Saturday, March 25, 2017

Of the Father’s love begotten...

 Of the Father’s love begotten, ere the worlds began to be,
He is Alpha and Omega, He the source, the ending He,
Of the things that are, that have been,
And that future years shall see, evermore and evermore!

At His Word the worlds were framèd; He commanded; it was done:
Heaven and earth and depths of ocean in their threefold order one;
All that grows beneath the shining
Of the moon and burning sun, evermore and evermore!

He is found in human fashion, death and sorrow here to know,
That the race of Adam’s children doomed by law to endless woe,
May not henceforth die and perish
In the dreadful gulf below, evermore and evermore!

O that birth forever blessèd, when the virgin, full of grace,
By the Holy Ghost conceiving, bare the Savior of our race;
And the Babe, the world’s Redeemer,
First revealed His sacred face, evermore and evermore!

Christ, to Thee with God the Father, and, O Holy Ghost, to Thee,
Hymn and chant with high thanksgiving, and unwearied praises be:
Honor, glory, and dominion,
And eternal victory, evermore and evermore!
-Au­rel­i­us Pru­den­ti­us  image

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When Society Marginalizes Men; Church Hunters...more

Child Marriage in the United States- many don’t even know the horrific act actually exists at “alarming” rates ...In the state of Virginia, almost 5,000 kids aged 13 and up were married between 2004 and 2014. And in New York almost 4,000 children were married between 2000 and 2010. The non-profit Unchained At Last has been following forced marriages among children and have reported that kids as young as 12 years of age are getting married to partners significantly older.The organization has also spent time trying to stop child marriage in America and profiling stories of women and girls who have survived and/or escaped it...

The Alt-Right Is What Happens When Society Marginalizes Men ...Because it is not friendly to them, many men do not like postmodern society. They have been taught they have no innate call to leadership of home and church, and accordingly have lost the script for their lives. They have been encouraged to step back from being a breadwinner, and do not know what they are supposed to do with their lives.

They have been told that they talk too loudly and spread their legs too wide, and thus do not fit in with a feminized society. They may be the product of a divorced home, and may have grown up without an engaged father, so possess both pent-up rage and a disappearing instinct. They did nothing to choose their biological manliness, but are instructed to attend sensitivity training by virtue of it. They recognize—rightly—that politically correct culture constrains free thought and free speech, and so they opt out from it.

But here is where the common narrative of the alt-right and related groups makes a major mistake. Men are disappearing, but they are not vanishing. They are moving out of the mainstream, and into the shadows...

This Clinic Has Rescued 30,000 Babies. Every One Has A Beautiful Story ...Ten years into Heartbeat of Miami’s history, Avila has seen more than 30,000 women who were vulnerable to abortion instead choose life for their babies. Along the way, she’s overseen the organization’s expansion to four locations, two of which were abortion businesses when Heartbeat served its first woman in 2007...

NY Attorney General Hires Public-Corruption Prosecutor To Target Trump Administration   ...He is also the AG who notified Donald Trump that his charitable foundation was violating state law back in October 2016, convenient timing for such an announcement, by soliciting donations without proper certification and ordered the charity to stop its fundraising immediately...a laughable offense given the many issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation, which was also based in New York, that went unrecognized the NY AG's office.

The undrainable swamp will not be defeated...

David’s Sling officially enters service
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) officially inaugurated the David’s Sling missile defense system on Monday...
...In this capacity, David's Sling operates in the layer above the Iron Dome and below the Arrow system. Meaning, it is designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles and medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles fired from distances of 40-300km.

The system comes online right as tensions are beginning to rise on the northern border, with a Syrian surface-to-air missile recently being intercepted by the Arrow system following an IAF airstrike on Hezbollah strategic weapons...

New Zealand Grants a River the Same Legal Rights as a Human Being The third largest river in New Zealand has officially been given the same legal rights as a person, and the government is shelling out $110 million ($78.22 million USD) to pay for it. Last week, the country's parliament accepted a treaty settlement bill which ends the longest-running litigation in New Zealand history by granting the request of a native Māori tribe.

"We consider the river an ancestor and always have," Gerrard Albert, the lead negotiator for the Whanganui iwi tribe, told Britain's The Guardian. "We have fought to find an approximation in law so that all others can understand that from our perspective treating the river as a living entity is the correct way to approach it, as in indivisible whole, instead of the traditional model for the last 100 years of treating it from a perspective of ownership and management."

"Te Awa Tupua will have its own legal identity with all the corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a legal person," Chris Finlayson, minister of the treaty of Waitangi negotiations, said in a statement to the New Zealand outlet NewsHub. "The approach to granting legal personality to a river is unique."...

Children's Movies Out-Gaying Each Other ...Power Rangers is breaking down a barrier no superhero has movie before. The Lionsgate reboot of the '90s children's TV show is the first big-budget superhero movie to feature an LGBT protagonist...

Mar 20, 2017
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Anglican Unscripted Episodes 277 and 278

Mar 20, 2017
Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Each Episode Kevin, George, Allan and Gavin bring you news and prospective from around the globe.
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Mar 20, 2017

Feminists Abort Unborn Jesus; Christ in the Desert...more

Feminists Abort Unborn Jesus ...The events took place in Tucuman, a northern province in Argentina, where thousands rallied in favor of equal pay for women and against femicide. In Argentina during 2016, a woman was murdered by her male partner every 30 hours, so it’s not as if there weren’t reasons for the protest.

Yet as has happened in many other countries, a rally that was once about equality between women and men has also become for most of those participating a rally in favor of abortion, a practice that is forbidden in Argentina unless the life of the mother is threatened by pregnancy.

Hence, in what is being described as “an artistic representation” by some, a group of women pretended to do an abortion on a woman dressed like a very pregnant Virgin Mary in front of a Catholic cathedral in a clearly provocative gesture.

The gruesome images, which include what looks like blood and baby parts coming out from under the woman’s dress, were shared thousands of times on Facebook...

IRS expedited tax-exempt status for Satanists A Satanic group that sponsored a “After School Satan Club” received expedited approval from the IRS to operate as a tax-exempt entity. Calling itself “Reason Alliance” and based in Somerville, Massachusetts, the group operates in Washington State as the Satanic Temple of Seattle.

According to Judicial Watch, Reason Alliance sought to establish Satanic organizations on public school campuses in the state of Washington where Christians had created student groups. Judicial Watch found documents that showed that the group was in the process of creating a Satan club at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma WA.

Treasury Department documents show that once the Satanic cult applied for tax exemption on October 21, 2014, it received tax exempt status on October 31, 2014. Lilith X. Starr, the director of the Satanic group’s temple in Washington, established the Point Defiance Elementary Satanic with the purpose of fomenting “character development,” according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. In addition, instructors are vetted by the Satanic Temple’s “Executive Ministry.”...

Why I Love the Psalms ...Several features of the Psalms have been especially attractive to me. The first is the beauty of the language and the poetic expression of the great truths of the faith. Consider the simple words, “The Lord is my shepherd” (Ps. 23:1). How much comfort they have brought to many, many souls in distress. Or think of the promises of God’s redemption in Psalm 103: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s” (vv. 2–5). Or ponder the poignant picture of God’s remembrance of our suffering: “Put thou my tears into thy bottle” (Ps. 56:8 KJV...

Christ in the Desert
...Lent, at its best, is a discovery that Christ is already next to us. We silence our distractions to discover the Lord’s love, his steadfast presence, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit...

Streamed live on Mar 16, 2017
A Conversation on Community, Counterculture, and Christianity’s Future in the West - with Rod Dreher, Ross Douthat, R. R. Reno, Peter Mommsen, and others