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Two Anglican missionaries murdered in Nigeria

25 Apr 2015
George Conger

The Church of Nigeria’s Archbishop of Lokoja has called for swift police action following the murder of two diocesan missionaries. On 7 April 2015 at approximately 4:00 pm, Mrs. Lolo Alhassan and Mr. Olugbenga Kekere were stopped outside the village of Gboloko and shot to death. In a statement given to Anglican Ink, the Most Rev. Emmanuel Egbunu said the two were in the village to prepare the church for the his annual visitation. On 14 April 2015 he wrote:

Today completes one full week since our diocese was rattled by the shocking news of unwarranted attack by gunmen while our members were on their way from a missionary assignment in Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State, leaving several wounded and traumatized, and two dead. One of the wounded is still in critical condition. We commiserate with the affected families.

Among the dead are Architect Mrs L.N. Alassan, General Manager in Kogi Properties and Investments Ltd (also a Layreader in our diocese); and Mr Olugbenga Kekere, a young man of rare musical ability. They have left behind a grief-stricken Mr Joe Alassan, mni, children, family members, friends and colleagues; and in the case of Mr Olugbenga Kekere, a young wife (Helen) with their nearly 3-year old little daughter (ErinOluwa), elderly parents (Chief Jacob and Chief Mrs Racheal Kekere, siblings and friends. The two deceased are members of Crowther Memorial Church, Lokoja. There is no doubt about the magnitude and impact of this loss on our diocese, on the Christian Community, the state, and far beyond. These are people who would have continued to be the pride of Kogi state, now cut down in cold-blooded murder.

This gruesome act was carried out in broad daylight (about 4:00pm) against harmless, unarmed, and highly valued citizens of our state, who were going about their legitimate commitments in the service of God and humanity. This coming only a couple of months after the abduction of an 80-year old American missionary, Phyllis Sortor, also at gunpoint and in broad daylight also in our state, is again raising serious and widespread concerns about the security threats in our state... the rest

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A.S. Haley: When Is a Church Not a Church? When It’s a Debt Collector

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Episcopal Church (USA) has two primary sources of income: according to its latest audited financial statements for the calendar year 2013, it received a little over $27 million from its member dioceses, and it received half as much again, or $13.8 million, from the federal government. (Its total income for 2013 from invested funds was $8 million.)

The money ECUSA received from the federal government was in connection with the services provided by Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), an office within the Church organization at 815 Second Avenue in New York that assists the State Department in relocating refugees throughout the United States.

As I noted in this earlier post, the Church is very dependent upon Government reimbursements for its EMM expenditures in order to balance its books. For calendar 2014, for example, ECUSA reported a supposed operating surplus of $2.4 million, but that claim ignored the fact that as of the end of 2014, ECUSA had spent nearly $3.5 million more through EMM than it had yet received back from the Government.

So we have a national Church that depends for approximately one-third of its annual budget on money from the U.S. Government. Nevertheless, this still does not tell the full tale. Buried in a Note (#13, at page 27) to the audited financial statements is this remarkable statistic (with my bold added, for emphasis)...  the rest

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He shines on my path to show me the way...

Any lights shining on the wrong subject will mislead you. I focus on my Lord Jesus, the true light that enlightens every man. He does not blind me, dazzle me, or confuse me. He shines on my path to show me the way, shines on my thoughts to show me the truth, and shines on my life to lead me to Life, because He is the way, the truth, and the life. His light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot resist it. ...Luis Fernando Aragón image

Anglican Unscripted Episode 173

Apr 22, 2015

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Judicially Mandating Same-Sex Marriage; Peter Singer: Hey, Government Should Kill Disabled Infants...more

Peter Singer: Hey, Government Should Kill Disabled Infants
Princeton University "ethics" professor Peter Singer is at it again, now arguing that it is eminently “reasonable” for the government to refuse treatment to severely disabled babies.

This is nothing new for Singer but what's new is that he thinks his ideas are winning. Spoiler alert: They are.

WND pulled the quotes from Singer's appearance on the Aaron Klein radio show. Oh, and notice how he calls the baby in question "it" constantly...

AG Nominee Defending Partial-Birth Abortion: 'The Phrase "Living Fetus"' is 'Hopelessly Vague'  ...In the amicus she signed, Lynch and her fellow former U.S. attorneys argued that this definition did not provide sufficient “clarity” as to what it prohibited.

“The statute purports to prohibit all abortions where the doctor ‘deliberately and intentionally vaginally delivers a living fetus’ up until a point on the fetus ‘for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered fetus’ and ‘perform[s] the overt act, other than completion of delivery,’” said the amicus brief. “But, this definition fails to provide any clarity as to what procedures are prohibited, and thus fails constitutional due process requirements.”...

Judicially Mandating Same-Sex Marriage Would Put the US at Odds with the Western World ...Courts worldwide have refused to freeze the discussion about same-sex marriage. Instead, they have invited legislative action in this arena. They have explained such legislative deference by citing the democratic legitimacy of legislation, the need for nuanced compromises in a socially and morally complex area, and the need to ensure firmly grounded, lasting solutions on this topic. All of these can only come through legislative processes.

In countries around the world, respect for legislative processes in resolving questions of same-sex marriage has paid dividends for all.

If the US Supreme Court is concerned about being out of step with the world’s leading democracies, it couldn’t make a bigger mistake than becoming one of only two nations in the world to cut democracy off at its knees and force its judicial will upon the people.

