Friday, October 02, 2015

The day Christians were martyred on American soil...

The day Christians were martyred on American soil ...Christians were martyred for their faith -- on American soil -- a fact mostly ignored by most of the Mainstream Media and the White House.

The New York Times only mentioned that the gunman inquired about people’s “religions” and one cable television news channel opined that the shooter’s motive was unclear.

President Obama’s behavior in the aftermath of the massacre was quite frankly unpresidential. Instead of calling for religious tolerance -- he delivered an unhinged tirade on gun control...

God Bless the Martyrs of Roseburg, Oregon, and Three Other Thoughts on a Terrible Day ...First, God bless the martyrs of Roseburg. There are now multiple reports that the gunman singled out Christians, asking them to declare themselves before shooting them dead. We don’t know yet whether this was done out of hatred for Christianity, as an obscene gimmick to garner more attention, or for any other reason, but for the victims it made no difference. If the reports are correct, men and women declared their faith and died for it. That is the classic definition of a martyr, and may their families be comforted by the words of the Savior: “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.”...

Hero Chris Mintz shot as he faced Oregon community college shooter  An army veteran was in stable condition at an Oregon hospital Friday, a day after facing a gunman during a deadly shooting at a community college in Oregon, Mercy Medical Center officials said.
Chris Mintz, 30, was shot seven times, according to Shelly Stefanich, a spokeswoman for Mercy Medical Center.

His family members said the 30-year-old jumped into action to save the lives of people in his classroom, WFMY-TV reports...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our commitments to Christ...

Jesus did not say, "Come to me and get it over with." He said, "if any one would come after me, let that one take up his/her cross daily and follow me." Daily is the key word. Our commitments to Christ, however genuine and whole hearted it may be today, must be renewed tomorrow and the day after that.
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Anglican Unscripted Episode 201

Sep 30, 2015

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Gene Proves Existence of Biblical Priestly Class; Hurricane Joaquin eyes East Coast...

DNA Studies Trace Jewish Priestly Lineage From Biblical Times ...While it may sound a bit like science fiction, geneticists have verified the link which connects the present-day group of men classified as kohanim to the Biblical figure of Aaron, who lived over 3,000 years ago. Demographic studies have shown that kohanim have always represented approximately five percent of the total Jewish population. 

Hurricane Joaquin eyes East Coast

Intense Solar Flare Unleashed from Unruly Sunspot ...That M7-class flare was strong enough that the extra atmospheric charge interfered with low-frequency radio communications over South America and the Atlantic Ocean, with weaker effects farther out. And there's a chance that sunspot AR2422 may release more solar flares...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Analysis of PP Videos finds no evidence of manipulation; Secret thoughts of Surrogate Moms...more

Forensic Analysis of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Finds “No Evidence of Manipulation”   ...A new forensic analysis of the 10 videos the Center for Medical Progress released exposing the Planned Parenthood abortion business apparently illegally selling aborted babies and their body parts for profit finds “no evidence of manipulation” despite claims from the abortion company and Democrats that they were heavily edited.

The multiple videos have horrified millions of Americans and the most recent video catches the nation’s biggest abortion business selling specific body parts — including the heart, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies. The video also shows the shocking ways in which Planned Parenthood officials admit that they are breaking federal law by selling aborted baby body parts for profit....

Hajj stampede death toll climbs to 1,100 
The death toll from one of the worst stampedes during Hajj pilgrimage has hit 1,100, among them 42 Pakistani pilgrims, officials confirmed on Monday. The revised tally came a day after Pakistan’s Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yousaf told a news conference in Saudi Arabia that 36 Pakistanis were among the stampede victims.

However, the minister told the state-run Pakistan Television on Monday that 42 Pakistanis were killed and 62 were still missing. Of the 35 injured Pakistani pilgrims, 29 had been discharged after treatment, he added...

