Saturday, June 11, 2016

Anglican Unscripted Episode 233

Jun 11, 2016

Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Each Episode Kevin, George, Allan and Peter bring you news and prospective from around the globe.
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Anglican Unscripted Episode 232

Jun 9, 2016

Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Each Episode Kevin, George, Allan and Peter bring you news and prospective from around the globe.
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GAFCON offers alternative oversight to Scottish Anglicans

UK: straight white males banned from its equality conferences; Venezuelans eating out of dumpsters...more links

Chicago’s justice system is so overworked that some inmates spend 100's of days waiting for a trial ...The wait for a case to reach conviction can be so long that many of the jail’s inmates serve more time in Cook County than they are eventually sentenced to spend in prison, what’s known as “dead days.” For instance, if an inmate is convicted to 100 days in state prison, and spends 300 days in Cook County waiting for their case to reach conviction, they will have served 200 dead days...

The Facebook Story You Didn’t Hear
...In an essay in the Regent University Law Review, Roger Kiska, an attorney who defends freedom of speech and expression in Europe, Canada, and the United States, summarized the difficulties of pinning down a definition for “hate speech” in the EU’s own words. He pointed out that a recent factsheet from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said that “there is no universally accepted definition of . . . ‘hate speech.’” It gets worse; a previous fact sheet said that hate speech is often hard to identify because “it can . . . be concealed in statements which at a first glance may seem to be rational or normal.”.

In other words, just because it isn’t hateful doesn’t mean it’s not hate speech. Think about that for a while.
But maybe you’re not convinced. Maybe you’re thinking: “That’s in Europe! Here in America Facebook knows it can’t get away with such ridiculous policies that suppress freedom of speech.”
In that case, meet Carlos Flores. You haven’t heard his story in the news, because he’s Exhibit A in Facebook’s soft launch of viewpoint discrimination and suppression of free speech in America...

Italian Catholics told to ‘pray in silence’ to avoid upsetting African migrants   ...Visitors to the church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia, Italy, were recently told to “pray in silence” to avoid upsetting African migrants being housed in the building.

Members of Caritas, a Catholic charity that helps facilitate mass migration to Europe, have asked parishioners not to recite the rosary aloud, Italian wire service Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata reported Saturday. A priest eventually took women who complained to another place of worship, Breitbart News reported.

Italy, like other European nations, has struggled to absorb waves of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa due to Syria’s ongoing civil war and the collapse of Libya. The International Organization for Migration puts the number of migrants who arrived in Europe in 2016 at 206,000. Italy has reportedly taken in 48,000 thousand of those migrants...

In Socialist Venezuela, Dumpsters Are Literally The New Grocery Stores   Things have gotten so desperate in Venezuela that people have resorted to picking food out of the trash so they do not starve to death.

To deal with increasing shortages of various goods, including food and drinks, “I come here looking for food because if I didn’t, I’d starve to death,” former bakery employee Julio Noguera told  the Associated Press while frantically searching for some food amid heaped trash...

Straight white males banned from university lecture union's 'equality conferences' 
The University and College Union in England is banning straight white males from its equality conferences in order to create "safe spaces" for members.

That the union is oblivious to its unequal policy for attending an equality conference is uproariously funny.  But it gets better...

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

'Since I became a Christian I fear no one'; UK unfairly rejecting Christians seeking asylum ...more

'Since I became a Christian I fear no one': Refugee explains mass conversions from Islam   More and more Muslim refugees have been converting to Christianity in Europe, according to reports from churches. One of the new converts told RT: “I have been spat on, told that I've betrayed Islam, but through what I've learned I can forgive them.”

In Austria there have been at least 300 applications for adult christenings in the first three months of 2016 alone, with up to 70 percent of those said to be refugees, the Guardian reported.

At Berlin's Trinity church the congregation has recently grown from 150 to almost 700, the newspaper said...

UK Gov’t Has No Problem Bringing In Refugees-As Long As They Aren’t Christian A recent report from a British parliamentary group on religious refugees shows that the United Kingdom’s Home Office has been unfairly rejecting Christians seeking asylum.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Freedom (APPGRM) found that Christians fleeing their home country for the UK are unfairly quizzed on details of their faith. The Home Office has reportedly rejected Christian refugees for issues ranging from being unfamiliar with the various branches of the Anglican church to failure to name all twelve of Jesus Christ’s apostles.

“If you are someone who has become a Christian in Iran, Bibles are not freely available – and you would not necessarily know how many books there are in the Old Testament. You might not know of lent which is not a common concept in Iran,” said Baroness Elizabeth Berridge, the chair of the APPGRM...

Can You Name All Ten Commandments? If Not, This (and 18 Other Questions) Could Get You Deported in the UK

 ISIS defectors asking Western governments for help returning home ...Disenchanted Islamic State (ISIS) members recruited from the West have increasingly been contacting their governments and asking for help in getting home, according to diplomats and a Syrian network that aids defectors.

Some have turned up at diplomatic missions in Turkey, and others have sent furtive messages to their governments seeking assistance in escaping from territory the extremist group controls in neighboring Syria, according to the diplomats, who represent six Western missions in Turkey...

We Three Kings’ church–oldest in Christianity–blown-up by Muslim suicide bomber Five people were killed when a suicide bomber struck at a checkpoint next to St Mary Church in Hah, Tur Abdin, in south east Turkey.

The church, also known as Idto d'Yoldath-Aloho, in the mountainous Tur Abdin region near the Syrian border, is considered the heartland of Syrian Orthodox Christianity.

The ferocity of the blast smashed all the church’s windows, and with the church lying between two Christian villages there are fears of more atrocities from jihadi forces...

One Facebook, Two Worlds, Three Problems
If you were on Facebook last month, you might have felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole when you noticed Facebook on its own “Trending” sidebar. Several former employees admitted to manipulating the Trending feed. They frequently introduced topics they thought deserved more coverage and occasionally suppressed conservative commentary by choosing different sources for topics that would appeal to conservatives.

Since the news went viral, Facebook has been doing damage control. They’ve issued statements, invited well-known conservatives to the conversation, and made changes to minimize the human element and ensure that the Facebook Trending sidebar will live up to the ideal of being objective and fair...

Paris Becomes Massive Camp for Illegal Migrants Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has announced plans to build a "humanitarian camp" next to one of the busiest train stations in the city, so that thousands of illegal migrants bound for Britain can "live with dignity."

Hidalgo, who has often sparred with French President François Hollande for his refusal to accept more migrants, says her plan to help illegal migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East is a "duty of humanism."

Critics counter that Hidalgo's plan is a cynical ploy aimed at positioning herself to the left of the current president, as part of a political strategy to wrest leadership of the Socialist Party from Hollande, whose approval ratings are at record lows...

Europe’s top leaders watch bizarre satanic ceremony opening world’s longest tunnel ...Similar in some respects to the ceremonies which launch the Olympic Games, the extravagant performances, one inside for dignitaries and another outside, included the devil emerging and adored by scantily clad figures repeatedly prostrating themselves before him. The satanic figure with a goat head appears as horrific wailing and screaming are heard over the audio system. The demonic figure simulates sexual acts with several of the male and female performers, many of whom are androgynous...

US military tests massive GPS jamming weapon over California The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is warning aircraft to stay a few hundred miles away from the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, California, because the military is testing a new gizmo that disrupts GPS – and may also mess with flight control systems...

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Museum of the Bible scheduled to open in Washington, D.C.; About 92K Coloradans to lose Obamacare coverage...more

Museum of the Bible scheduled to open in Washington, D.C. in late 2017   ...Designed to present the impact, history and narrative of Scripture, the 430,000-square-foot, high-tech Museum of the Bible is a non-sectarian, scholarly-focused, international museum that will illustrate how the Bible came to be, its impact on the world throughout the ages, and the story that is told in what is arguably history’s most significant piece of literature.

“The Bible has changed more lives than every other book put together,” Warren told the packed auditorium at his church. “It’s shaped our culture. We speak the language we speak right now — English — because of the King James Version of the Bible. It formed the English language. It transformed English from just being a dialect to a major language.”...

About 92K Coloradans to lose Obamacare coverage as insurers drop out, cut back, raise rates   More than 92,000 Coloradans will lose their Obamacare health care coverage in 2017 as four leading insurance companies scale back or eliminate their plans while others propose rate hikes of as much as 40 percent.

Insurance holders with individual plans through Anthem, UnitedHealthCare, Humana and Rocky Mountain Health Plans will need to find new coverage for the 2017 coverage year, according to a Monday statement from the Colorado Division of Insurance...

Changing an organisation’s purpose: abuse of power by senior midwives and clerics ...Bishop Paul Bayes and Dean Jeffrey John are doing the same with the Church of England as Cathy Warwick is doing with the Royal College of Midwives. They insist that the primary purpose of the organization is to facilitate the choices of adults, without regard for the consciences of those who say it’s about God and babies, and who cannot accept the potentially destructive nature of these choices. They know that they are in positions of power and influence within their own institutions – they have control over policy, and the employment security of those who work in the profession. They also know that they are backed by a powerful ideology that has taken hold of the culture. They know that most people in their field came into it not to fight, but to help people, so they are less likely to create serious opposition; they have got on their side others in authority, tasked with protecting the values of the organization but who in practice see their role as mediating between different opinions.

What does a midwife opposed to abortion do now? What does a clergyman in Liverpool Diocese with an orthodox understanding of the Gospel do now? Given the trajectory set by the new vision of the leadership, major decisions need to be made in the near future about the balance between professional survival in an organization rapidly changing its basic self-understanding, and attending to conscience under God...

ACLU resignation proves point of Target boycott ...Last week, Smith told Fox News Channel's The Kelly File that she had an incident in California that gave her a lot of pause. (See video below)

"Before my recruitment to Georgia, in my native California, the Bay Area where I am from, I took my young daughters, I have three daughters, I took the youngest two into a women's restroom, a public women's restroom, and shortly after we were in entered three transgender young adults, all over six feet, all with really deep voices, all obviously men," Smith told The Kelly File.

"My children were visibly frightened. I was very uncomfortable, and it engendered a lot of questions from my daughters for which I was ill-prepared to answer."...

Jun 2, 2016
Maya Dillard Smith speaks out on 'The Kelly File' about why she left her post

New York City To Allow Public Urination
The left-wingers who run New York City are about to make it 100% legal to urinate in public.

Why? Because many blacks and minorities have been fined or arrested for it. They would rather legalize this disgusting behavior than enforce basic rules of public sanitation...

Archbp. Okoh: GAFCON Pastoral letter June 2016; Cracks in deal to avert Anglican schism over homosexuality...more

Archbp. Okoh: June 2016 Pastoral Letter
To the Faithful of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and friends from Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria and Chairman, the GAFCON Primates Council

Cracks in deal to avert Anglican schism over homosexuality
A deal to avert the break-up of the worldwide Anglican Communion risks collapse amid signals that African churches are reassessing ties with the Church of England over the issue of same-sex marriage.

The new leader of a powerful bloc of traditionalist bishops and archbishops - seen as representing the majority of the world’s estimated 80 million Anglicans - said the Church of England had recently crossed a “line” with a series of decisions seen as endorsing a more liberal stance on homosexuality.

The Most Rev Nicholas Okoh, the Archbishop of Nigeria, said many traditionalists now view the British branches of Anglicanism in a similar light to The Episcopal Church (TEC) in the US which has been accused of “heresy” for ordaining openly gay bishops and endorsing same-sex marriage...

Kenyans snub Canterbury
The war of slights and snubs within the top echelons of the Anglican world shows no signs of abating, with the Anglican Church of Kenya snubbing the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby. Anglican Ink has learned the ACK has declined to invite Archbishop Welby to give the sermon at the July consecration of archbishop-elect of Kenya, the Most Rev. Jackson ole Sapit...

Episcopal Priest: LGBTQ People Will ‘Revitalize Christianity’  In a recent essay in Salon Magazine, the Reverend Elizabeth M. Edman argues for the power of “queer virtue” to combat “heteronormativity” and revitalize a Christianity that is too wedded to traditional ideas of human sexuality and marriage.
An Episcopal priest and a political strategist, Edman attempts to redeem the concept of “Pride” as central to the LGBT movement and integral to an authentically Christian life.

In her essay—excerpted from the book titled Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity—Edman laments that in Christian scripture and hymnody, pride is “condemned as a glaring and destructive human sin,” when in her mind it is a good and virtuous attitude.

“The complexity of these dynamics makes many of us queers keenly aware that our Pride is born of something deep within that connects us to one another, and also to something bigger than all of us,” Edman writes, which might indeed be God...

Monday, June 06, 2016

Norway to Return Seized Children to Christian Parents; Secretary without honor...more

 Secretary without honor
...Clinton is the antithesis of that young captain, someone with no honor, little courage and commitment only to her endless ambition. This has nothing to do with gender, party affiliation, ideology or policy. It is a question of character — not just hers, but ours. Electing Clinton would mean abandoning holding people accountable for grievous errors of integrity and responsibility. What we already know about her security infractions should disqualify her for any government position that deals in information critical to mission success, domestic or foreign. But beyond that, her responses to being found out — dismissing its importance, claiming ignorance, blaming others — indict her beyond anything the investigation can reveal. Those elements reveal her character. And the saddest thing is that so many in America seem not to care.

Norway to Return Seized Children to Christian Parents After Int'l Pressure   The Christian parents of five children, who were seized by Norwegian child services seven months ago to "prevent" them from being "indoctrinated" with Christianity, will soon be reunited as the authorities have agreed to return the custody of the remaining four kids to the family.
"We thank you all for your love, support, prayers, and active participation in the reunification of this family. May God richly bless you and repay you for all you have done to bring this family back together," says a statement from the Romanian Pentecostal parents, Marius and Ruth Bodnariu, who have been living in Norway for more than a decade, according to Romania Insider...

Polygamy: Europe's Hidden Statistic
The sheer volume of polygamous marriages shows that such marriages are also entered into in Europe, in secret, through Islamic marriage ceremonies conducted by imams. In most European countries, imams are not required to report these marriages to the authorities...
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau raises LGBT rainbow flag on Parliament grounds, offending conservative MPs

IRS reveals list of tea party groups targeted for extra scrutiny  More than three years after it admitted to targeting tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, the IRS has finally released a near-complete list of the organizations it snagged in a political dragnet.

The tax agency filed the list last month as part of a court case after a series of federal judges, fed up with what they said was the agency’s stonewalling, ordered it to get a move on. The case is a class-action lawsuit, so the list of names is critical to knowing the scope of those who would have a claim against the IRS.

But even as it answers some questions, the list raises others, including exactly when the targeting stopped, and how broadly the tax agency drew its net when it went after nonprofits for unusual scrutiny...

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Pakistani men can beat wives 'lightly'; Gorilla death 6x more news coverage than ISIS Christian Beheadings...more

Franklin Graham: 'Sickening' Fort Riley Canceled Prayer Breakfast  Franklin Graham took to his Facebook page to condemn as "sickening" Fort Riley's decision to postpone a prayer breakfast that would have featured retired Lt. General William "Jerry" Boykin, an original member of Delta Force.

Boykin, an executive with the Family Research Council, accepted an invitation to deliver remarks at the June 6 prayer breakfast back in March. But earlier this week, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a protest with the military base in Kansas, calling Boykin "homophobic, Islamaphobic, fundamental Christian extremist," Fox News reports. ...

Council: Pakistani men can beat wives 'lightly' 
The leader of a Pakistani Islamic council has proposed a bill that allows husbands to "lightly beat" their wives as a form of discipline.
In the 75-page proposal, Mohammad Khan Sheerani suggests a light beating is acceptable should the need arise to punish a woman. The proposal bans forceful beating, saying only a small stick is necessary to instill fear.

The Council of Islamic Ideology is a powerful constitutional body that advises the Pakistani legislature whether laws are in line with the teachings of Islam.

Its proposed bill is seen as a response to the rejected Punjab Women Protection bill for abused women. The council shunned it as "un-Islamic" and wrote its own bill, which includes the recommendation for the light beating.

While You Were Crying Over a Dead Ape, 125,000 Babies Were Just Murdered  ...And now it is necessary to point out that today, while the media obsesses over an ape and thousands of people cry that they will ”miss” a zoo animal they didn’t even know existed on Friday, there will be another 125,000 abortions. On a daily basis, a group of people larger than the population of Provo, Utah are systematically exterminated. None of them are given a name, and there will be no candlelight vigils for any of these victims....

 Networks Cover Gorilla Death 6x More Than ISIS Christian Beheading It’s the very definition of absurdity: the networks have covered the death of one gorilla more than the deaths of 21 Christians beheaded by ISIS for their faith.

On Saturday, a gorilla named Harambe was shot after a toddler fell into the animal’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The broadcast networks routinely prioritize animal life over human life, and Harambe was no exception....

Satanists in Los Angeles Will Construct a Giant Pentagram to 'Raise Awareness' for Satanism On June 6, a group from the Satanic Temple in Los Angeles will use GPS technology to construct a giant pentagram around the city of Lancaster, which is located in northern Los Angeles County. The goal is to "raise awareness" for Satanism, and it looks like this event has already accomplished that goal.

Of course this particular date was chosen because it corresponds closely to "666" and the Mark of the Beast that we read about in the Book of Revelation, and therefore this little group of Satanists will receive some unusual media attention this week. But as you will see below, there are other things that we should be far more concerned about than this...