Monday, May 14, 2007

Ruth Gledhill Weblog: Lambeth Conference 'freebies'
May 14, 2007

The invitations for the Lambeth Conference are to go out at the end of this year. How do I know this? Not some reputable 'deep cassock' at the heart of the Anglican Communion I'm afraid, but the first-ever dedicated Lambeth Conference website. However, it was a well-informed source who indicated to me a few weeks back that everyone, including Gene Robinson and those who consecrated him, was to be invited. 'You might even be able to come, Ruth,' he said.

I found the website after at last getting round to looking at the latest Anglican World, out of which dropped four useful Lambeth Conference bookmarks imprinted with the url.

There are many blessings that come with the three-week ten-yearly gathering of the 800 or so bishops and archbishops of the Communion, plus all their spouses. And presumbably CPs. So what is RW going to do about that? I ask because the source who told me they would all be invited said 'spouses' means precisely that, so although the Bishop's partner Mark Andrews could turn up, he wouldn't be part of the spouses' conference.
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