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O child of suffering, be thou patient...

O child of suffering, be thou patient; God has not passed thee over in his providence. He who is the feeder of sparrows, will also furnish you with what you need. Sit not down in despair; hope on, hope ever. Take up the arms of faith against a sea of trouble, and your opposition shall yet end your distresses. There is One who careth for you. His eye is fixed on you, his heart beats with pity for your woe, and his hand omnipotent shall yet bring you the needed help. The darkest cloud shall scatter itself in showers of mercy. The blackest gloom shall give place to the morning. He, if thou art one of his family, will bind up thy wounds, and heal thy broken heart. Doubt not his grace because of thy tribulation, but believe that he loveth thee as much in seasons of trouble as in times of happiness. What a serene and quiet life might you lead if you would leave providing to the God of providence! With a little oil in the cruse, and a handful of meal in the barrel, Elijah outlived the famine, and you will do the same. If God cares for you, why need you care too? Can you trust him for your soul, and not for your body? He has never refused to bear your burdens, he has never fainted under their weight. Come, then, soul! have done with fretful care, and leave all thy concerns in the hand of a gracious God.  -CH Spurgeon image

The little act that is destroying the country; The legacy of China's one-child policy...more links

The little act that is destroying the country
...With his Executive Order 10988 in 1962, President Kennedy imposed the “little Wagner act” on the entire country.  Now federal employees could join unions and negotiate wages, hours and overtime, vacations and holidays, work rules, and job security.  Other cities and states followed suit.  Politicians became entrenched with union support, the unions grew rich on Democrat largesse, the Democratic Party became the Party of Government, and the costs of operating government began to soar.

We’re still paying the consequences of that little act.  Our national debt doubles every eight years.  But no amount of money, it seems, is enough to improve the performance of employees who cannot be fired.  In recent years, we’ve learned of mind-numbing incompetence and spirit-sapping malfeasance by federal employees.  In “Fast and Furious,” the ATF sold guns to Mexican drug cartels – then lost track of them with predictable consequences.  Homeland Security failed to find 95% of smuggled weapons and explosives in a security test.  The EPA accidentally poisoned Colorado’s Animas River with three million gallons of toxic sludge.  The Department of Veterans Affairs wasted $6 billion on artwork, furniture, bloated contracts, and employee bonuses, while veterans died waiting for medical treatment.  Terrible tales of bungling have similarly tainted the CDC, the GSA, the IRS, the Pentagon, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, and even the Secret Service.

But nobody takes responsibility, nobody pays a price.  So when politicians tell us that some of us aren’t paying our “fair share,” and when we find out that we can’t dismiss even grossly incompetent “public servants,” well, that’s when our stomachs start to churn...

One Million Reasons Obamacare Made Things Worse   ...Yet if you paid any attention to the news over the weekend you probably noticed a Bloomberg story titled: “More Than 1 Million to Lose Obamacare Plans as Insurers Quit.” Its basic thrust is that insurance companies have been fleeing federal and state exchanges in droves because the law’s perverse incentives make further participation financially unsustainable. Thus, as it is phrased in the article, “At least 1.4 million people in 32 states will lose the Obamacare plan they have now, according to state officials.” This is the system Hillary pledges to “defend and expand” on her campaign website.

And, as with all stories about Obamacare, the further you read the uglier it gets. The Bloomberg story continues: “For the people losing plans, there are fewer and fewer choices… for at least 19 percent of the people in Obamacare’s individual market next year there will be only one insurer to choose from.” These plans will, of course, cost enrollees far more than the plans they are about to lose. Even the conservative estimates recently released by the Kaiser Family Foundation predicted that the average 2017 rate hike will double this year’s increases. Some states will see increases exceeding 50 percent...

Local GOP office in North Carolina firebombed

8 killed, 40 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings

China drops one-child policy, but exhausted ‘tiger moms’ say one is plenty ...The problem is that many people don’t want a second child anymore. Having only one has become ingrained in Chinese culture and society, and people no longer believe the party should be telling them what to do in the bedroom.

So when officials in the city of Yichang in Hubei province issued a public letter in September exhorting party members to “respond to the party’s call” and “fully implement the two-child policy,” there was outrage online.