Marriage group calls on Ginsburg to recuse

Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay ‘marriage’, starting at 4-years-old
Strong, who is in an open relationship with another woman and who has been a teacher for about five years, focused her workshop on what she called the “power of conversation” for promoting LGBTQ issues in an elementary classroom. She began her talk by relating how she reacted the first time one of her students called another student ‘gay’ as a putdown.

“With [the principal’s] encouragement, we decided that I would go from class to class and talk about what ‘gay’ means, what does ‘LGBTQ’ mean, what do ‘I’ mean,” she told about 40 attendees, all educators, at her workshop.

Strong related how she began with the junior kindergarten class.

“And I read a [pro-gay child’s] book [King and King], and I started to realize that conversations can be very difficult, and they can have the most power when they are the most difficult.”...

Does the Constitution Require Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States?

..."There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that requires all 50 states to redefine marriage," Anderson asserted. "The Constitution is simply silent on whether the consent-based vision of marriage or the comprehensive vision of marriage is the true definition of marriage. It is silent on whether the states should devise their marriage policy to serve."...

GAFCON – threat, option, or only future?

April 21, 2015
By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Two Archbishops walk into a bar for a relaxing drink after a hard day’s work in committee. One of them, in placing his order, starts a conversation with the man serving the drinks. He beckons to his purple shirted companion and over the next few minutes, the two of them share the Gospel with the bartender, and lead him to faith in Christ. Later both prelates testify that for them, this was the highlight of the conference. Thankfully its not impossible to imagine that this story involved Most Reverends Welby and Sentamu, but in fact it was related by one of the GAFCON Primates who had been told the story by his two fellow Archbishop-evangelists at their meeting last week.

If we have Archbishops in the C of E who believe and preach the same Gospel as that which grips and motivates the GAFCON leaders, why do we need GAFCON at all? Isn’t it a threat and a challenge to the Anglican Communion which already exists under the leadership of a Gospel hearted man? And doesn’t this story of foreign GAFCON leaders engaging in informal mission in our sovereign territory undermine the Church of England’s work? Ruth Gledhill in her report chooses to lead with this idea that GAFCON is seen by the C of E establishment as a “schismatic rival” to Canterbury. Is this a correct understanding of the GAFCON/GFCA phenomenon?

The truth is that GAFCON is not splitting away from the Anglican Communion, with new ideas to form an independent church. The clue is in the “A” of GAFCON and GFCA. The movement is an expression of authentic Christian faith in a valid form of Anglican ecclesiology. The men who lead it are recognized Anglican Archbishops. And the ‘split’ or division has not been caused by GAFCON. It is a response to the irreconcileable divisions that already exist in worldwide Anglicanism and many other churches. These divisions exist because the societies of the economically developed West, much of whose success has been based on Christian worldview, are in the process of abandoning those foundations, and embracing a radical secular humanism. There has been rejection of Christianity as public truth and increasing hostility to authentic Christian faith. Part of the church has tried to remain ‘chaplain’ to the culture and accommodate to it, hoping to retain influence by speaking the culture’s language and accepting many of its values. Another part remains committed to sacrificial service of Christ in the world, calling people to repentance and faith and building communities of hope and alternative vision. This has resulted in mutually incompatible understandings of God, ethics and ecclesiology within the same church... the rest
While the Church of England allows authentic Christian ministry to flourish and in its official statements and practice does not deny the clear testimony of Scripture, GAFCON stands as an encouragement to the faithful and a prophetic witness, keeping us accountable to Christ in company with the worldwide church. It also will continue to develop options for oversight, through AMiE, in cases where Anglicans are unable to accept the ministry of a Bishop with heterodox beliefs, or for example where official protocols stand in the way of evangelistic initiatives. But if the Church of England makes a major change in its doctrine and practice that is contrary to Scripture, then GAFCON will, in the minds of many, be the only future for confessing Anglicans in these islands.

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5 Democrat Abortion Policies More Extreme Than Killing 7-Pound Babies; but Obama Admits That Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick...more

5 Democrat Abortion Policies More Extreme Than Killing 7-Pound Babies
1. Democrats Support Aborting Babies for Race, Sex, and Down Syndrome
2. Democrats Oppose Offering Women Other Alternatives
3. Democrats Want to Make Pro-Life Doctors and Nurses Perform Abortions
4. Democrats Want to Make You—and Your Church—Pay for Abortions
5. Democrats Want to Permit the Most Barbaric and Dehumanizing Abortion Methods

Islamic State Shoots and Beheads Thirty Ethiopian Christians in Libya ...
The video, in which militants call Christians "crusaders" who are out to kill Muslims, showed about 15 men being beheaded on a beach and another group of the same size, in an area of shrubland, being shot in the head.

Both groups of men are referred to in a subtitle as "worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian church"...

Muslim Migrants Throw Christians Overboard into Mediterranean Fifteen Muslim migrants face charges of murder fueled by religious hatred after allegedly throwing a dozen Christian migrants overboard this week during a sea crossing from northern Africa to Italy.

Refugees who survived the crossing “burst into tears” as they described the violence to Italian police, AsiaNews reports. Italy and other countries have welcomed more than 10,000 refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea in recent days. Such migrations hit a record high last year, reports the BBC, which has mapped the problem...

Obama Admits That Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick In a speech yesterday about working families--while trying to explain why he thinks too many women face "being reprimanded or fired for taking too many bathroom breaks when you're pregnant"--President Obama let it slip that he knows unborn babies have feet that kick...

Finally the BBC has woken up to the war on Middle Eastern Christians ...The documentary 'Kill the Christians' forces Britons to confront the plight of the suffering Church...