Monday, June 05, 2006

Bar Ilan promotes biblical archeology

Bar-Ilan University on Monday launched a campaign to build a new Institute of Biblical Archeology, in an effort to put the field back on center stage and serve as a counterweight to revisionist historians who are skeptical of connections between archeology and the Bible.

Thse $50 million institute, which is expected to be constructed in the coming years, will be part of the university's Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archeology.

"The university has made a long-term commitment to place archeology at the forefront if its priorities at a time when archeology has been pushed to the wayside," said institute director Prof. Aren Maeir.

He said that over the last decade and a half, as post-Zionist trends developed, Israeli archeologists have "moved into an academic ivory tower," and have been increasingly concerned over saying things that are politically incorrect.
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