“You can’t just make people have kids when you want them to, or stop when you tell them, we are humans not pigs!” one person posted...

Oct 14, 2016

10 years ago Planet Earth changed our view of the world. Now we take you closer than ever before. This is life in all its wonder. This is Planet Earth II.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France; One Million People will lose their Obamacare...more links

At least a million people will lose their Obamacare health plans next year  ...Sign-ups for Obamacare coverage begin next month. Fallout from the quitting insurers has emerged as the latest threat to the law, which is also a major focal point in the U.S. presidential election. While it’s not clear what all the consequences of the departing insurers will be, interviews with regulators and insurance customers suggest that plans will be fewer and more expensive, and may not include the same doctors and hospitals.
It may also mean that instead of growing in 2017, Obamacare could shrink. As of March 31, the law covered 11.1 million people; an Oct. 13 S&P Global Ratings report predicted that enrollment next year will range from an 8 percent decline to a 4 percent gain...

"Scenes From The Apocalypse"-Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France  ...If it weren't for the somewhat working infrastructure, the scene might as well have been the setting of movie shooting - or a slum in Mogadishu. The streets are littered in garbage, the sidewalks are blocked with trash, junk and mattresses, thousands of African men claim the streets as their own - they sleep and live in tents like homeless people.

If no portable toilets are in reach, open urination and defecation are commonplace. Tens of thousands of homeless Illegal immigrants, undocumented or waiting for a decision of their asylum application, waste away trying to pass the time in the city. Although their prospects of being granted asylum as Africans are bleak, they're hoping for a decision that would grant them an apartment, welfare and make France their new home.

The conditions are absolutely devastating. The police have given up trying to control these areas, the remaining French people avoid the areas at all cost, crime and rape is rampant, just recently mass brawls and riots made the news as fights broke out near the Stalingrad metro station...

Liberal Student Rejects Science Because it Discriminates Against Witchcraft ...So, this student is rejecting science and the theory of gravity merely because it was a European who discovered it. Instead, she prefers what she admits to be "black magic" or "witchcraft" merely because it is African...

CDC: Nearly 4,000 cases of Zika in the United States
The CDC reports 3,936 confirmed cases of Zika in the United States and in D.C.

In U.S. territories, there are 25,955 cases of the virus.

According to the CDC, 878 of the cases in the United States are in pregnant woman. There are 1,806 pregnant women in U.S. territories with the virus...

Walk around in a 3D splendid house from the ancient Pompeii

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Charles Chaput: About those Unthinking, Backwards Catholics; Islamic Leaders Call for Asia Bibi to Hang...more links

 Charles Chaput: About those Unthinking, Backwards Catholics  ...On the evening these WikiLeaks emails were released, I received the following angry email myself, this one from a nationally respected (non-Catholic) attorney experienced in Church-state affairs:
I was deeply offended by the [Clinton team] emails, which are some of the worst bigotry by a political machine I have seen. [A] Church has an absolute right to protect itself when under attack as a faith and Church by civil political forces. That certainly applies here . . .

Over the last eight years there has been strong evidence that the current administration, with which these people share values, has been very hostile to religious organizations. Now there is clear proof that this approach is deliberate and will accelerate if these actors have any continuing, let alone louder, say in government.

These bigots are actively strategizing how to shape Catholicism not to be Catholic or consistent with Jesus’s teachings, but to be the “religion” they want. They are, at the very core, trying to turn religion to their secular view of right and wrong consistent with their politics. This is fundamentally why the Founders left England and demanded that government not have any voice in religion. Look where we are now. We have political actors trying to orchestrate a coup to destroy Catholic values, and they even analogize their takeover to a coup in the Middle East, which amplifies their bigotry and hatred of the Church. I had hoped I would never see this day—a day like so many dark days in Eastern Europe that led to the death of my [Protestant minister] great grandfather at the hands of communists who also hated and wanted to destroy religion.
Of course it would be wonderful for the Clinton campaign to repudiate the content of these ugly WikiLeaks emails. All of us backward-thinking Catholics who actually believe what Scripture and the Church teach would be so very grateful.

Asia Bibi's Appeal Delayed; 150 Islamic Leaders Call for Her to Hang, Whatever the Outcome   After more than seven years in prison, the first Pakistani Christian woman to be sentenced to death for blasphemy has had her Supreme Court appeal delayed, amidst renewed Islamist calls for her to die.

