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ACNA orders valid state Archbishops of Canterbury and York

10 Feb 2017
by Donald Allister

Recognition of the Orders of the Anglican Church in North America

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have recognised the orders of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) under the Overseas and Other Clergy (Ministry and Ordination) Measure 1967. The Measure gives the Archbishops authority to determine whether the orders of any Church are ‘recognised and accepted’ by the Church of England for the purposes of the Measure.

This follows work undertaken by the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission (FAOC) in consultation with the Council for Christian Unity both (a) to clarify the general criteria by which the Church of England recognises the ministry of those whose orders are of churches within the historic episcopate and with whom the Church of England is not in communion, and (b) to consider whether the orders of ACNA meet these criteria. The work on the general criteria is presented in Recognition by the Church of England of Orders Conferred in Other Churches, available on the FAOC page of the Church of England website. The work on ACNA specifically was communicated to the Archbishops, whose responsibility it is to make the decision in such cases. The Archbishops, having carefully reflected on this advice, have decided to act on it by formally recognising ACNA’s orders.

When someone who was originally ordained in ACNA or any other church whose orders are recognised under the Measure wishes to minister in the Church of England, the first questions to be considered are those of whether the person concerned is suitable for ministry in the Church of England and if so, whether any further training is necessary. Where those questions are resolved satisfactorily, the Archbishop of the relevant Province can decide to give the minister permission to officiate in the Church of England without being ordained in the Church of England, either permanently or for a specified period.

Other churches whose orders the Church of England recognises although it is not in communion with them are the Roman Catholic Church, the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (formerly known as the Church of England in South Africa), and the Free Church of England.

These churches are distinct from those with which the Church of England is in communion, which include all churches of the Anglican Communion. For up to date information on this, please see Part 5 of the current edition of the Church of England Yearbook.

The Bishop of Peterborough Chair, Council for Christian Unity

Anglican Ink

Anglican Unscripted Episodes 269 and 270

Published on Feb 10, 2017

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Published on Feb 10, 2017

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New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered; A Story of God’s Saving Power...more

Archaeologists to break ground at biblical site where Ark of the Covenant stood  ...According to the Book of Samuel, the Ark of the Covenant was stored at Kiryat Ye’arim for 20 years after it was returned to the Israelites by the Philistines, who had captured it in battle and to their dismay were smitten with disease. The text says the ark was stored “in the house of Avinadab in the hill” and tended by the priest Elazar before King David conveyed it to his capital in Jerusalem...

BBC: New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered
It hasn’t happened since 1956, but Israeli archaeologists are announcing the discovery of a new cave – the 12th so far – used by Jews of the Second Temple era to hide scrolls containing copies of the Hebrew Bible and other texts.

“This is one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries, and the most important in the last 60 years, in the caves of Qumran,” said Oren Gutfield of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology, co-discoverer with his colleague Ahiad Ovadia.

The discovery and excavation were part of “Operation Scroll,” a program of the Israel Antiquities Authority to systematically survey the Judean Desert to identify all its caves and to explore them....

An Incredible Story of God’s Saving Power
 Just a few weeks ago, I got this update from one of our missionaries. He and his family are living in a predominantly Muslim context, in an incredibly remote part of the world. They may be the most remote family we have on the field. When we talk about missionaries dangling at the end of a long rope, these are the people I think of.

This story is an astounding testament to God’s saving power, and a reminder to me that God is so often at work in ways we can’t see...

Syrian Government Brutally Killed 13,000 in 4 Years, According to Amnesty International Report Some 13,000 people were hanged and executed by the Syrian government between 2011 and 2015, according to a report by Amnesty International.

The report, Human slaughterhouse: Mass hangings and extermination at Saydnaya prison, says that every week or sometimes twice a week, prisoners in groups of up to 50 were taken from their cells and hanged.

The report also describes “inhuman” conditions at the prison, including deprivation of water, food and medical care.

"The horrors depicted in this report reveal a hidden, monstrous campaign, authorized at the highest levels of the Syrian government, aimed at crushing any form of dissent within the Syrian population," said Lynn Maalouf, deputy director for research at Amnesty International's regional office in Beirut...

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GAFCON Chairman's February 2017 letter; A.S. Haley: Exacerbating Disunion

7th February 2017
Archbishop Nicholas Okoh

To the Faithful of the GAFCON movement and friends from Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria and Chairman, the GAFCON Primates Council.

