Monday, March 13, 2006

US Bishops Correct 55 Representatives on Abortion
by Hilary White
March 13, 2006

( - The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has responded to the Statement of Principles' issued last week in which 55 Catholic members of the House of Representatives exposed themselves as being pro-abortion. The bishops’ statement was signed by Cardinals William Keeler of Baltimore and Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, both of whom are regarded as liberal on social and moral issues.

The USCCB statement welcomed the Representatives’ for their "efforts that seek to examine how Catholic legislators bring together their faith and their policy choices."

The Representatives claimed last week that their priority was to create the social conditions necessary in which women did not feel the need to resort to abortion. This circuitous approach has been favored in the Democratic party since their defeat in the last presidential election when exit polls showed their militant support for abortion on demand was not shared by the majority of the electorate.

The Representatives wrote, "We agree with the Catholic Church about the value of human life and the undesirability of abortion, we do not celebrate its practice." The Church, however, does not teach that abortion is merely "undesireable" but that it is "an unspeakable crime" that "cries to heaven" for justice and that it must be vigorously and unequivocally opposed by all people of good will.
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