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Canterbury buries the instruments of unity

03 Oct 2014
by George Conger

The Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed the authority to determine who is Anglican. In a wide ranging conversation with the Church of Ireland Gazette, the archbishop offered his appreciation of the ecclesiology of the Anglican Communion, placing his office in the center of the church's polity.

He further stated he saw the Anglican Church in North America as an ecumenical partner, not a member church of the Anglican Communion.

While Archbishop Justin Welby’s comments about the ecclesial relationship between the Church of England and the ACNA break no new ground, his defense of his appointment of an ACNA priest to an honorary post in the Church of England by asserting the priest’s orders were valid as they were conveyed by the Episcopal Church of the USA raises the question of the validity of the ministerial orders conveyed by ACNA's bishops. The archbishop's comments also appear put paid to the notion of four instruments of unity within the Communion, down grading the Anglican Consultative Council in setting the parameters of the Anglican world, placing the primates in a consultative role, while elevating his office as the arbiter of Anglicanism.

At the start of his 3 October 2014 interview with the Church of Ireland Gazette Archbishop Welby noted that he was surprised to learn that “virtually everywhere I have gone the analysis is that the definition of being part of the Anglican Communion is being in Communion with Canterbury … I haven’t faulted that [view],” he said adding that “most provinces of the Anglican Communion valued their relationship with Canterbury … [And that] there remains in the overwhelming parts of the Communion an attachment to Canterbury.”

However, the Anglican Church in North America was not part of that particular fellowship. The ACNA is a “fellow member of the church of Christ in the world,” but added the “ACNA is a separate church. It is not part of the Anglican Communion.” the rest

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Anglican Unscripted Episode 126

Oct 3, 2014
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00:00 What is happening at General Theological Seminary?

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Canon Andrew White Describes ISIS Danger In Iraq

Sep 30, 2014

A.S. Haley: Clash of the Canons and Civil Law at GTS

October 1, 2014

The recent meltdown at the country’s oldest theological seminary (and the only Episcopal seminary under the direct supervision of ECUSA) puts to the test some of the canonical abuses and litigation strategy implemented in the last few years by the Church’s leadership at 815 Second Avenue. Eight of the ten full-time faculty employed by General Theological Seminary declared in a September 17 letter to the Board of Trustees that due to the “hostile work environment” created by the Seminary’s Dean and President, the Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle, they were unable to continue to work under him.

The phrase “hostile work environment” is drawn from the well-developed body of labor law enforced in the United States by the National Labor Relations Board. However, ever since a decision by the United States Supreme Court in 1979, the NLRB’s jurisdiction has been held not to extend to religious schools and their faculties (including lay faculty), due to concerns over entanglement with religious rights under the First Amendment. Just as with all the recent Church property disputes, ECUSA has been at the forefront of insisting that the civil courts must defer to it in all civil litigation involving its religious affairs, governance and operations.

Nevertheless, the eight employees have announced that they have formed a union, and want the Seminary to negotiate their demands with their authorized representatives. (Scroll down to the letter of September 25, second page.) Those demands are five in number:  the rest

Comments at Stand Firm

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Rev. Bill Atwood: Kenyan House of Bishops Embrace GAFCON, Reject Indaba

September 30, 2014

Last week, the church gathered for the Provincial Synod including the Finance Meeting, the Standing Committee, and the House of Bishops. There were a host of issues, both national and international. Though I’ll describe some of the findings, they are not the only things of importance. What was most remarkable was the atmosphere of the conversation among the Bishops. Kenya, like every other nation, has many divisive problems.

There was a report from the GAFCON-2 meeting last October. Some of the Bishops had been skeptical that a conference could be held with that many people without plunging into debt. In fact, every single expense was covered and there was a tiny positive balance after all the bills were paid. It was an amazing tribute to both the GAFCON leadership (especially Bishop Martin Minns), and for the huge, organized, and dedicated local team from All Saints Cathedral Diocese where there was a small army of volunteers involved.