My dear people of God,

A diocese of another GAFCON aligned African province has recently decided to make a generous annual donation to GAFCON for what the bishop described as a ‘noble cause’. He is right, and we should be confident in making this claim for our movement. Not that we claim any nobility for ourselves. We are sinners saved by grace, but the grace of God at work in our lives leads us to desire that our Churches should be in line with his noble and redeeming purposes, as revealed to us in his Son and entrusted to us in the inspired Scriptures.

The Apostle Paul writes ‘Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task’ (1 Timothy 3:1). For Anglicans, bishops have a particular responsibility for godly oversight to ensure the spiritual health of those for whom, with their clergy, they share ‘the cure of souls’. So what are we to make of the recent report by the Church of England’s House of Bishops on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships? To what extent does it reflect the ‘noble task’ of godly oversight?

The report recommends no change in the Church of England’s official teaching on marriage and sexual relationships, so we should be thankful that the bishops have resisted pressure to follow the path of The Episcopal Church of the United States, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Scottish Episcopal Church by changing the definition of marriage.

There are however serious concerns. It is urged that we must look for contradictory positions to be resolved in ways which are ‘in some way hidden from us’ (paragraph 8). No reason for this optimism is given, yet it is on this basis that the report says that it is still possible for Anglicans to ‘walk together’ (paragraph 59) and claims this was what the Anglican Primates agreed when they met in Canterbury in January 2016.

What our resolution agreed in Canterbury actually said was that while ‘It is our unanimous desire to walk together’, the actions of The Episcopal Church ‘further impair our communion’. This is in line with the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration which identified rejection of apostolic teaching on sexuality and marriage as a manifestation of a ‘false gospel’ which required godly discipline.

It seems therefore that the Church of England bishops have recommended the right thing for the wrong reason. They have retained the Church’s traditional teaching, but because they think that holding opposite views together will eventually produce a consensus, not because it represents an apostolic boundary.

This understanding is confirmed by the fact that the report encourages a relaxation of church discipline and confuses pastoral sensitivity with a permissive church culture which already tolerates, in practice, clergy who have contracted same-sex ‘marriages’. The inclusion of the Islamic call to prayer in Gloucester Cathedral as part of its current multi-faith exhibition indicates that practical challenges to Anglican doctrine in the Church of England will not be limited to questions of marriage and sexuality. This happened shortly after the reading of a passage of the Koran which denies the divinity of Jesus during an Epiphany service of Holy Communion in the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Cathedral of St Mary’s, Glasgow. This action has been strongly challenged by GAFCON UK.

What happens in the Church of England must affect the ability of the Archbishop of Canterbury to gather the worldwide Communion. There has been speculation about whether or not the GAFCON Primates will attend the next Canterbury Primates Meeting called for October this year. We have yet to meet for formal discussion, but together with our brother Primates in Cairo at the Global South Conference last October, we issued a communiqué which made it clear that we had lost confidence in the Canterbury based institutions of the Communion.

We said ‘The instruments have also sent conflicting signals on issues of discipline which confuse the whole Body and weaken our confidence in them’. Sadly, despite its merits, the English House of Bishops’ report has a similar effect.

Finally, let me pay tribute to the Revd. Dr Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London, whose sudden death shocked and saddened so many of us in the GAFCON family and beyond. His life was an outstanding example of one who embraced the noble task of teaching the Word of God with passion, courage and great clarity.

None of us who were at GAFCON 2013 in Nairobi will forget his powerful address ‘The Grace of God OR the World of the West?’. He showed us how deeply the Western churches have been shaped by ‘cheap grace’ focused on individuals’ sense of entitlement and self-regard, in contrast to the wonderful grace of God which is received through repentance and faith and bears fruit in lives of faithful discipleship. Let his concluding words be mine also:
‘The world’s needs are many, we all know that, but this is its greatest need, that its sins be forgiven. And that is why it is absolutely imperative that we at GAFCON preach not cheap grace, but costly grace to the world, not because we hate the world but because we love it, as our saviour did.”
The Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh
Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria and Chairman, the GAFCON Primates Council

A.S. Haley: Exacerbating Disunion
...Essentially, the Anglican Communion is sundered, and is no longer accurately described as a "Communion." It should be restyled "the Anglican Disunion."

There is no single cause of the brokenness, but certainly one major cause has been the lawlessness of ECUSA. (That is one acronym for what was formerly the Episcopal Church of the USA, of which I was once a regular member; it also referred to itself as "TEC." Now those initials -- for me, at least -- stand only for the words "The Episcopal Congregations [in the USA]", since a denomination that has made blasphemy part of its official rites is no longer entitled to be called a church).

