Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ephraim Radner: How does the ACI see the present challenge in the Communion?

Matt Kennedy, over at StandFirm, has raised important questions and arguments about American Anglican strategy in response to General Convention, all which need to be placed on the table and discussed. Since I am unable to access his site properly, let me respond here to just a few points he raises.

1. There is no doubt that people at certain and varying points feel the need to leave the Episcopal Church – most likely because of the burden they have to protect their spiritual and emotional health. This is all quite appropriate. It is not, however, a “strategy”. It is a matter of individual discernment for the moment. On the other hand, “separation” of Christian bodies requires, well, a “body” to act and to act in a corporate fashion. Our concern is that this is not happening well at present, and that there are signs that it will not happen well in the near future. The result will in fact not be the protection of our Anglican corporate gifts, but their squandering.

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