Friday, August 11, 2006

Bomb Plot Explodes Terror Myths
Michael Medved
August 11, 2006

British authorities deserve the thanks and admiration of all civilized societies for their apparent success in disrupting the most ambitious terror plot since 9/11. In the process, they have also helped to explode some of the most persistent - and pernicious - myths concerning the war on terror. After this week, it will be far more difficult for anyone with an IQ above room temperature to credit inane notions such as --

1) THERE'S NO REAL TERROR THREAT-- 9/11 WAS ORCHESTRATED BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION TO ENHANCE ITS OWN POWER. The internet-addled loon-dogs who advance this concept will now need to explain how the "neo-con" conspirators managed to work their will on the British government (led by Tony Blair's Labor Party) and to get the whole security and political apparatus of the United Kingdom to go along with the alleged charade. The upcoming trials of the British Muslim conspirators will, no doubt, provide abundant information about the true nature of the menace we face.
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