Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alabama Teacher Fired for Allegedly Showing Students Obscene Images
By Jim Brown
May 24, 2006

(AgapePress) - An Alabama school board has fired a science teacher who allegedly showed some of his eighth-grade students Internet videos depicting sex acts and other obscene images.
Last week the West Limestone Board of Education voted 6-1 to terminate the contract of tenured teacher Steve White, who has been on unpaid leave since early April. Administrators concluded that White had shown obscene Internet clips, including an animated depiction of former President Bill Clinton engaging in sexual activity.

But Jimmy Corder, one of White's attorneys, insists the teacher did not show students any video film strip. "I was present for the hearing; I heard all of the evidence," the lawyer says. "There were several things reproduced, I think you would say, from his computer." However, Corder asserts, not a single one of these reproduced items, "so far as anybody could show," originated from the teacher's hard drive.
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