Why Schools Are Increasingly Neglecting Introverts  ...These are, of course, generalized observations, but I recently met with two high-school students who spoke directly and frankly about their need for quiet, solitary learning environments. Both of proudly spoke of their success at Grizzly Youth Academy, a 22-week charter-school program in San Luis Obispo, California, targeted at teens who’ve had a “history of school failure” at a previous school. Asked what she thought facilitated her success, one student responded: “The structure—I can concentrate here.” Acknowledging her tendency to get distracted, the student noted that there was “absolutely no quiet time” at her former public school, and she now appreciates the disciplined classes and quiet study hall sessions. “I’m like a completely different person now.”...

Church of England schools increasingly failing to appoint heads of the same faith, says study ...“There was clear consensus across school leaders and diocesan officials that recruitment of school leaders with the necessary understanding and commitment is proving increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible,” says the report.

“Many dioceses have become more flexible around the requirement that headteachers need to be practising Christians and can reference successful heads who are from other faiths or none at all but are able to maintain a clear vision for education in line with the [church’s] overall vision,” it said.

“However, in the long term there is a risk to the vision if sufficient numbers of teachers and school leaders with a deep understanding of and engagement with the Church of England cannot be deployed.”...

What Pastors Wish Their Worship Leaders Knew ... For the sake of this post, I’m using the term “worship leader” to describe a non-pastor who leads the music during the gatherings of the church...

Secret Confessions of Surrogate Mothers
Being a surrogate may be one of the most rewarding things one woman can do for another - but that doesn't mean it comes without its internal struggles.

Now, thanks to anonymous confession app Whisper, surrogate moms are spilling the beans on all the stress, anxieties and drama they have experienced as they go through process of giving an infertile couple the gift of a child.
The confessions range from dealing with the assumptions of others, to family problems to even trysts with the baby's father behind his wife's back...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rev. Canon Phil Ashey: Archbishop Welby, what will you do about it?

Posted September 28, 2015

I’m not fond of litigation.  I take our witness to the world very seriously, and the damage to that witness from Christians suing each other is serious. And even though my former profession as a criminal prosecutor put me in the position of litigating daily in the courts, I would much prefer followers of Jesus Christ being able to follow I Corinthians 6 and work out their disagreements within the Church, through church or secular sponsored arbitration services and negotiated settlements.

I cannot, however, let the injustice pass that occurred in the oral arguments before the South Carolina Supreme Court, between the Diocese of South Carolina (Bishop Mark Lawrence) and The Episcopal Church (TEC.) There must have been quite a few people watching the live stream—because there apparently wasn’t any room for me to access it when I tried. But attorney Alan Haley (aka The Anglican Curmudgeon), was able to watch it and then review it again in the archives to make the following point.

The newest Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court, Kaye Hearn, should have recused herself from the hearing. During the proceedings, she demonstrated blatant bias, prejudice, and disregard for court precedent throughout the hearing. It is no surprise that she is a member of a TEC congregation in South Carolina and a founding member of The Episcopal Forum of South Carolina, which helped bring disciplinary charges against Bishop Mark Lawrence under TEC’s Title IV.

Alan Haley has done an exhaustive job detailing the evidence of bias in Justice Hearn’s questions, citing for any listener the exact point in the tape where she speaks...  the rest
So we come back to the Archbishop of Canterbury and his call for a gathering of Primates.  If this is not just another “gabfest,” if this is really an attempt to return to the authority the Primates were willing to exercise back in 2007 at Dar, what will this Archbishop of Canterbury do with TEC, the Anglican Church of Canada and the endless litigation?  The new Presiding Bishop of TEC, Michael Curry, will be there. He has just a month before he takes office—but so far, his utter silence on TEC’s litigation speaks volumes. There is no reason to believe this late in the game that he will change any policy or strategy. The litigation will go on as long as the dollars remain to fund it.

