Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chancellor: Cessation of Lawsuits Must be Part of Comprehensive Agreement

The Episcopal Church will not suspend or withdraw from property lawsuits it initiated unless there is a comprehensive agreement that takes into consideration “all the other recommendations of the primates’ communiqué,” said David Booth Beers, chancellor for the Presiding Bishop.

Mr. Beers responded Feb. 26 to a proposal to suspend property litigation that was made by lawyers representing some of the 11 congregations which voted in December to disassociate from the Diocese of Virginia. In their Feb. 19 communiqué, the primates had unanimously “urge[d] the representatives of The Episcopal Church and of those congregations in property disputes with it to suspend all actions in law arising in this situation.”

In his reply Mr. Beers noted that the leadership of the departing congregations have not made any effort to come into compliance with the requests made by the primates in their communiqué.
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