Thursday, September 28, 2006

By David W. Virtue

SAN JOAQUIN, CA (9/28/2006)--The Bishop of San Joaquin John-David Schofield called Virtueonline and announced that the Title of Review Committee had met and decided to drop all the charges by the four bishops of California.

The Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold phoned the orthodox Anglo-Catholic bishop and told him the news personally and said that there had been a misapplication of canon law and he, (Schofield) had not abandoned the communion. Charges had been brought against the bishop based on the use of Canon IV.9 (Abandonment of Communion).

"Of course I'm delighted and even though I knew all along I was not guilty, it is nice to know that those who brought charges against me have realized that I have never intended to abandon the faith of the Anglican Communion."END



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