Sunday, June 04, 2006

by John Lawrence
June 04, 2006

I must begin this article with the preface that I hate censorship. It serves no purpose really other than to oppress free citizens. I must also state that I absolutely love the freedom and access that the world wide web gives to people whose intent is the pursuit of truth and freedom as well as information.

At this point I must also add that the internet scares me. The amount of information out there is matched by an equal degree of disinformation. Add to that the malevolence of some of its darker corners and its depravity, and you have something that resembles nuclear know-how. It can be used for the greater good or the greater evil. I suppose whether or not the internet is good lies in one's viewpoint as well as one's intent and purpose for the knowledge that it dispenses.

After reading about the 17 terrorists that were rounded up at the end of the week in Toronto, I decided to do a little web searching using only information that I had heard from the various newscasts and reports. What I found not only shocked me, but left me feeling very disturbed.
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