Friday, September 15, 2006

CNY Diocese: Letter from St. Andrew's warden in the Post-Standard:

Friday, September 15, 2006

Episcopal church still fighting to keep property

To the Editor:
Your editorial in the Syracuse Post-Standard on Sept. 6 about the actions of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York and its bishop, the Rt. Rev, Gladstone "Skip" Adams, illustrates one of the odder things about the Episcopal Church these days.

With one hand it spends lots of money to bring a 10-year old girl from El Salvador to Syracuse for a highly publicized operation to cure her case of rickets. With its other hand, it spends lots of money to sue me and other members of my church and its priest to seize our property.

I am on the board of St. Andrews in the valley in Syracuse, which for years has proclaimed the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than the diocesan message of inclusion which accepts sin without the need for repentance and change.

In doing so it has departed from the historic faith of Christianity. When we recently split from the Episcopal Church and this diocese because of this, they sued us. They hired the largest and most expensive law firm in Syracuse and sued not only our church, but also us personally, as well as our priest, and sought a temporary injunction to close us down.

Fortunately, the judge on the case threw out the lawsuit of the diocese against me and the others and denied them an injunction. But our church and our priest are still dealing with this lawsuit just to keep our property and to keep holding our Sunday worship services.

Peter Iannotta

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