Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reignite Your Prayer Life

The Bible
By Don Whitney
October 10, 2015

How’s your prayer life?

Hardly any question — unless perhaps if someone asks about your evangelistic efforts — can cause more chin-dropping, foot-shuffling embarrassment for Christians than asking about their prayer life.

Why is that? Why do so many followers of Jesus suffer with such unsatisfying prayer lives and consider themselves hopelessly second-rate Christians because of it? the rest image 

(I bought Don Whitney's book Praying the Bible and was very blessed by it-well worth it to strengthen and enliven your prayer time through Scripture.  -Pat Dague)

Iron Dome battery deployed in Beersheba; Wichita State Performs Christian Cleansing in Chapel...more

Iron Dome battery deployed in Beersheba The defense establishment deployed an Iron Dome missile defense system battery in the southern city of Beersheba on Saturday.

On Friday, terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at southern Israel. The projectile's remains were located in the Eshkol Regional Council.

The rocket launching triggered rocket sirens morning in Israeli communities in the area, the IDF said. No injuries or damage were caused and no group has yet taken responsibility for the attack...

Russia just handed ISIS a 'big win' in Syria's largest city

Explosions At Peace Rally Leave More than 80 Dead

Pastor Attacked in Bangladesh by Muslims Who Claimed to be Interested in His Faith ..."The attackers came on a motorcycle and fled on the same motorcycle when the pastor, his wife and daughter cried, 'Save us, save us,' and neighbors rushed to the house," reported Mohammed Alomgir Kabir, a police superintendent in Pabna, Bangladesh...

Wichita State Performs Christian Cleansing in Chapel to Accomodate Muslims ...Last May, Wichita State University ordered workers to remove all the pews and an altar inside the Harvey D. Grace Memorial Chapel. The pews were ripped from the floor and replaced with portable chairs to make room for Muslim prayer rugs.

"Under the terms of Mrs. Harvey D. Grace's gift to the university in her will, 'This chapel will be open to all creeds and to all races of people,'" WSU President John Bardo said in a statement. "Our goal should be exactly what Mrs. Grace set out to do in her gift, to have an all faiths chapel that is welcoming to all religious groups on campus."

But what happened at Wichita State wasn't so much a renovation as it was a Christian cleansing. Anything remotely related to the décor of a Christian church was given the heave-ho...

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Teach us to number our days aright....

I see this scripture verse (Psalm 90:12) hanging on the hall closet door every time I go upstairs.  Of course, since it's been there awhile, I don't always notice it. But when I do, it will prick or inspire some sort of thought process-usually a bit of conviction for wasting time, but also to remind me to ask for wisdom when I too much go it alone.  I post this because Anne Kennedy has written an excellent piece called "The Numbering of Wisdom" that takes off on this verse.  Check it out at her blog at patheos here. -PD
BTW-I took this picture with my (not smart) phone. I don't want Raymond's photography expertise to suffer disrepute.

Islamic State beheads three more Assyrian Christians; China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt...more

Oregon Pastor Tells of 'My Family's Hero' Who Saved Daughter During Oregon School Shooting ...During his sermon, the pastor told the congregation of "[his] family's hero," fellow student Treven Anspach, who, after being shot by Harper-Mercer, rolled his body on top of the pastor's daughter, Lacy Scroggins, to protect her...

Islamic State beheads three more Assyrian Christians in latest video   ...As each man identifies himself, he says: "I am a Nazarene [a Christian]". They are then decapitated, before a militant demands that $14 million is paid for the release of the remaining hostages. According to the IB Times, one ISIS fighter in the video blames the Church for not protecting the men...

Ann Widdecombe: giving away Christian values makes Britain a "laughing stock"  The former minister and catholic MP, Ann Widdecombe has said Britain must be the "laughing stock of any fundamentalist Islamist who hopes to wipe Christianity from the face of the world".

In her column for the Daily Express, Ms Widdecombe claims the UK is playing into their hands by giving away our religious freedom by confusing respect with subservience.

She has cited a case in Accrington, Lancashire where a cross was removed from a crematorium in case it caused offence.

"Imagine the uproar if a Christian were to ask for the removal of a religious symbol belonging to another faith?"...

Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt Central banks around the world are selling U.S. government bonds at the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since the financial crisis.

Sales by China, Russia, Brazil and Taiwan are the latest sign of an emerging-markets slowdown that is threatening to spill over into the U.S. economy. Previously, all four were large purchasers of U.S. debt.

While central banks have been selling, a large swath of other buyers has stepped in, including U.S. and foreign firms...

Doctors anticipate nasty flu season ...Although the CDC officially begins tracking the spread of the virus later this month, there’s good news: According to the agency, early tests point to a better match between circulating viruses and those found in the vaccine, making this year’s shot potentially more effective than last year’s...

