Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Elementary schools shouldn't be teaching homosexuality
By Al Kinght
Denver Post Columnist

A controversy in Lexington, Mass., over when and how elementary school children should be taught about homosexuality has, for good reason, begun to attract national attention.
The dispute occurred in the only state that allows for same-sex marriage, but the elements of the underlying cultural and educational controversy could easily be duplicated in hundreds of American school districts.

On April 27, David Parker, the father of a kindergarten student in Lexington's Joseph Estabrook Elementary School, was arrested on a trespassing charge and jailed overnight. Parker had gone to the school to meet with administrators after his son had brought home a book titled "Who's in a Family?" The book ostensibly teaches the young about "multicultural contemporary family units," a category that prominently includes gay and lesbian arrangements.

Parker objected and sought assurances he would be notified before the school attempted to teach his child about homosexuality or related topics. The school officials first indicated a willingness to do so, but later refused. Parker insisted and refused to leave.

He was then arrested, and will be tried Sept. 21.

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