Aasiya Noreen, commonly known as Asia Bibi, in prison since the summer of 2009, was arrested for allegedly insulting Islam’s prophet when she offered water to a Muslim co-worker...

Franklin Graham's 'Decision America' Tour: 8,200 Unite in Prayer at Virginia's Capitol Ahead of Election Thousands of Christians converged on Virginia's capitol grounds Wednesday to pray for the nation at a rally held by the Rev. Franklin Graham and to declare that they will be voting for biblical principles in the upcoming Nov. 8 election.

According to organizers, approximately 8,200 people crowded the steep hill of the capitol grounds, singing and joining hands in prayer, as Graham held the second-to-last stop on his nationwide Decision America Tour.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Graham expressed amazement at the turnout for the hour-long rally, saying the numbers of attendees was "just incredible" and impressive "to have this many people come out here in the middle of a work day to pray."...

Satanic Clubs Coming To Your Local Elementary School
...As one example, in mid-September, a 25-foot high, 30,000 pound replica of the Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, which was the original entry to the Temple of Ba’al, was rebuilt in New York City’s City Hall Park. In fact, you may recall that the original Arch was deemed so offensive that ISIS militants destroyed the temple ruins and even killed the archeologist who served as its caretaker for forty years. My readers may recall that the Holy Bible describes Ba’al as the god to whom, including in ancient Israel, many sacrificed their children, before whom they practiced ritualistic prostitution and sexual immorality in their temples, and called good “evil” and evil “good.” And in fact, Ba’al was the god in whose name Israel persecuted the prophets and the righteous of that day. Interestingly, in Matthew 12:27, the Lord Jesus calls Satan “Beelzebub,” linking the devil to Baal-Zebub, the Philistine deity of 2 Kings 1:2.

As part of the satanic focus on enticing children, it has been widely reported that the Portland, Oregon, chapter of the Satanic Temple will bring its “After School Satan Club” to the Sacramento Elementary School. One leader of the Satanic Temple said in an interview that the Temple has been approved to begin its program, which focuses on “science and rational thinking,” on October 19th. The spokesman has said that most members of the Satanic Temple are atheists and that the program for the elementary school children promotes “benevolence and empathy for everybody.” However, the spokesman did admit that the real purpose was to counter “The Good News Club,” the after-school clubs organized by Child Evangelism Fellowship, a Bible-centered, Christian organization. In addition, the Satanic Temple of Seattle, Washington, has asked the Mount Vernon School District for permission to start an after-school program at the Centennial Elementary School. On its website, the After School Satan Clubs says:
It’s important that children be given an opportunity to realize that the evangelical materials now creeping into their schools are representative of but one religious opinion amongst many. While the Good News Clubs focus on indoctrination, instilling them with a fear of Hell and God’s wrath, After School Satan Clubs will focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us. We prefer to give children an appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding them, not a fear of everlasting other-worldly horrors.

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Anglican Unscripted Episode 250

Oct 10, 2016

Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Each Episode Kevin, George, Allan and Peter bring you news and prospective from around the globe.
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Evangelicals urge British bishops to hold the line on gay marriage

The Intolerant Left: “Thou Shalt Kill”; Germany Knowingly Let in Migrants with Fake Passports...more links

Survey Finds Most American Christians Are Actually Heretics
Evangelical writer Eric Metaxas remarked on BreakPoint last week that if Americans took a theology exam, their only hope of passing would be if God graded on a curve. He’s right. In knowing both the content of the Bible and the doctrinal foundations of Christianity, we Americans aren’t just at the bottom of our class. We are, as Ross Douthat argues in his book, “Bad Religion,” a nation of heretics.

A survey of 3,000 people conducted by LifeWay Research and commissioned by Ligonier Ministries found that although Americans still overwhelmingly identify as “Christian,” startling percentages of the nation embrace ancient errors condemned by all major Christian traditions. These are not minor points of doctrine, but core ideas that define Christianity itself. The really sad part? Even when we’re denying the divinity of Christ, we can’t keep our story straight. Americans talking about theology sound about as competent as country singers rapping...