Those who need more background will find at this page links to all the previous posts here describing the breakup process.

A year ago January, as reported in this post, the Archbishop of Canterbury managed to gather most all of the Anglican Primates at his see for a discussion about the state of the Disunion. The outcome of that discussion was an agreement "requiring that for a period of three years The Episcopal Church no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies, should not be appointed or elected to an internal standing committee and that while participating in the internal bodies of the Anglican Communion, they will not take part in decision making on any issues pertaining to doctrine or polity."...

February flowers

Pictures taken February 8, 2017

Icicle pansy in bloom
These crocus started coming up about the 3rd week of January, and are very slowly emerging.  They are in the part of the yard that gets more sun-other areas of the garden do not have any bulbs coming up.  Wintery weather will slow them down, so I don't think I'll see a bloom for a while.

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NY Gov. Cuomo: ‘Put abortion rights in New York constitution': IS recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe...more

NY Gov. Cuomo: ‘Put abortion rights in New York constitution’
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday called for a state constitutional amendment to codify abortion rights should Roe vs Wade be overturned, the latest idea from Democrats eager to push back against the new administration of President Donald Trump.

Addressing hundreds of abortion-rights supporters rallying in Albany, Cuomo said New York must ensure that legal access to abortion services and birth control continues regardless of what Trump and other Washington Republicans do.

“Our rights are under attack in Washington,” Cuomo said at the event. “As they pull on our rights, we’re going to push back.”..

Santa Clara University Bans Conservative Group, Saying It Makes Liberal Students Feel ‘Unsafe’  At Santa Clara University, offended leftists are doing all they can to keep conservatives off campus.

Turning Point USA advertises itself as a group promoting “fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” Some Santa Clara students went before the school’s student senate to apply to start their own chapter on campus. A small group of students made their pitch, and then students and faculty at the school delivered speeches opposing the group.

In the end, the senate rejected the proposal, saying the group would make students feel “unsafe.”...

Islamic State recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe  Hundreds of asylum-seeking young people are going missing from care once they arrive in Britain, amid concerns they have been targeted for radicalisation by extremist groups during their journey to the UK, a think tank report has warned.

Militant groups such as Islamic State are deliberately preying on vulnerable young people for recruitment, as they make the perilous journey across the Middle East and north Africa, to Europe.

Extremists try to “buy” the allegiance of migrants and make them feel indebted, by working with people traffickers and funding their travel, the research by the Quilliam Foundation found...

Public School Is Often The Most Destructive Institution In American Life  ...Actually, teachers unions are the only organizations in America that openly support segregated schools. In districts across the country — even ones in cities with some form of limited movement for kids — poor parents, most typically black or Hispanic, are forced to enroll their kids in underperforming schools when there are good ones nearby, sometimes just blocks away.

The National Education Association spent $23 million last cycle alone working to elect politicians to keep low-income Americans right where they are. Public service unions use tax dollars to fund politicians who then turn around and vote for more funding. The worse the schools perform, the more money they demand. In the real world we call this racketeering.

Yet according to Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, it is people like DeVos who are “a grave threat” to the public schools “that made America great.”

Well, for starters, studies consistently show that minority groups in America’s largest cities are lagging in proficiency in reading and math. Most of them are at the bottom 5 percent of schools in their own state. There is only so much an education secretary can accomplish, but being accused of being a “grave threat” to this system is a magnificent endorsement...

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CityAlight - I Want to Know You

Dec 8, 2016

"TRUTH – It’s the New Hate Speech"

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won ...It is difficult to adequately sum up the breadth of this epidemic, chiefly because it keeps growing: day after day, even hour after hour, the media continue to broadcast, spread, promulgate, publicize, and promote fake news on an industrial scale. It has become a regular part of our news cycle, not distinct from or extraneous to it but a part of it, embedded within the news apparatus as a spoke is embedded in a bicycle wheel.

Whenever you turn on a news station, visit a news website, or check in on a journalist or media personality on Twitter or Facebook, there is an excellent chance you will be exposed to fake news. It is rapidly becoming an accepted part of the way the American media are run.

How we will get out of this is anyone’s guess. We might not get out of it, not so long as Trump is president of these United States. We may be up for four—maybe eight!—long years of authentic fake news media hysteria. It is worth cataloging at least a small sampling of the hysteria so far. Only when we fully assess the extent of the media’s collapse into ignominious ineptitude can we truly begin to reckon with it.