Having experienced meetings sponsored by the Anglican Communion Office, GAFCON-2 was seen by the bishops as a dramatic shift. Little happens of spiritual substance at Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meetings, unless one includes things which are actually destructive to the Gospel. GAFCON-2 by contrast was a revival retreat with tracks and topics that allowed for Gospel Mission and practical applications of Biblical principles to everyday ministry. Bishops also spoke about the rich offerings of resources for engaging Islam, doing development, and developing theological education (among many other things). That is exactly what GAFCON and its ongoing fellowship, the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GFCA), is all about...  the rest
“GAFCON is the future and it’s life. The ACC is dominated by Western liberals and doesn’t have any life to offer,” offered one of the senior bishops. There were many voices of agreement and no dissent.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vicar of Baghdad: 'Every Single Christian Wants to Leave’; About Sympathetic Abortion Stories;...more

Vicar of Baghdad: 'Every Single Christian Wants to Leave’  ..."We do not really know what is happening all we know is that people are very afraid we know that civilians have been killed in air strikes we know that there are huge battles with ISIS and we know that our army is not very efficient," the vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq posted on Facebook.

“President Obama is saying that he overestimated the ability of the Iraqi Army. It is so clear they have no ability. A hard thing to say but its true,” he said.

“To be honest, every single Christian wants to leave,” White previously told the U.K. Telegraph on Saturday after returning to Baghdad following a brief visit to the U.S. and the U.K. for medical treatment.

“I used to say to my people: ‘Don’t you leave. I’m not going to leave you, don’t leave me,’” he said. “But now every one of them wants to leave and the ones who are left tend to be the poorer ones who couldn’t get away earlier.”...

Is justice for Christians possible? World court to decide
We all know how tolerant radical Shari’a Muslims are toward Christians, especially when it comes to kidnapping, torture, hangings, and beheadings. As brutal as they are toward Western Christians, they are even worse (if that’s possible) toward Islamic converts. It’s also no secret that Shari’a based Islamic governments don’t like to be criticized for the iron veil of oppression by which they control their populations.

So in 2009 when an Iranian web publisher petitioned Sweden for asylum in order to escape political persecution from the strangulating Iranian government, one would think the welcome mat would have been laid out for the man. Unfortunately, asylum wasn’t granted.

A year later the Iranian did the ‘unthinkable’ and converted from Islam to Christianity, putting his life even further at risk. Again he petitioned Sweden for asylum, this time adding religious persecution to his desperate plea. Sadly, Sweden denied his request in 2011...

National Home School Organization to 'Vigorously Oppose' Use of Newtown Shooting to Control Homeschoolers  ...“To assert that there is any connection between homeschooling and violence in public schools is simply ludicrous,” Dewitt Black, HSLDA senior counsel, told Breitbart News. “There is no evidence to support this.”

As Breitbart News reported last week, the commission, convened by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-WFP), said it was recommending tighter control of homeschooling families in the state to prevent another Newtown shooting.

Alleged shooter Adam Lanza reportedly had some homeschooling, but he experienced most of his education in public schools. Therefore, the commission’s focus on ensuring all children in the state receive mental health screenings and its recommendation that homeschoolers with mental health issues report regularly to the special education directors in their public school district have created an uproar in the homeschooling community...

Four Responses To Sympathetic Abortion Stories
Who doesn’t love a good abortion story? Break out the popcorn, eh?
Okay, so personally I prefer a good romance. But “abortion rights” advocates are working to promote abortion stories as part of their ever-more-aggressive campaign to persuade the public that abortion is normal and fine and not the least bit offensive. A month ago Janet Harris got people talking with her Washington Post piece claiming that abortion isn’t necessarily a difficult decision. Alex Ronan made waves a few weeks ago by detailing the life of an abortion doula.  And HuffPo recently got in on the party by celebrating the beat poetry of Leyla Josephine, a woman who got an abortion and declares she would die to protect her aborted daughter’s right to do the same. (Obviously, she will not have the opportunity to make good on that promise.)

