Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Observers Foresee a Europe Divided Along Muslim / Non-Muslim Lines
By Chad Groening
March 15, 2006

(AgapePress) - The director of the group
Jihad Watch says things have gotten so bad in Europe that the only solution to the Islamic problem might be to divide the continent into Muslim and non-Muslim enclaves.

Much has been made of the growing Muslim presence in Europe. According to 2005 statistics, roughly 10 percent of the population in France is Muslim -- percentages in Bulgaria and Russia, says, are even higher (12 and 19 percent, respectively). And in Southern Europe, there are considerably higher percentages in Macedonia (30), Bosnia Herzegovina (60), and Albania (70). By comparison, estimates place the Muslim presence in the United States at around two percent of the population.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch notes there are already vast areas surrounding major European cities like Paris that have been completely taken over by Muslims. Spencer, who describes this as a "very dangerous situation," says there is much pessimism about how things are going to play out.
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