Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Transfiguration

Lightning flashes of divinity proceeded forth from Thy flesh: therefore the chosen prophets and apostles sang and cried aloud: Glory to Thy power, O Lord.

Thou hast parted the light from the original chaos, that Thy works might celebrate Thee in light, O Christ, as their creator: do Thou direct our paths in Thy light.

Thou hast shown us on Mount Tabor the live coal of the Godhead that consumes sins while it enlightens souls, and Thou hast caught up in ecstasy Moses and Elijah and the chief disciples.


Today on Tabor in the manifestation of Thy Light, O Word, Thou unaltered Light from the Light of the unbegotten Father, we have seen the Father as Light and the Spirit as Light, guiding with light the whole creation.


Having Ascended this mountain with Thy disciples, O Savior, and having been transformed, Thou didst make the dark nature of Adam shine again, by transforming it into the glory and splendor of Thy Godhead.

May we each be so blessed. Amen.

the Transfiguration


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