Andrew Peterson - Be Kind to Yourself

Church of Nigeria affirms confessional nature of Anglicanism

08 Oct 2015
by George Conger

The Church of Nigeria’s Standing Committee has released a communique following its 21-25 Sept 2015 meeting in Akure stating the terms upon which it will relate to other Anglican churches. Issued under the signature of the Primate of All-Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, the statement said 147 bishops, 152 clergy and 68 lay members of the church’s General Synod, along with representatives of various guilds met at St David’s Cathedral in Akure.

While the bulk of the statement dealt with local issues -- public corruption, the threat to the nation from Boko Haram, poverty and economic opportunity, the Nigerian church leaders address two international concerns: the ecclesiology of the Anglican Communion and Human Sexuality. action in ensuring that the effects of flooding are mitigated. People living on water ways are called upon to heed timely warnings and relocate to uplands. On the issue of same-sex marriage, it “unanimously resolved to continue to maintain the orthodox biblical stand on this matter. It also calls on her members to defend the orthodox biblical teaching on marriage and family. On its part, the Federal Government is further enjoined to continue to resist the foreign pressure to make it rescind its stand on same-sex marriage.” In its statement on ecclesiology offered under the heading: “The Anglican Communion World”, the standing committee declared: “While the Anglican Communion continues to be impaired by revisionist theologies of some Anglican Provinces, the Standing Committee calls the leadership of the Anglican Communion to repentance and renewed faith in Christ as expressed in the bible, the articles of religion and the Jerusalem Declaration, and further reaffirms our commitment on these as the basis of our relationship with other parts of the communion.”

In 2005 the Church of Nigeria revised its constitution stating that its relations with other Anglican Churches was not based upon a common link to Canterbury, but to a shared doctrine expressed in the Book of Common Prayer and traditional Anglican formularies. Last week’s statement affirms the Church of Nigeria’s belief in a confessional definition of Anglicanism.

Anglican Ink

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

“Lord Have Mercy”

Young Armenian Woman Sings Haunting Prayer in Former Cathedral

New video segment details Planned Parenthood’s savage abortion methods

By Bob Brown
Posted Oct. 6, 2015

New undercover video footage released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) shows a Planned Parenthood abortionist describing how she tears away preborn babies’ “lower extremities” in an effort to get at their torsos. David Daleiden, CMP director, shared the footage in an interview with Lila Rose, president of Live Action, posted online yesterday. The latest footage follows 10 other CMP undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s role in trafficking aborted babies’ tissue and organs.

In the brief new video segment, apparently recorded on Oct. 12, 2014, Amna Ibrahim Dermish, a Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (PPGT) abortionist, details the graphic methods she uses during an abortion to procure the baby’s torso intact. PPGT operates abortion clinics mainly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but also in Austin.

In the video, Dermish boasts to a CMP investigator posing as a fetal tissue buyer that she performs abortions later in a preborn baby’s development than anyone else in the PPGT affiliate. PPGT’s Dallas-based medical director, Darrel Jordan, only does abortions up to 17 weeks and 6 days, Dermish claims... the rest
“If it’s a breech presentation, I’ll remove the extremities first … the lower extremities, and then go for the spine and scrape, bring it down that way,” she says, gesturing with her right arm in a grasping and downward yanking motion.
New video: Planned Parenthood abortionist jokes about harvesting baby’s brains, getting ‘intact’ head   In the newest video footage released by the Center for Medical Progress, a Planned Parenthood abortionist laughs as she discusses her hope of removing the intact "calvarium," or skull, of an unborn baby while preserving both lobes of the brain.

She also describes how she first dismembers babies up to twenty weeks gestation, including two twenty-week babies she said she aborted the week before...

‘All Sorts Of Nasty': These 39 Yelp Reviews Of Planned Parenthood Clinics Will Horrify You 'Experience was awful,' 'insanely horrible,' 'filthy,' 'frankly, I am scared,' '1 word: disgusting.'

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Songs in the night...

There Will Be an Answer. Let it Be.
Any man can sing in the day. It is easy to sing when we can read the notes by daylight; but he is the skillful singer who can sing when there is not a ray of light by which to read. Songs in the night come only from God; they are not in the power of man. ...Charles Haddon Spurgeon image

FL candidate for U.S. Senate admits to sacrificing goat, drinking its blood; ISIS thugs crucify Christian boy aged 12....more

Gov. Brown signs controversial assisted-suicide bill  Caught between conflicting moral arguments, Gov. Jerry Brown, a former Jesuit seminary student, signed a measure Monday allowing physicians to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients who want to hasten their deaths.

Brown appeared to struggle in deciding whether to approve the bill, whose opponents included the Catholic Church.

“In the end, I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death,” Brown wrote in a signing message. “I do not know what I would do if I were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain. I am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. And I wouldn’t deny that right to others.”...

Our Deepening Love Affair With Death
Suicide Is Cool As Long as You’re Sure

#YesIAmAChristian goes viral following Oregon mass shooting ...Ana Boylan, one of the injured students, told family members she and others played dead on the floor of their classroom, the Los Angeles Times reported. She heard the gunman ask students to rise and state their religion.

