Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Powder Keg
By Matt Kennedy +

The lines are beginning to harden. The four nominees for PB, as I noted last week and as this recent Living Church
editorial makes clear, are distinctly immoderate. Even the “moderate” nominee is not at all moderate when it comes to enforcing institutional loyalty to the detriment of the orthodox in his diocese. In fact, the common thread (if you were looking for one) that ties all four of these nominees together is their unflagging commitment to the institutional decisions of the Episcopal Church.

Moreover, so far two dioceses, Newark and DC, have been frank enough to reject the Windsor Report and the Dromantine Communiqué outright. Other more traditionally centrist diocese have produced and approved more or less subtle resolutions that essentially do the same.

There is little doubt ECUSA as a whole will follow suit in June. The biggest question is whether the deciding resolutions will look more like those in Newark and DC or like those in Virginia and Southern Virginia. The rest


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