Friday, August 18, 2006

New AIDS nightmare looms for gay men: study
Fri Aug 18

TORONTO (AFP) - The gay community in the western world, mauled by the first wave of the AIDS' pandemic, now faces a second storm, according to a forecast released at the International AIDS conference.

Since 2001, new cases of HIV in the homosexual population in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australasia have been rising by about 1.9 percent per year, the research by the University of Pittsburgh said.

Without action to correct this trend -- a return to safe sex or an unexpected medical breakthrough -- the infection rate is set to soar as the population ages.

In 2001, HIV affected on average roughly one in 12 gay 20-year-olds in these countries. By the time they are 30, researchers projected, the rate could rise to one in four. And by the time this group reaches 60, 58 percent could be infected.
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