Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tanzania bishop breaks ranks in gay Anglican row
14 Feb 2007 09
By George Obulutsa

DAR ES SALAAM, Feb 14 (Reuters) - In the Anglican Communion's bitter row over gay priests and marriage, which threatens to split the church's 77 million faithful, Tanzanian Bishop Mdimi Mhogolo seems an unlikely rebel.

In December, the conservative Anglican Church of Tanzania declared it would no longer accept funding from dioceses in the U.S. Episcopal Church that condone homosexual practices or bless same-sex unions.

However, Mhogolo says it is with a clear conscience that his diocese of Central Tanganyika continues to accept money from its liberal counterpart in New York.

With individual donations of $50 a year, hundreds of Americans provide shoes, clothes, food and exercise books so that AIDS orphans in the impoverished Tanzanian diocese may attend primary school.
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