The Doomsday Seed Vault Was Tapped; On the Reading of Books...more

Abortion, Suicide, And Same-Sex Weddings Are Now Your Job ...But progressives gotta’ progress. The Left’s ultimate objective is not merely to legalize abortion, assisted suicide, or same-sex marriage. It is to weaponize government to coerce your participation. If you don’t “do your [newly and arbitrarily redefined] job,” you will suffer severe consequences: You will be fired. You will lose your law, medical, or other professional license. You will be ineligible to run for public office. You will be unable to earn a living for your family by running a small business...

Albert Mohler: Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books  ...As Solomon warned, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecc 12:12). There is no way to read everything, and not everything deserves to be read. I say that in order to confront the notion that anyone, anywhere, can master all that could be read with profit. I read a great deal, and a large portion of my waking hours are devoted to reading. Devotional reading for spiritual profit is an important part of the day, and that begins with the reading of Scripture. In terms of timing, I am somewhat unorthodox. My best time for spending time in the Word is late at night, when all is calm and quiet and I am mentally alert and awake. That is not the case when I first get up in the mornings, when I struggle to find each word on the page (or anything else, for that matter).

In the course of any given week, I will read several books. I know how much I thrive on this learning and the intellectual stimulation I get from reading. As my wife and family would be first to tell you, I can read almost anytime, anywhere, under almost any kind of conditions. I have a book with me virtually all the time, and have been known to snatch a few moments for reading at stop lights. No, I do not read while driving (though I must admit that it has been a temptation at times). I took books to high school athletic events when I played in the band. (Heap coals of scorn and nerdliness here). I remember the books; do you remember the games?...

Churches in Ruin
It’s estimated that every year between 4,000 and 7,000 churches close down in the USA. In Europe, the statistics vary by country: approximately 20 Church of England churches are closed per year in the UK; in Holland, the statistics are much higher, at around two per week.

There are ongoing debates about what to do with all these unused churches. In some instances, they have been repurposed: churches have become bars, skate parks and art galleries. But some churches do not get to have a second life. Many are abandoned to deteriorate slowly. Photographer Hans van Vrouwerf has a fascination with lost faith and forgotten places of worship, and has visually documented about 20 abandoned churches around Europe...

Taxing Churches Would Marry Church And State   A spate of articles in prominent venues (such as Time and the Washington Post) have argued we should do away with “tax exemptions” for churches. In the most recent volley, David Niose claims that religious tax exemptions equal religious subsidies. Since fewer Americans are going to church, he suggests it’s time to stop subsidizing religion.
The claim that tax exemptions for churches (or for religious organizations more broadly) are just the same thing as subsidizing religion is absurd. As our friend Francis Beckwith points out, that’s a lot like saying the government subsidizes each of us because it doesn’t tax our income 100 percent (there is a formal equivalency in the two positions). But for the sake of argument, we’ll put the absurdity of the position to the side....

Whistleblowers claim Obama White House uses ‘doctored’ intel reports  Some of the U.S. intelligence community’s top analysts reportedly informed the Pentagon watchdog that their reports have been systematically edited to backup President Barack Obama’s—and his national security team’s—assertions that the war on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as more successful than it actually is, according to news reports from outlets such as The Hill.

Not Good: The Doomsday Seed Vault Was Tapped Due To The Syrian Civil War   In the arctic, there is a vault 500 feet into a mountain that house hundreds of thousands of seeds in case of a catastrophic human event, or natural disaster, which threatens the biodiversity of the planet. It’s our saving account against starvation. National Public Radio reported last week that the first withdrawal was made due to the brutal war in Syria...

Migrant Crisis Update: “No End in Sight” to influx
“This is a continental transfer”

‘Ashokan Farewell’: The Story Behind the Tune Ken Burns Made Famous

Lunar eclipse 2015

Earlier on the evening of the eclipse, Raymond went to
Onondaga Lake to catch the moonrise.
City of Syracuse at twilight
 Eclipse-totality with its distinct copper color
(Pictures by Raymond Dague)
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