Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Objective Assist Christian Parents in Navigating the Video Game Arena

WDC Media News

(AgapePress) - Helping parents make informed decisions about interactive entertainment for their children -- that's the purpose of the
Christian Game Developers Foundation.

The non-profit CGDF was formed to help parents track trends and to provide resources for video and computer games. Co-founder Ralph Bagley, known for developing the first high-quality Christian-themed video game, says parents must be informed and educated about video games.

"The video game industry is a dark, violent, satanic, sexually explicit place that is full of dangerous traps," says the video game veteran. "And so the CGDF is dedicated to informing and educating parents about that -- and also pointing them in the direction of some good, high-quality, alternative games."

According to Bagley, because of the popularity of video games among children -- Christian and non-Christian alike -- parents need to know what their children are getting into.
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