Sunday, October 01, 2006

Seminarians Face Pulpit Shortage
Many Must Now Seek A Different Calling In Faith-Related Work
By Frank Bentayou
Religion News Service
Saturday, September 30, 2006

CLEVELAND -- After four years studying theology and earning his master of divinity degree, the Rev. Charles R. Kaliszewski's United Methodist Church hasn't yet embraced him as a permanent member of its clergy.

Still, he defied the odds and found a preaching job.

Kaliszewski, 53, launched what he calls his third career this year when he became pastor of South Euclid-Hillcrest United Methodist Church.

"I'm fortunate," he said, despite not currently being on track for ordination.

Fortunate, indeed. Many recent seminary graduates across the country, including some of Kaliszewski's classmates at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, have a slim chance of fulfilling the calling that pulled them into ministerial training. They want to be preachers, but in many denominations, they say, the jobs aren't there.
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