Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Did 8 People Turn 180 Degrees on Abortion Stance in Seconds?

By Alex Murashko
Christian Post Reporter
Mon, Sep. 19 2011

The evangelist producer of an online documentary to be released this Sunday has high hopes that the film, which shows eight pro-abortion young adults change their stance to pro-life just moments after being asked a question, goes viral.

The 33-minute documentary called “180” is produced by Ray Comfort and his ministry, Living Waters. Even after watching the film’s trailer on its website, viewers are left with no clues as to what question was asked or what exactly prompted eight people to change their views on abortion.

Comfort told The Christian Post that in the process of making the film he asked a question that was “so powerful that it not only changed the people’s minds about abortion, and made them do a 180 (degree turn in viewpoint), but it made them do a 180 when it comes to their own eternal salvation.” the rest

   * Warning: movie has graphic pictures of Holocaust victims *


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