Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Amish Community Shows Forgiveness, Not Anger, after School Massacre
Members of the Amish community where five schoolgirls were shot dead by a gunman consumed by hate and grief over previous incidents in his life have emphasised the need for forgiveness, not anger.
by Maria Mackay
Posted: Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Amish community in grieving after a gunman killed five girls in a school shooting rampage have emphasised the need for forgiveness as detectives continue to investigate the motive for the killings.

Members of the peace-loving Amish community around Nickel Mines in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where the shootings took place Monday, said they were sad and disappointed but not angry.

"It's just not the way we think. There is no sense in getting angry," said Henry Fisher, 62, a retired farmer with five grown children and 33 grandchildren who has lived all his life in the town some 60 miles west of Philadelphia.
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