Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Presiding Bishop Faults U.S. for Cuban Misery

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold blamed Cuba’s misery on U.S. foreign policy from the pulpit of Havana’s Holy Trinity Cathedral. The Ash Wednesday homily concluded a six-day pastoral visit to the Anglican Church in Cuba.

“I have been saddened to see the suffering caused by the policies of my country’s government,” Bishop Griswold said. “The Episcopal Church in the United States strongly opposes the blockade against Cuba. In the four decades of its existence, the blockade has done little except exacerbate the suffering of the Cuban people”.

Bishop Griswold said U.S. policies have driven wedges among the people of Cuba, “wedges that are profoundly at odds with the scriptural call to unity among all people in Christ.”

He praised Cuba’s educational and medical programs during his visit and condemned the U.S. embargo which he said, “has helped fuel inhumane poverty among your people, brought large parts of your magnificent cities and infrastructure to ruins, and cut off Cuban families from the support – financial and otherwise – of their loved ones in the United States.”

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