Wednesday, April 11, 2007

“A really cool church"
“It is plausible that the all-male priesthood has caused some Catholic women to convert to the Episcopal Church to be ordained”
April 11, 2007

“I didn’t realize how much pain I had from growing up in a church that did not permit women as pastors,” said Melanie Donohoe in an interview published March 22 in the Oakland Tribune.

Donohoe was talking about growing up Catholic. “I was not one of those girls who wanted to be a nun,” said Donohoe. “I always loved the spiritual, the mystical, and the sacramental, but I did not sit around dreaming of being a priest.” But, today, Donohoe is a priest -- or what some would call a priest. She is an Episcopal minister and associate rector of Transfiguration Episcopal Church in San Mateo. “I'm really happy being a priest,” she said, “and I love my parish.”
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