Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Maine: $250,000 to Teach 'Transgenderism'
By Lee Duigon
Feb 7, 2007

The great state of Maine has budgeted a quarter of a million dollars for a program to teach public school children about... transgenderism.

You know what transgenderism is. It's when a man has his willy cut off, dons a dress, and goes around looking like he's left over from a Monty Python skit. Or it's when a woman has her breasts cut off and tries to walk like John Wayne.

If this grosses you out as an adult, try to imagine having to "learn" about it in the third grade. Some children are uneasy about clowns; this stuff will give them screaming nightmares. It ought to give Maine's adults nightmares, too, when they pay their taxes.
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