Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ride On, Ride On In Majesty!

Ride on, ride on in majesty!
Hear all the tribes hosanna cry;
O Savior meek, your road pursue,
With palms and scattered garments strewn.

Ride on, ride on in majesty!
In lowly pomp ride on to die.
O Christ, your triumphs now begin
O’er captive death and conquered sin.

Ride on, ride on in majesty!
The hosts of angels in the sky
Look down with sad and wondering eyes
To see the approaching sacrifice.

Ride on, ride on in majesty!
In lowly pomp ride on to die;
Bow your meek head to mortal pain;
Then take, O Christ, your power and reign.
-Henry H. Milman image

The Anglican Church in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya will not participate in the upcoming ACC meeting


The Church of Nigeria was one of the Provinces that protested against the consecration of Gene Robinson (an active homosexual clergyman in New Hampshire), by The Episcopal Church USA, and the promulgation of a liturgy for blessing of same sex union; boycotted the Lambeth Conference 2008, and organized the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON 2008), in Jerusalem. A remarkable legacy of that conference is the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration.

Since then, the theological position of the Church of Nigeria on the human sexuality palaver raging in the Anglican Communion is by no means ambiguous. In pursuance of its position, it has had to amend its constitution to emphasize the basis of our relationship with any other Province or church namely:

The Church of Nigeria shall be in full communion with all Anglican Churches, Dioceses and Provinces that hold and maintain the Historic Faith, Doctrine, Sacrament and Discipline of the one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as the Lord has commanded in His holy word and as the same are received as taught in the Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal of 1662 and in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.

In other words, the amendment places emphasis on the “Historic Faith, Doctrine, Sacrament and The word of God rather than, and instead of, historical institutions. It was intended to save the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) from derailment in the context of challenges engendered by theological ambivalence such as the present human sexuality controversy illustrates.

In further pursuance of that same amendment, the Church of Nigeria resolved to break communion with The Episcopal Church (TEC) and the Anglican Church of Canada (not on account of redefinition), but on the practice, promotion and advocacy of homosexuality and its allied practices.

As part of the stance of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), it resolved not to attend any future conference or meeting where the above named two Provinces will sit and participate in discussion. However, the January 2016 Primates meeting in Canterbury was considered an exception. Thus, the GAFCON and Global South resolved to attend.

In spite of the hollow restrictions placed on The Episcopal Church, the Presiding Bishop of TEC and the Chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council have avowed that the Primates had no authority to take that decision. During the Canterbury meeting itself, the way and manner in which those who hold the orthodox view of human sexuality and marriage were spoken of by the authorities, and denounced as “homophobic”, left no one in doubt that we were in the wrong place. In fact, the authorities believe that patience was being exercised to enable the communion to bring up the scripture-believers gradually to embrace the homosexual doctrine. Thus, the Anglican Communion’s journey is very uncertain for the orthodox. They are walking into a well-rehearsed scheme to gradually apply persuasion, subtle blackmail, coercion on any group still standing with the Scriptural Provision as we know it, to join the straight jacket of the revisionists and be politically correct. Somehow, they are succeeding!

At this point we find great wisdom in the attitude of the British Government in relation to the European Union, It has not joined the Euro Zone; it did not join the Schengen conglomerate. Now the British Prime Minister is asking for a “Special Status” in the European Union for the United Kingdom.

The Anglican Communion should begin to think in that direction for those Provinces that may never, for obvious reasons, embrace the sexual culture being promoted by some Provinces of the Church over and against the Bible as we received it. We need a “Special Status”.

In summary, as long as we are now candidates for whom every opportunity in the Anglican Communion should be explored to gradually teach us to embrace the new sex culture, it will be unwise to deliberately walk into a well-prepared camp of recruitment, blackmail, indoctrination and toxic relationship.

Therefore, we regret our inability to attend the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka, Zambia.

We continue to pray for God’s Church to return to the Holy Bible, for its faith and practice.

The Most Rev’d Nicholas D. Okoh
Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria
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Church of Uganda will not attend the April meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council ...Ntagali cited as his reasons the failure of the Anglican Communion to restore godly order, and the Episcopal Church's long history of apostate acts, starting in 2003, when the Episcopal Church ordained a known, non-celibate, homosexual to the episcopacy. He said the Anglican Communion must show itself capable of restoring godly order.