Others have said that students who said they were Christians were shot again...

Three Christians Arrested in India and Accused of Converting Locals

ISIS thugs crucify Christian boy aged 12 after slicing off fingertips in front of his father

ISIS executes 12 Christians—including boy and 2 women who were raped in public and beheaded—for refusing to renounce Jesus

Violent attacks against Christians in Bangui leave hundreds dead Sectarian violence has broken out in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR), claiming between 100-200 lives.

Violence broke out on 26 September after the body of a young Muslim man was found in Bangui, leading to retributive attacks by Muslims against Christians, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports...

Archaeologist Believes Remains of Sodom’s Fiery Destruction Have Been Found ...As the researchers work to piece together the clues, Collins says his team has identified a distinct layer of ash at the site that dates back to the Middle Bronze period. The ash could be evidence of a fiery destruction, much like the one described in Genesis 19. Pottery shards that were exposed to extremely high temperature levels have been recovered from the site—another potential indication of a fiery disaster.

Is Tall el-Hammam indeed Sodom? Collins is increasingly confident that it is...

Why Palmyra Should Matter to the West ...The Romans often behaved in a barbaric way — for example, by reducing Palmyra to a ruin — but they were not barbarians. The Islamists of the new Caliphate glory in their barbarism. They also have a growing number of admirers and apologists here. Once Isis has finished with Palmyra, the media caravan will move on to another oasis of death, with a new horror show to fill our screens. But the voyeuristic atrocities we are witnessing in Syria and Iraq are a foretaste of what the future has in store for the West — including Britain — unless we act now...

Sowell: Charlatans and Sheep ...Whenever some group is not equally represented in some institution or activity, the automatic response in some quarters is to assume that someone has prevented equality of outcomes.

This preconception of equal outcomes requires not one speck of evidence, and defies mountains of evidence to the contrary. Even in activities where individual performances are what determine outcomes, and those performances are easily measured objectively, there is seldom anything resembling equal representation...

Florida candidate for U.S. Senate admits to sacrificing goat, drinking its blood    ..."I did sacrifice a goat. I know that's probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans," he said. "I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness ... Yes, I drank the goat's blood."...

Monday, October 05, 2015

Pelosi: When Human Life Begins Has ‘No Basis’ in Public Policy; Swedish bishop wants to remove crosses from church...more

Nancy Pelosi: When Human Life Begins Has ‘No Basis’ in Public Policy  ...“No, listen, I want to say something to you,” Pelosi said. “I don’t know who you are, and you’re welcome to be here, freedom of this press. I am a devout practicing Catholic, a mother of five children. When my baby was born, my fifth child, my oldest child was six years old. I think I know more about this subject than you, with all due respect.”

“So it’s not a human being, then?” the reporter asked.

“I do not intend to respond to your questions, which have no basis in what public policy is that we do here,” Pelosi said...

South Carolina hit by torrential rainfall, eight dead  ...The storm had dumped more than 20 inches (50 cm) of rain in parts of central South Carolina since Friday, the National Weather Service said. The state climatologist forecast another 2 to 6 inches (5 to 15 cm) through Monday as the rain began to slacken...

Don’t Panic: Why Technophobes Have Been Getting It Wrong Since Gutenberg  ...Although our apprehension about new tech seems to grow increasingly dire, fear has gone hand in hand with technological advancements throughout history. “It’s interesting to see the lament of each generation overwhelmed by the next new tool,” technology forecaster Paul Saffo said in a 2006 interview. “I can show you passages from scholars of Germany in the 1480s lamenting the fact that they are overloaded with all this stuff to read because of the printing press.”...

Why Ancient Rome Matters to the Modern World Failure in Iraq, debates about freedom, expenses scandals, sex advice … the Romans seem versions of ourselves. But then there’s the slavery and the babies on rubbish heaps. We need to understand ancient Rome, but should we take lessons from it?

Ancient City of Palmyra at Risk of Complete Destruction by Islamic State

Swedish bishop wants to remove crosses from church and mark direction of Mecca to make it more inviting for Muslims ...The bishop wants to temporarily make the Seamen’s Church available to all, for example by marking the direction of Mecca and removing Christian symbols, as is already done in common prayer rooms at airports and in some hospital chapel...

2011: The church in Sweden has become increasingly progressive. In 1958, it allowed its first female priests, and two years ago ordained its first openly gay bishop, Eva Brunne, and gave priests the right to wed same-sex couples.

Correcting the New York Times’s Absurd Vision of the Modern Man Love it.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Visit to Watkins Glen State Park October 2015

Raymond and I took a day trip to Watkins Glen State Park. The gorge path was stunning, even on a cloudy day.  The path boasts of 800 stairs that wind around and under waterfalls.  (We climbed most of those stairs too!)
 We stopped at the  Red Tail Ridge Winery as part of our day trip.  Beautiful grape clusters still on some of the vines.
(All pictures by Raymond Dague-click to enlarge)