Since Trump’s election, here’s just a small sampling of fake news that our media and our journalist class have propagated...

BBC Accused of Spreading Fake News With Report on Trump Christian Refugee Policy  ...During the January 29 edition of News at 10, the BBC’s New York correspondent, Nick Bryant reported on Trump’s comments, saying: “In an interview with an evangelical television network [President Trump] claimed without any factual basis the old Obama policy favoured Muslims over Christians”.
But a spokesman for the Barnabas Fund said: “This sweeping assertion broadcast by the BBC was not only wholly untrue, it was also potentially damaging to tens of thousands of Syrian Christian refugees.”
The charity has pointed to figures showing that, of the thousands of Syrian refugees arriving in the USA last year only 56 people in total were Christians, equivalent to 0.5 percent of the total, while the vast majority – 99 per cent – were Sunni Muslims.

This is despite Christians making up 10 per cent of the pre-war population in Syria, and the fact that in March 2016, then US Secretary of State John Kerry declaring that Christians were facing genocide in the region...

“TRUTH – It’s the New Hate Speech: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” 
– George Orwell

Anglican Unscripted Episodes 267 and 268

Feb 6, 2017

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Feb 6, 2017

GAFCON Statement on TEC Voting in Lusaka...more Anglican news

GAFCON Statement on TEC Voting in Lusaka
6th February 2017
Peter Jensen

The agreement from the January Primates meeting in 2016 was broken when The Episcopal Church (TEC) took part in decision making on issues pertaining to polity and doctrine in Lusaka.  Equally damaging, was an attempt by the Anglican Communion Office to deny the fact by claiming that, technically, the process included no formal votes.  This is sophistry.

The Primates agreement in January was never limited to the narrow issue of the method of voting.  It said that “[The Episcopal Church] will not to take part in decision making on issues pertaining to polity or doctrine.”  [Primates 2016 Communique]

Whether a meeting uses a consensus model, or a voice vote, or paper ballots, or electronic ballots is of no relevance.  The Episcopal Church was not to take part in decision making on issues pertaining to polity or doctrine.  They did.

As the GAFCON Primates Council has said: “The future of the Anglican Communion does not lie with manipulations, compromises, legal loopholes, or the presentation of half-truths; the future of our Communion lies in humble obedience to the truth of the Word of God written.” [Gafcon Primates Communique, April 2016]

Archbishop Peter Jensen
General Secretary

Muslim pupils outnumber Christian children at some CoE schools  
New figures have revealed Muslim pupils outnumber Christian children in more than 30 church schools. 
According to the latest available statistics, one Church of England primary school has a '100 per cent Muslim population'.
It has prompted leading education experts to urge some church schools to become secular institutions because it is 'confusing for children'...

Here I straddle: I can do no other
...Those in REFORM and ReNew and indeed GAFCON, have been seeking change within the Church of England to bring it in belief and practice more in line with Scripture as its supreme authority. There are three options open to those in the denomination as things stand.
1.    Slow death. This is what is occurring in the Church of England at large and by all the social indicators.  This characterises those (including some evangelicals) who want ‘peace with pay (or a prelacy) and so will not rock the boat. These will be favoured by the establishment over any perceived trouble makers (like Luther!).
2.    Quick Exit. Leave the denomination. If things continue along the trajectory as laid down by the Bishop’s report there will be more evangelicals taking this option (as well as less evangelicals coming into the denomination at a leadership level).
3.    Deep Change. This is a term developed by the writer Robert E Quinn to describe how long term and significant change is effected in an organisation with a resulting revitalisation. There are three features which characterise ‘deep changers’: [Robert E Quinn, Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within ((Jossey-Bass Business & Management Series), 1996)]
A. They must be willing to break the rules which hinder growth.
B. They must risk their jobs- willing to court the opprobrium of the establishment.
C. They must be willing to “walk naked into the land of uncertainty” or build bridges while still crossing them. This means going ahead, not recklessly, but moving forward without knowing beforehand what the outcome might be.
Of course option 3 is the way of Luther and marks the theology of the cross- weak, costly, foolish in the eyes of the world and the Babylonian Church, but in the economy of God the genuine manifestation of grace. In practice this will take many forms. It will involve those within the establishment breaking canon law for the sake of the gospel and people’s eternal salvation as the local context requires it. It will mean more church planting outside the compromised denomination through bodies such as AMiE or the Free Church of England or with the support of other provinces. In short, it will mean ‘messy church’...