Wednesday, August 16, 2006

God, abortion and gobbledygook
by Judie Brown
August 16, 2006

In our current age of enlightenment it doesn't take much for a person to identify himself as an expert. For example, a person who has experience in cleaning bathroom fixtures can say that he is an expert in dealing with difficult situations that confront the homemaker.

So too a man who has experience in reading the Bible and attending a seminary can say that he is an expert in understanding the mind of God.

Continuing this line of reasoning with one more example, I offer the thought that people who defend the preborn child are expert in understanding the difference between falsehood and truth.

While some would immediately argue that words like truth and falsehood are subjective terms, the fact is they are not. Truth does not change regardless of who is wearing a Roman collar or who is claiming to be a man of God. And a lie is a lie – period!

Thus it should come as no surprise that the recent editorial opinions of Tom Ehrich, an Episcopal pastor from North Carolina, and his collaborators at USA Today jumped off the page and slapped me silly.

Their recent discussion about God and abortion exemplifies precisely why so many people are sorely out of touch with both truth and reason. the rest


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