Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lent and Beyond: Karen B: Seek the Lord and Live

This meditation for Ash Wednesday is the second entry in the Anglican Bloggers Lenten Collaboration series of daily devotionals that will be posted on Lent & Beyond throughout Lent. Most entries will be by guest bloggers, but today’s entry is by Lent & Beyond coordinator Karen B.

"Do we truly believe that in Christ is life, and that to live we must submit to our heavenly Father?

I don’t just mean this in terms of salvation and eternal life and the debates about apologetics, and the uniqueness of Christ in which we so often get caught up. I am asking myself this question today and challenging each of us to ask it of ourselves daily throughout Lent. Is Christ our life? Are we willing to submit our wills and desires to God? To choose to do what pleases Him? Do we believe that the joy, life and freedom He offers, that we find in yielding to and obeying Him is better, more satisfying that the empty pleasures of this world?"

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