Closed US restaurants, damaged homes: Matthew may cost $10B   ...All told, the storm probably caused $10 billion in damage, according to an estimate from Goldman Sachs. Insurance companies will likely be liable for about $4 billion to $6 billion of that total, according to an estimate Saturday by CoreLogic, a real estate data provider.

But the figures suggest Matthew's effect on the broader national economy will be minimal. Though damage estimates are usually revised higher after more comprehensive assessments, the current figures would still make Matthew the 22nd-worst storm since World War II, Goldman estimates...

The First Commandment of the Intolerant Left: “Thou Shalt Kill”    I believe Leftism is essentially a religion to those who profess it. And the First Commandment of Leftism is "Thou Shalt Kill."

A recent case in point is that a Swiss federal court recently ruled that a nursing home run by the Salvation Army must allow assisted suicides at its facility, according to The Salvation Army challenged the Swiss Law because...well...salvation and argued that forcing it to take part in assisted suicides went against its religion. But the court predictably ruled against the Christian group.

This is not an anomaly. In the United States, four states have legalized assisted suicide. And while there's no major push yet to make doctors forced accomplices, that will surely follow. Do not doubt this please. Once death becomes a right, conscience takes a back seat.

Right now, the death fetishists are demanding that Christian groups pay for abortifacients in their insurance coverage. When Catholics argue that they believe all life is sacred, the Death fetishists say it's not life at all. They either move the goalposts and say it's not life until the fertilized egg implants in the case of contraception or they just make something up and call it "potential life" until the mother decides whether to abort (because that's science.)...

Survivor claims deadly Connecticut plane crash was intentional; FBI investigating   ...The New York Times and The Hartford Courant identified the plane's passenger -- the man who died -- as 28-year-old Feras Freitekh. He entered the U.S. in 2012 on an M1 visa for flight school and at some point he also aquired an F1 visa for language school, CBS News reported. Freitekh was issued a pilot's license in May 2015 and was certified to fly a single-engine plane....
Germany Knowingly Let in Migrants with Fake Passports  

...Law enforcement in Germany are extremely concerned by the numbers of migrants who have entered the country on false documentation. The Federation of German Detectives (BDK) has called on BAMF to inform them when forged documents are found, with vice chairman of the BDK Michael Bohl saying that it wasn’t up to the discretion of BAMF to decide if the law had been broken or not.

Mr. Bohl went on to stress that Islamic State, who have already smuggled in fighters during the migrant crisis, could use fake passports to create bank accounts and set up a finance network in Germany. He warned that migrants could wire their government refugee benefits to the terrorist organization...

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal To Destroy Clinton Aides’ Laptops; Will illegal foreign voters steal the election?...more links

FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal To Destroy Clinton Aides’ Laptops  Sources from the House Judiciary Committee told Fox News Monday that the immunity deals struck with Hillary Clinton’s top aides, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, included the Justice Department agreeing to destroy their laptops after they had been turned over to federal investigators.

The House Judiciary Committee sent a letter Monday to Attorney General Loretta Lynch inquiring about the arrangement, and why it also included a limited search of computers files dating no later than Jan. 31, 2015.

“Please explain why DOJ agreed to limit their search of the Mills and Samuelson laptops to a date no later than January 31, 2015,” Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte wrote in the letter, which was first reported by Fox News....

Land Of The 'Free' Plunges To 15th "Free-est" Nation In The World   Turns out the "Land of the Free" may not be so "Free" after all. That is, at least according the 2015 Legatum Prosperity Index which found that the U.S. has dropped to the 15th "most free" country in the world behind Costa Rica and Uruguay, among others.

Perhaps even more staggering is that the U.S. dropped to 33rd in terms of "Safety & Security" ranking behind Uruguay and Slovaki and just ahead of the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, in the one bit of positive news, the U.S. was found to be the "Healthiest" nation in the world despite soaring obesity rates...

 Will illegal foreign voters steal the election?
 “It could all come down to Colorado.”

That’s the latest conventional wisdom from presidential poll watchers. But it may not be legal American citizens in my adopted home state who choose the next commander in chief.
Instead, it could very well be foreign noncitizens voting illegally in the Rocky Mountains — and in other crucial swing states — who seal our country’s fate.

