Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Canadians to Create “Fresh” Human Embryos for Research Purposes
By Hilary White
June 27, 2006

( – The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has announced that it will allow the creation of living human embryos specifically for research purposes.

Although pro-life advocates working to kill the Liberal government’s 2002 Assisted Reproduction Act predicted that embryonic stem cell research with "fresh embryos" would be the next move--although the bill purported to protect against this type of research--they were roundly criticized as “alarmist” during the debates over the bill. Meanwhile, biotech lobbyists have worked steadily to find ways around the legislation or simply to amend it to get what they wanted: “fresh” embryos made to order purely for research purposes. And now they have gotten what they wanted.

The National Post reports that the project has been approved with a $523,000 budget. It will be led by researchers in Toronto and will involve teams in Vancouver and Hamilton. The goal is to cultivate embryonic stem cells both from embryos ‘left over’ and frozen after IVF treatments and to create in vitro embryos specifically to be killed for their cells.
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