Saturday, February 11, 2006

Christians Pray, Prepare for Outreach as Winter Olympics Kicks Off
Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006
Posted: 11:38:27AM EST

The 20th Winter Olympics is now under way in Turin, Italy, after an opening ceremony that urged competing athletes to "inspire and motivate the future generations.”

"Athletes, you are role models. Please compete in a spirit of fair play, mutual understanding and respect, and above all please refuse doping," said International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge on Friday before a capacity crowd of 35,000 and a television audience of up to two billion worldwide.

"Our world today is in need of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and the values of the Olympic Games can deliver these to us,” he added, possibly alluding to the current protests taking place across the world over published depictions of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad in European media.

"May the Games be held in peace and in the true spirit of the Olympic truce. Show us how sport unites by overcoming political, religious and language barriers and you will show us the world we all long for."
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Christians are excited about Olympics, but for a different reason
February 10, 2006

Italy (MNN) -- While the war on terror, drought, and political uncertainty continues around the world, people are now assembled in Torino, Italy for the 2006 Olympic Games. Security is tight. Tensions are high, but so is the excitement of athletes, spectators and volunteers, including Christians who are sharing their faith.

Operation Mobilization is just one organization that's on the ground. Luka Brignolo is a volunteer serving the American Delegation as an interpreter and country host. He hopes that as he does so he'll be able to share his faith in Christ. "Not directly in the village or in the sports venues. There's an agreement to avoid any kind of proselytizing with in those spaces. I meet so many people that it's easy to share about my faith and also trying to explain why I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ." Story


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