Former Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler identified nearly 5,000 noncitizens in Colorado who voted in the 2010 general election. Gessler’s office uncovered upwards of 12,000 noncitizens registered to vote. Liberal groups who oppose stronger election system protections attacked him for trying to verify citizenship status — because God forbid public officials sworn to uphold the rule of law actually do anything to enhance the integrity of our election system!...

Canada: Now that doctors may kill, will people become terrified of palliative care? 
 The Carter decision to allow assisted suicide and euthanasia claimed that Canada could avoid abuses through careful guidelines and screening. Medically facilitated elder abuse by greedy relatives and medicalized suicide for the depressed -- a grim reality where this practice is legal -- were supposed to be avoidable, said the judge,because of a superior medical culture in Canada. The abuses of Belgium? Not for us.

Experience proves otherwise.

According to the new law, it will be five years before Canada's assisted suicide and euthanasia regime has to report back to the nation. Two stories offer reasons why that report will fail to reveal those depressed patients, far from death, who are steered to suicide by others and by their untreated mental illness...

Mysterious paralysis-causing syndrome appears to be on the rise–CDC  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating a dangerous health condition, acute flaccid myelitis, which appears to be on the rise with 50 new cases. The illness can cause temporary or permanent paralysis in severe cases.
“We continue to receive reports of sporadic cases of Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM). From January 1 to August 31, 2016, a total of 50 people in 24 states across the country were confirmed to have AFM,” said the CDC on Monday. “AFM is a rare illness that anyone can get. It affects a person’s nervous system, specifically the spinal cord. AFM can result from a variety of causes, including viral infections.”

AFM causes damage that can result in temporary or permanent paralysis in severe cases. The CDC said the syndrome has a variety of causes, including enterovirus D68...

Hurricane Matthew: US evacuations begin ahead of storm
After its harsh winds and heavy rains assailed Caribbean nations, Hurricane Matthew continued early Wednesday its march toward the US. The deadly hurricane, which has sustained winds at 125 mph as it heads toward the Bahamas, has triggered a hurricane warning for parts of Florida -- and started to cause headaches elsewhere along the East Coast.

Forecasters predict it will be a Category 4 hurricane by the time it brushes up against the East Coast -- including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina -- sometime between Thursday evening and Saturday....

Global South Conference-Cairo

Links posted October 5, 2016

Anglican Mainstream: 
Beware of ideological slavery, warns Egypt Archbishop

Carthage Questions, Carthage Answers! Presentation at Global South
Rt Rev Dr Bill Musk Cairo, October, 2016

Anglican Ink:
Copts pledge solidarity with Anglican conservatives

Archbishops meet with Egypt's al-Sisi

Day 1 Report from Cairo Global South Conference

Day 2 Report from the Cairo Global South Conference

CAIRO: Mother proud of her two sons who did not renounce Jesus as they...

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization; Oregon High school under fire for 'white privilege' survey...more links

Oregon High school under fire for 'white privilege' survey 
A high school in Oregon is coming under fire from some angry parents after students in one class were assigned a “White Privilege Survey,” leading to accusations the school was trying to push a particular brand of politics.

The assignment was for a Literature Composition class at Aloha High School, KATU reported Thursday. Students responded to statements including, “I can be in the company of people of my race most of the time,” “I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me” and “I am never asked to speak for all the people in my racial group,” scoring them on how often they felt the ideas were true.

“I think he should be learning actual education and not be a part of some social experiment or some teacher’s political agenda,” commented Jason Schmidt, whose son is in the class...

The catastrophic fiscal mismanagement of Chicago’s public schools   ...The seeds of the crisis in Chicago were planted long ago when powerful teachers’ unions negotiated implausible lifetime pension guarantees, and politicians, eager to win their favor, acceded. It turns out that Wall Street financiers are an unexpected beneficiary of this corrupt bargain.

Debt service is already eating up ten percent of the Chicago School District’s budget, and city’s deteriorating finances may cause creditors to jack up rates even further. If it doesn’t find a way to plug the holes in its fiscal ship, Chicago could well face the same fate as Puerto Rico and Detroit the next time a recession causes its tax base to contract...

