Sunday, November 27, 2005

Believers must stay connected even amid discord

(November 27, 2005) — He chose his words carefully. There was pain and sorrow in his eyes. Two days before the "extinction" vote, the Rev. David Harnish, rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Irondequoit, knew the odds were against the parish — which had refused to pay more than $16,000 in required contributions to the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester.

Long-story-short: All Saints parishioners and their pastor believe that the Episcopal Church of the USA has seriously strained "the bonds of affection" with the worldwide Anglican Communion because of its decision in 2003 to confirm the election of Bishop V. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. Robinson is a gay cleric with a partner.

In response to the American bishops' decision, the Anglican Communion in 2004 produced the Windsor Report, aimed primarily at preserving unity. It recommended that the U.S. Episcopal church apologize for having caused pain within the Anglican Communion, that it accept a moratorium on future bishops who are living in gay relationships, and that it offer a theological explanation for its actions.

The U.S. Episcopal Church is "pushing too hard, too fast," Harnish says.

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