College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America elected today the Rt. Rev. Dr. Foley Beach of the Diocese of the South. Bishop Foley Beach will succeed the Most Rev. Robert Duncan, the first archbishop for the Anglican Church in North America.

“The election occurred Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of the College of Bishops three-day conclave where they met in the crypt of the basilica at Saint Vincent Archabbey,” said the Rev. Andrew Gross, Communications Director for the Anglican Church in North America. The new archbishop will serve a five-year term and is eligible for re-election.

“I am delighted by this election and how the College of Bishops, after much deliberation and prayer, came to a unanimous decision,” said Archbishop Robert Duncan. “This is a happy day for the Anglican Church in North America, a happy day for the Anglican Communion, and a happy day for the Christian Church.”... ACNA website

Anglican Church in North America selects new archbishop
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette