Saturday, February 04, 2017

Stand still, and see!

adventure, brak, mountains
In every life
There's a pause that is better than onward rush,
Better than hewing or mightiest doing;
'Tis the standing still at Sovereign will.

There's a hush that is better than ardent speech,
Better than sighing or wilderness crying;
'Tis the being still at Sovereign will.

The pause and the hush sing a double song
In unison low and for all time long.
O human soul, God's working plan
Goes on, nor needs the aid of man!
Stand still, and see!
Be still, and know!
-V. Raymond Edman

Cambridge U. service: the queering of the liturgy of Evening prayer

Westcott House old court

Cambridge University theological college apologises for 'subverting the teaching of Christ' in church service  ...The theological students held the evensong service on Tuesday with a programme explaining their version was a “queering [of] the liturgy of Evening Prayer”.

The trainees used Polari, the language championed in the 1950s and 1960s by the comedians Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick in BBC radio’s Round the Horne.

The popular show used gay innuendo at a time when homosexuality was still illegal.
A note produced along with the order of service explained that the service was “a liturgical experiment” and an “attempt at queering the liturgy of Evening Prayer, locating the queer within the compass of faith”.

A gay activist group called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, has produced a version of the Bible in Polari, in which God is ‘Gloria’; the Lord is turned into “the Duchess”; the Holy Spirit becomes “Fantabulosa Fairy”; and Jesus is feminised to “Josie” and referred to as she. Psalm 19 was reworded to refer to “O Duchess, my butchness”... image
At Tuesday’s service, much to the horror of many of the devout worshippers, they were invited to respond to the line: “O Gloria make speed to save us,” with the words “O Duchess make haste to help us.”

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Mexican Corruptos; Christian persecution seen in more locations across the globe...more links

Christian persecution seen in more locations across the globe, new report shows ..."It is appalling that Open Doors has to report that persecution has increased again in 2016 and we are still at the worst levels of persecution in modern times," David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, said to Fox News. "The spread of persecution has gotten worse, now hitting nearly every continent in the world. There were 23 Christians killed in Mexico specifically because of their faith.”...

Trump’s Wall Forces Mexican Corruptos To Come Clean ...Throughout Mexico, millions of communities depend on the “remesas” (remittances) sent home every year from relatives, legal and illegal, in the U.S. Amounting to tens of billions of dollars a year, these funds are Mexico’s only welfare system; the government’s version is so riddled with corruption that it’s virtually nonexistent.

The Corruptos also tax the remittances as soon as they arrive: recipient families must pay off the police chief, the mayor, and the local gang leader(s) – or fear for their lives and their livelihood.

This is the foul sewer of graft that will collapse in ruins when Trump’s Wall goes up to stay.

Peña Nieto laments that illegals in the U.S. are “at risk,” but the truth is darker: they’ll really be at risk if they return home.

Wait – wouldn’t they be safer there?

No way, José. If ten to twenty million illegals return to their family homes south of the border, it could bring down the entire Corrupto cartel...

MX drops 28 places on corruption index ...It said anti-corruption reforms and the implementation of the first stage of the National Anti-Corruption System “weren’t enough to reduce the effect of continuous corruption scandals throughout the country.”

“Institutional transformation is not enough. Institutional and legal changes must be enacted along with systematic actions that dismantle the corruption networks that affect a large number of the country’s public institutions.”...

Rep. Susan Collins: Public School Children Are More Important ...Think about what she just said. She just said she understands that Mrs. Devos "cares deeply" about children but that the Education Secretary must put public school children first.

This is pretty shocking, isn't it? What about equality? I guess Collins doesn't believe in that. Nope. Public school kids first. Those icky Catholic school kids and those weird anti-social homeschooling nuts can fend for themselves, huh?...

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Gorsuch After Scalia; ISIS madman who beheaded hundreds killed by hit squad...more links

First Things: Gorsuch After Scalia The president’s introduction of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the nation as his nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death gave us a lift we sorely needed. Finally, something to be at peace about in our public life.

For this former law clerk of Scalia, who would like to see his legacy endure, it felt very good to listen to what Gorsuch had to say behind that White House podium. And for all Americans anxious about our ongoing experiment in self-government, the announcement offered a brief reprieve from our bitter politics of scowls, chaos, and mutual outrage.

This nomination is just one step in a process that will be various shades of ugly much of the time. But when Gorsuch is confirmed as our next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, the spectacle will move on, and the Court will be strengthened by this new custodian to care for our Constitution and laws.

The confirmation process also holds the potential to be constructive. Opponents will try to pick Gorsuch apart. But he seems to be a man whose center holds. And isn’t it refreshing for us and for our children to see elevated into high public office someone described as “an affable, collegial, unpretentious man with a good sense of humor”?...

Hit squad reportedly kills ISIS madman who beheaded hundreds A notorious ISIS executioner who beheaded hundreds of innocent citizens has been stabbed to death by a hit squad in northwest Iraq....Sayyaf was infamous for collecting the heads of his victims and dumping them in the same hole in the region of al-Khasafa.

Iraqi journalist Muhammad Yawar said: “Abu Sayyaf was one of the scariest executioners in Nineveh… He was a reflection of the brutality of this terrorist group...

5 Egyptian Coptic Christians Brutally Murdered, Their Bodies Found With Throats Slashed   In a span of two weeks, five Coptic Christians in Egypt met exactly the same horrible fate: brutally murdered with their throats slashed.

The killing spree started on Jan. 3 when a Coptic Christian store owner in Alexandria had his throat slashed twice from behind by a Muslim man who later confessed to killing the Christian for selling liquor in his store, the World Watch Monitor (WWM) said in a report.

On Jan. 6, the Coptic Christmas holiday, two more Christians—a 60-year-old man and his 48-year-old wife—were found dead in their beds in northern Egypt. Again, their throats were found slit...

Jan 31, 2017

Just one question:
Carlson: Do you think it is the taking of human life? Abortion?

New video shows Planned Parenthood staffers saying they only do ultrasounds for abortions  The pro-life group Live Action released two new investigative videos Tuesday that depict Planned Parenthood staffers saying that their clinics only offer ultrasounds to women seeking abortions — not women seeking prenatal care.

The first video shows clinic workers telling undercover investigators that they don’t do any ultrasounds for prenatal care....

Midwife’s contract was cancelled because she’s pro-life: now, she’s suing  Swedish midwife Ellinor Grimmark, a Christian who refuses to perform abortions as part of her daily clinical duties, is appealing to a labor tribunal after being turned down for jobs at Region Jönköping clinics on three occasions.

Grimmark has recently filed a lawsuit against the Jonkoping regional health authority and claimed damages for violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and compensation for discrimination. The appeal hearing is currently in progress with a verdict expected in a few weeks.
It all began in 2013 when a women's clinic terminated a contract previously offered to Grimmark before she started her job because she explained that she was unwilling to participate in abortions...

The Milky Way is being pushed through space by a void called the Dipole Repeller   ..."By 3D mapping the flow of galaxies through space, we found that our Milky Way galaxy is speeding away from a large, previously unidentified region of low density. Because it repels rather than attracts, we call this region the Dipole Repeller," explained professor Hoffman. "In addition to being pulled towards the known Shapley Concentration, we are also being pushed away from the newly discovered Dipole Repeller. Thus it has become apparent that push and pull are of comparable importance at our location."...

Jan 31, 2017
Every State in the US

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: Religious Freedom Defender Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch 10th Circuit.jpg
Scholarly Denver judge who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby would fill Scalia’s seat.
by Kate Shellnutt

President Donald Trump named Neil Gorsuch, a conservative, Ivy League-educated federal judge known for his way with words and defenses of religious freedom, as his Supreme Court nominee during a live broadcast Tuesday night.
A favorite pick among Christian conservatives, Gorsuch fulfills Trump’s promise to select a judge that evangelicals will “love” and who also stands a solid chance of scoring Senate approval. (Gorsuch’s federal appointment by President George W. Bush in 2006 was uncontroversial.)
“Judge Gorsuch’s combination of intellectual horsepower and work ethic has enabled him to excel academically at the world’s best universities, become a first-rate lawyer and judge, and develop remarkable verbal abilities,” said Robert Pushaw, a constitutional law expert and professor at Pepperdine University School of Law.
Hours before the president’s announcement, Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore tweeted that he hoped Trump would select the Denver judge, calling him “brilliant and sound.”...  the rest

Roe v. Wade Is A 'Jealous God'; Boy Scouts of America to begin accepting transgender boys...more links

Roe v. Wade Is A 'Jealous God' That Demands Blood And Generates Rage ...During the debate over partial-birth abortion, abortion-rights people argued the procedure was rare—as if even one case of puncturing the skull of a nearly born infant and sucking out its brains would be acceptable. Imagine the outcry from the animal rights crowd should someone do that to a baby seal. Ron Fitzsimmons, the executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, admitted, “We lied through our teeth.” The gruesome procedure was performed as often as a thousand times a year.

How Roe Undermines Natural Rights
Aside from the lies, Roe has distorted our legal system and the Constitution itself. In Hill v. Colorado, the Supreme Court upheld a Colorado “bubble law” that forbids any person within 100 feet of a “health care facility” to approach another person without that person’s consent in order to pass a leaflet, display a sign, or engage in protest, education, or counseling with that person.

Justice John Paul Stevens disingenuously said the law was “content neutral.” It regulates, not speech, he wrote, but merely “certain places where some speech may occur.” This is the same Justice Stevens who thundered in an Erie, Pennsylvania, case regulating the location of strip clubs that the city of Erie had “silenced a message the dancers at [the strip club] want to convey.”

Make no mistake—there is only one kind of “health care facility” the Colorado law is meant to protect. Do you honestly think someone picketing against amalgam filings at a dentist’s office will be hauled in under this law? Moreover, imagine such a statute being written with “place of business” instead of “health care facility.” The unions would go berserk, and rightly so. The late Justice Antonin Scalia, in his Hill dissent, called the Supreme Court an “ad hoc nullification machine that … pushes aside whatever doctrines of constitutional law stand in the way of that highly favored practice” of abortion...

I went into the middle of the pro-abortion women’s march – here’s what I saw    ...First, there were the “pussy hats.” These pink knit hats with two small, pointy ears are part of a project launched over Thanksgiving weekend in support of “women’s rights.” Feminists are obsessed with cats, and then there’s the whole female anatomy/Donald Trump double entendre.

Then, there were the signs. It was hard to find any without profanity. They featured sparkly uteruses, the Virgin Mary as female genitals, and frequently made use of the word “p****.” A lot of the signs just said, “f*** Trump.”

And the children. Parents apparently saw nothing wrong with putting “pussy hats” on their elementary school-age daughters and bringing their kids to a march where images of sex acts and sexual assault were plastered on signs about the president...

Boy Scouts of America to begin accepting transgender boys  The Boy Scouts of America said on Monday the group would begin accepting transgender boys, bucking its more than a century-old practice of using the gender stated on a birth certificate to determine eligibility.

"Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application," Boy Scouts of America communications director Effie Delimarkos said in an emailed statement.

Delimarkos cited shifting definitions of gender under state laws, which can "vary widely from state to state," in explaining the change.

She said that while the organization offers programs for all youths, its Cub and Boy Scout programs are specifically for boys. The change will allow children to apply even if male is not listed on their birth certificate...

U.S. Warns Iran Over Latest Ballistic Missile Test ...Iran on Sunday again tested its ballistic missile technology, despite multiple warnings from the international community. Ballistic missiles could be armed with a nuclear payload and potentially reach America.

The test drew outrage from many U.S. lawmakers who oppose the nuclear agreement and could set the stage for a showdown between the newly installed Trump administration and the Islamic Republic...

Malaria drugs fail for first time on patients in UK   A key malaria treatment has failed for the first time in patients being treated in the UK, doctors say.

The drug combination was unable to cure four patients, who had all visited Africa, in early signs the parasite is evolving resistance...

First Baby Girl Born with Three Parents
In early January, a mother in Ukraine gave birth to a baby girl with DNA from three parents—two women and one man. She is the second baby known to be born from modern mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT), but her birth is a first in several other ways...