Saturday, March 20, 2021

COVID outbreak, no 'usable running water' at migrant holding facility; Our Growing China Problem...more

Texas Gov. Abbott reports COVID outbreak, no 'usable running water' at migrant holding facility   

The Biden Administration Is Imposing A Media Blackout At The Border...The Biden administration is trying to hide the border crisis, issuing an unofficial gag order on Border Patrol agents and withholding information  

Biden administration has entered an $86 million contract to house members of migrant families in hotel rooms at the U.S.-Mexico border for 1,200 migrant family members

Our Growing China Problem... The American public is slowly awaking to the CCP's covert influence operations at all levels of U.S. society

China Arrests at Least Ten Christians in Raid of Private Bible Study

Video: China takes over first Biden admin-China summit to attack US for 18 minutes  


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