Ed. Sec. John King: “Students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school”

France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization
The French model of assimilation is over. As noted, it worked for everyone except French Muslims; and public schools seem unable today to transmit republican values, especially among young Muslims. According to Hakim el Karoui:
"Muslims of France are living in the heart of multiple crises. Syria, of course, which shakes the spirit. But also the transformation of Arab societies where women take a new place: female students outnumber male students, girls are better educated than their fathers. Religion, in its authoritarian version, is a weapon of reaction against these evolutions. .... And finally, there is the social crisis: Muslims, two-thirds of child laborers and employees, are the first victims of deindustrialization."
Islamization is growing everywhere. In city centers, most Arab women wear a veil, and in the suburbs, burqas and niqabs are increasingly common. At work, where non-religious behavior was usually the rule, managers try to learn how to deal with Islamist demands. In big corporations, such as Orange (telecom), a "director of diversity" was appointed to manage demands and conflicts. In small companies, managers are in disarray. Conflicts and litigation are escalating.

Silence of the politicians. Despite the wide media coverage around these two studies, an astounding silence was the only thing heard from politicians. This is disturbing because Institut Montaigne's study also included some proposals to build an "Islam of France," such as putting an end to foreign funding of mosques, and local training religious and civil leaders. Other ideas, such as teaching Arabic in secular schools "to prevent parents from sending their children in Koranic schools" are quite strange because they would perpetuate the failed strategy of integrating Islamism through institutions. Young French Muslims, even those born in France, have difficulty speaking and writing proper French. That is why they need to speak and write French correctly before anything else...

Gun show attendees had licence plates monitored, federal agents admit  Federal agents tasked local law enforcement in Southern California with recording the registrations of cars attending at least one gun show. The surveillance has angered gun enthusiasts, who called the action a violation of the Second Amendment.
Agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) asked local law enforcement to use plate reading technology to record information on vehicles attending the gun show in Del Mar back in 2010.

Data was then cross checked with information on vehicles which crossed the Mexican border, around 37 miles south of Del Mar, in the hope of finding gun smugglers, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)....

Obamacare Is Dying, And The GOP Should Be Its Death Panel   ...Here’s something worth remembering: If we evaluate Obamacare using the parameters Democrats themselves laid out when campaigning and passing the historically partisan reform, we have no choice but to view it as a debacle.

Of course, there’s the obvious instances of outright falsehoods: take Obama’s “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan.” Millions of Americans have been forced off their insurance plans, no matter how much they liked them...

Norway Allows Children to Legally Change Gender—without a doctor’s approval, counseling, or surgery

New DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Elongated Paracas Skulls Changes Known History

Monday, October 03, 2016

Hurricane Matthew from the space station

Oct 3, 2016

Cameras outside the International Space Station captured dramatic views of major Hurricane Matthew Oct. 3 as the orbital complex flew 250 miles over the storm at 4:15 p.m. EDT. Packing winds of 140 miles an hour as a Category 4 hurricane, Matthew was expected to pass over western Haiti and eastern Cuba.

Hurricane Matthew path shifts west; Florida declares state of emergency
The long-range path of Hurricane Matthew shifted "significantly" westward on Monday, the National Hurricane Center said. Tropical storm or hurricane watches could be coming for the state as soon as tonight. (National Hurricane Center)

Canon Phil Ashey: Recovering Authentic Christianity

Posted October 3, 2016

The flip side to the yearning for authentic Christianity is an aversion to a Christianity that is divided and fighting among itself. I can understand that—especially among younger generations who come from increasingly broken families. Why would one want to join a Church that looks like a broken family?

Unfortunately, that’s what the Anglican Communion looks like right now. We are divided along issues of human sexuality which present themselves as “family fights” over whether to bless same-sex partnerships in the Church and to consecrate openly practicing LGBT persons as ordained leaders—even Bishops—within the Church. But like all false teaching that divides and undermines the Church, these fights over sex are merely the tip of the iceberg. It’s not about sex. The fights are about differences over Christian essentials such as the nature of our humanity, sin, the Biblical doctrine of creation, the authority of the Bible itself in the life of the believer and the Church, and ultimately the definition of the Gospel itself. Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ “come as you are and stay as you are”? Or is it “Come as you are but don’t stay as you are! Find your identity in Jesus and his call on your life, and let him change you from the inside out.”

