Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ruth Gledhill: Anglican Communion crisis: John Chew interview

Global South website has reproduced my talk to John Chew in an article about the coming General Convention of Ecusa. You can see it in The Times here along with Credo by the Chief Rabbi and a piece by me and work experience reporter Dominic Tobin on the religious world's response to the World Cup. Meanwhile, Thinking Anglicans has links to the Government consultation on its latest anti discrimination proposals and to the Archbishops' council response. Jonathan Petre wrote a piece, Church could be forced to bless gay weddings.

The John Chew piece, of which some extracts are reproduced here, is also about the Anglican Church's about the struggle over homosexuality. The future of the Communion could be decided at the general convention of the US church next week. Unity will stand or fall on whether the Episcopal Church of the US agrees a moratorium on gay consecrations called for by the Windsor report. The trophy at stake is the very soul of Anglicanism, with the losers destined to live out their ecclesiastical existence as an obscure sect.

But as with the football, the really important action is taking place off the pitch. The real axis is less around the conservative evangelicalism of the Peter Akinolas of Africa versus the liberal catholicism of the Frank Griswolds of the US. It is more to do with the colonial-style structure of the West coming up against the Chinese-style consensus politics of the East.
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