Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bishop FitzSimons Allison on Bishop Mark Dyer
and the Lambeth Commission

The sole ECUSA representative on the Windsor Commission was Mark Dyer, erstwhile bishop of Bethlehem and now teaching at Virginia Seminary. No one better personifies the denigrations of theology and the elevation of polity in ECUSA’S leadership than he. He seems to have been the first to express this substitution of unity over truth, polity over principle and territorial autonomy over biblical faith with his infamous dictum: ‘Schism is always worse than heresy.’

This claim comes from one who left the Roman Catholic Church for the Anglican Communion whose very identity is based on the doctrinal issue of biblical faith that resulted in separation from Roman Catholicism at the Reformation. Obviously Mark has left Rome for no reasons of faith and doctrine. It is something of a puzzle as to his reason when he claims that issues of doctrine can never justify separation. It is an impossible position for authentic Anglicans to take. Separation from Marcianism, Arianism, Donatism, etc. is simply a part of the history of the Christian Church, each over issues of heresy.

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