Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bishop: Anglican Communion Finally at Critical Point
'Something Has Got to Happen Soon' in the Anglican Communion

By Lillian Kwon
Christian Post Reporter
Thu, Feb. 08 2007

By this time next year, the Anglican Communion will "certainly" not be where it is now, said the Bishop of Durham ahead of the critical Primates meeting.

Tom Wright, bishop of one of the oldest dioceses in England, told UK's The Times online edition that every meeting has looked like a "make-or-break" one for the last three years, since the consecration of an openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. This time around, however, the global Anglican church seems to have finally come to its critical point.

"We are closing in on the fact that something has got to happen soon," said Wright in the interview with the UK news agency.

Invitations are already out for next week's global meeting with the head bishops of each Anglican province and soon the Archbishop of Canterbury has to send out invitations for the 2008 Lambeth Conference – a decennial meeting that could see the absence of the Church of Nigeria and conservative Anglicans in the United States if the Communion does not resolve the issue over homosexuality soon.
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