"Thirteen years later, the Primates of the Anglican Communion gathered in January 2016 in Canterbury to discuss what to do about the fact that not only had TEC torn the fabric of the Anglican Communion at its deepest level in 2003, but they have since changed the definition of marriage to no longer be a lifelong union between one man and one woman. We were cautiously optimistic that the tear in the fabric of our communion could be repaired and betrayal healed."

That did not happen...

The Anglican Church in Kenya will not attend ACC meeting ...
Kenya’s Anglican Archbishop Eliud Wabukala said “there can be no true walking together with those who persistently refuse to walk in accordance with God’s word, and the Kenyan province will not participate in the forthcoming meeting,” noting that their boycott would stand as long as Michael Curry, the presiding bishop of the American Episcopal Church, continued to ignore the sanctions and refused to reconsider his stance on same-sex marriage...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Eternal Lord, how faint and small...

Eternal Lord, how faint and small
Our greatest, strongest thoughts must seem
To Thee, who overseest all,
And leads us through Life’s shallow stream.

How tangled are our straightest ways;
How dimly flares our brightest star;
How earthbound is our highest praise
To Thee, who sees us as we are.

Our feet are slow where Thine are fast;
Thy kiss of grace meets lips of stone;
And we admit Thy love at last
To hearts that have none of their own.
...Robert MacColl Adams image

Tracking major cyberattacks around the world; How Obergefell Really Happened...more

Planned Parenthood President To Speak At Georgetown University  Georgetown University is our nation’s oldest Roman Catholic university. I am an alumnus of the law school at Georgetown, and was blessed by the opportunity to study with many outstanding fellow students and faculty. For a number of years, I also served as one of the alumni interviewers for prospective students, and was impressed with the caliber of younger people who wished to attend its law school. Although my Georgetown education opened many doors for me, I am not a financial supporter of the University presently because the University has taken positions on issues that I believe are antithetical to traditional Christian teaching...

South Sudan: UN Reports Campaign of Killing and Rape   ...The investigation accused all sides in the country's civil war of targeting civilians for murder and rape but said the army and government-allied forces were most to blame for what it described as "one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world".

"The report contains harrowing accounts of civilians suspected of supporting the opposition, including children and the disabled, killed by being burned alive, suffocated in containers, shot, hanged from trees or cut to pieces," the UN human rights office said in a statement on Friday...

Extreme Human Rights Abuses Confirmed in South Sudan: Rape, Torture, and Forced Cannibalism

ISIS Burns Hundreds of Christian Books in Mosul

How Obergefell Really Happened
...It is abundantly clear that homosexual propagandists knew they were not large enough in numbers to change the views of Middle America. In modern political parlance, they had no ground game. So, they took to the air. And how seductive TV is. Comedian Dana Carvey once said it’s so powerful you could put an orange on NBC for an hour every Wednesday night at 8 pm and eventually people would point and say, “Hey, isn’t that the orange on NBC?”

Is there solid social science research to back this claim, that television has an effect on social mores in general and on this issue in particular? A number of studies say so and so does the fact that advertisers spent $73 billionon TV advertising last year. Advertisers are convinced that being on TV influences behavior...

Tracking major cyberattacks around the world CSIS has developed a new online tool for tracking major cyberattacks around the world. The website is as helpful as it is sobering.

Starting with the December 2015 cyberattack on Ukraine’s utility sector and working its way backwards, the interactive site catalogues hundreds of cyberattacks, data breaches and other malicious cyber-events dating to April 2000...

Nancy Reagan and God
 ...Nancy mollified some of these concerns late in the presidency when tearfully addressing an evangelical youth gathering, recounting how her husband several years earlier had urged her dying, troubled stepfather who had lost has faith to trust in the Lord, which led her stepfather to die peacefully. Her mother had been Presbyterian but her stepfather, after being defrauded as a child out of a Sunday school prize in favor of a rich boy, had rejected Christianity until his apparent deathbed conversion. Nancy’s mother was Presbyterian. Reagan was raised Disciples of Christ but after marrying Nancy began eventually attending Belle Aire Presbyterian, an affiliation continuing until their deaths. As a widow worshipping alone in recent years she invited secret service agents to join her in singing from the hymnal. Rev. Moomaw, a friend and pastor of over 50 years, although now himself elderly, presided over a small family service for Nancy before the public funeral. His successor, Rev. Michael Wenning, who died in 2011, was also close to the Reagans and presided at the President’s funeral...