In a few days Anglican Archbishops, bishops, clergy and lay leaders from the Global South will be meeting in Cairo, Egypt to address this brokenness in the Anglican “family” or Communion of Churches. It’s not enough to define the problem as a leading Anglican theologian, Paul Avis has defined it:

“[Anglicanism] believes that provinces gathered into communions should act in a conciliar fashion within the limits imposed by the divisions in the Church. It [Anglicanism] sets out to extend conciliarity as far and wide as it can until it runs up against the barriers erected by broken communion, rival claims to jurisdiction or serious differences in doctrine or order.” [1]

It’s not enough to say that we are a “family” and make decisions together until we disagree on doctrine and order. Doctrine and order are essential to authentic Christianity, as opposed to a Christianity in which anything goes, and where people are free to do what is right in their own eyes. We may not like everything Jesus says, or the Biblical diagnosis of our human nature as fundamentally flawed and broken by sin, incapable of reform apart from the blood of Jesus Christ and faith in Him alone. But we need to face the truth if we are to get on with our mission to the world. This Biblical truth is the heart of the Gospel and the vision of the Kingdom that gives Christianity its authenticity and compelling call to people of all ages, generations, languages and nations.

Full article

Jezebel And The Tolerant Church; Obama’s Blinkered Generals...more links

Revelation 2: Jezebel And The Tolerant Church ...Ultimately our society cannot bring the tolerance, inclusivity and diversity that its claims. As Francis Schaeffer prophetically pointed out decades ago: "If we as Christians do not speak out as authoritative governments grow...eventually we or our children will be the enemy of the society and the state. No truly authoritarian government can tolerate those who have a real absolute by which to judge its arbitrary absolutes" (How Should We Then Live, 1976)...

Former Mozilla CEO, Shunned for Belief in Traditional Marriage, Launches New Browser  A software engineer and the former CEO of Mozilla (creator of the Firefox web browser), has designed a new browser despite being shunned for his belief in traditional marriage. reports that Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and the former CEO of Mozilla, has released a new internet browser called Brave.

Eichs is an adept computer engineer, but he was heavily shunned after it was revealed that he had donated $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 bill...

Obama’s Blinkered Generals-Caving in to the left’s apologists for Islamic terrorism   Obama’s generals are drafting a new National Military Strategy in the hope of imposing it on whoever succeeds him in office. It is President Obama’s final attempt to prevent military strategists from connecting the most dangerous terrorist networks to the Islamic ideology that motivates, guides, and binds them all.

Since his 2009 inauguration, Obama has sold this fiction to the media as well as the military. Both quickly succumbed to it. After the 2009 Fort Hood massacre by an Army officer whose business cards proclaimed him a “soldier of Allah,” Gen. George Casey, the army’s chief of staff, said it was a case of “workplace violence.” The media proclaim it again and again whenever a terrorist act is committed in America by a Muslim. Whether it’s the Boston Marathon bombing, the Orlando nightclub massacre or Rahami’s bombings in New York and New Jersey, the media and a cohort of politicians immediately declare that the attackers’ motivations are unclear and that there’s no evidence connecting the attack to Islamic terrorism.

As Rowan Scarborough reported on September 26 in the Washington Times, Obama has adamantly refused to connect Islam with terrorism. His generals may base the new National Military Strategy on that position contrary to experience and fact.

Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope to meet at the Vatican  The Archbishop of Canterbury will meet the Pope in Rome next week as part a week-long summit in Canterbury and Rome to mark 50 years of closer and deeper relationships between the Anglican Communion and Roman Catholic Church. During the week, bishops from both Churches will look ahead to opportunities for greater unity.

The meeting will be Archbishop Justin and Pope Francis’ third formal meeting since they were installed within a week of each other in 2013...

Hurricane Matthew Bears Down on Caribbean, US Partially Evacuates Guantanamo Base Hurricane Matthew inched its way toward several Caribbean countries on Monday, churning northwest at just 5 mph over the warm waters of the Caribbean with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.

The category 4 storm is expected to approach Jamaica and southwestern Haiti by Monday night, where the worst of the storm is expected to be felt. But Matthew was already bringing heavy rain, dangerous ocean conditions and flooding to the region...

Hillary Clinton Avoided Taxes the Same Way Trump Did