Thursday, July 29, 2021

Distracting Ourselves to Death...more

Distracting Ourselves to Death  

Over 3,000 Christians Killed in Nigeria This Year So Far-Media Silence

US companies continue increasing prices of their products, fueling record levels of inflation  

Drafting Women Is Reckless...women are generally more prone to injury, less accurate with their weapons, and less capable of evacuating the wounded.  

Texas police learn COVID-positive illegal immigrants sent to local hotels, after Whataburger encounter...migrant group was seen exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 inside the fast food restaurant   

We've Discovered the Real Reason the CDC Is Requiring All Kids Wear Masks in Schools...Look no further than the teachers unions, who have been lobbying the CDC to issue mask guidelines for students.

Tsunami warning lifted for parts of southern Alaska after major 8.2 earthquake off the peninsula   

Indonesian volcano erupts sending ash towering into the sky


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