Thursday, August 18, 2005

Outreach And Drop-in Center Flourishes as an ‘Oasis’ in Hollywood
August 18, 2005 edition

A Christian outreach and drop-in center in Hollywood's inner city is shining a different kind of light in a city filled with stars. Founded in its current location by pastors Ron and Judy Radachy in 1993, Oasis of Hollywood is located six blocks away from the famous Walk of Fame sidewalk and the Kodak Theater, site of the Academy Awards and the crowning episodes of "American Idol. "

But within another 10 minutes' walk is an area that's a haven for male, female or transsexual prostitutes of almost any age and drugs of all kinds. Two blocks farther is a supermarket for occult shoppers and spiritual home to local Satanists.

"This is a very oppressive area," Ron Radachy told "Charisma" magazine in the August issue, out now. The full article on Oasis of Hollywood can be found in the magazine.

"It's like someone handed you a 10-pound weight to carry around and you carry it easily for a while, but then it starts to wear you down," he added. "There's obviously a spiritual influence on the kids here."



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