Safe, legal, and rare is so 20 years ago. Now we’ve moved on to the in-your-face, “I wanted my baby dead and what do you have to say about it” phase.

Now, I understand why pro-abortion activism has taken this aggressive turn. “Abortion rights” advocates are frustrated with the way the argument has developed. I mean, sure, pregnant women can obtain legal abortions under almost any imaginable circumstances, but it’s just not respectable.

Abortion-seeking women are subject to shame and social pressure and nasty things like that. It’s just not fair...

Incest and pornography: more similar than we think
Incest remains taboo, but pornography also corrupts marriages and families.

Report: Obama Has Missed over Half His Second-Term Daily Intel Briefings

Monday, September 29, 2014

Praying in faith...

Light of the World
Praying in faith comes from an abiding faith in the Person prayed to—the confidence is in Him. It is based on a knowledge of who He is, and on a trusted conviction that He is worthy to be trusted. Praying in faith is the act of a simple-hearted child of God. ...Corrie ten Boom image

The Ohio State Marching Band: The Wizard of Oz

Sep 27, 2014
Ohio State's marching band performs during the Sept. 27 Buckeyes game versus Cincinnati. Theme: The Wizard of Oz.

Documentary Highlights Accounts of IRS Targeting Conservatives; Two Pastors among 46 Christians Killed in Nigeria; Former homosexuals and their faith...more

New documentaries tell stories of former homosexuals and their faith  I’m convinced that those driving the LGBT agenda don’t want to have an honest conversation. This fact is primarily seen in their efforts to silence ex-gay people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. Anytime a story of someone that once lived the homosexual lifestyle but chose to leave surfaces, it is attacked and ridiculed. This shows the intolerance of those asking us all to be tolerant as they vehemently deny that it’s possible to be a “former homosexual.”...

Days before the abortion of their ‘disabled’ baby, they said no, now he’s perfectly healthy

Documentary Highlights First-Hand Accounts of IRS Targeting Conservative, Christian Groups ...A documentary set to be released in October aims to show the American public exactly how the IRS is unfairly treating certain groups by sharing first-hand experiences from those "oppressed" by the IRS.

Bothered by the reports that the IRS was targeting conservative activist groups, Craig Bergman, a former Gulf War veteran and syndicated conservative talk show host, traveled across America to get to the bottom of how the IRS was targeting these groups.

In his travels, Bergam interviewed various leaders of conservative activist groups, religious groups, veterans associations, international adoption parents and other groups. His interviewees detailed on camera how the IRS either forced them to fill out "intrusive" paperwork while filing for tax exempt status, or stalled the paperwork, making it difficult for the groups to grow in size...

Kissing Corpses is Helping Spread Ebola, Expert Says Touching or kissing the corpses of Ebola victims at funerals is helping to spread the deadly virus, according to one of the world’s top scientists who was among the first to identify Ebola in 1976...

Two Pastors among 46 Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria ...Pastor Ezra Ibrahim of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) was killed, and the Rev. Julius Jako of the ECWA was slain alongside his wife and daughter, said 60-year-old Danjuma Awe, an elder of the ECWA congregation in Karshin Daji...

Anglican Unscripted Episode 125

Sep 29, 2014
Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Every Week Kevin, George, Allan and Peter bring you news and prospective from around the globe. Please donate at

00:00 No More Lambeth? Primates Meetings?

Adirondacks September 28, 2014

Reflection Beach
Golden Glow
Rocky Point
Rocky Adirondack Stream
Blue and Golden Waters
On the Moose river
Moose River morning
Fall Warp Drive

Impressionist Lily Pads
Kayaking near Old Forge
Moss Lake

Raymond took these wonderful photos yesterday during a day long session with Carl Heilman , a well known Adirondack photographer. (Click to enlarge)

(Added a few more: 8:40 pm)