Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Biblical Malnutrition & Today's Episcopal Church

"The Anglican tradition has been described as the perfect balance of Scripture, Sacrament and Ceremony. However, right now, there is great apprehension about what is happening to that balance. While of course this does not apply to each and every parish, indeed many have lost their way under misguided leadership.

The concern is not solely about the recent ordination of a practicing homosexual as Bishop of New Hampshire - and that is not the focus here. Gene Robinson's consecration was only a symptom of a much larger problem in our church that points to a significant shift in theology.

This new religion conveniently dismisses portions of Scripture, and seemingly accommodates all of our choices - regardless of what they entail. In an effort to "respect the dignity of every human being," we are now apparently moving toward validating their every notion and appetite. The growing claim is that this level of tolerance is our Christian obligation. However, by doing this, we bring God to the level of man, rather than the other way around.

Whether you realize it or not, history is in the making. "

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