Friday, July 20, 2007

Global South Leaders Urge Emergency Primates’ Meeting

The leaders of the Global South coalition of Anglican Primates have called for an emergency primates meeting to determine the fate of The Episcopal Church and have urged the House of Bishops to put aside their “intransigence” and not force the break up of the Anglican Communion.

Meeting in London from July 16-18, the committee urged the House of Bishops to “reconsider their position” and conform to the recommendations of the primates’ February communiqué by halting the litigation campaign against breakaway congregations and by accepting a primates pastoral council to provide alternate pastoral oversight to recusant clergy and congregations.

The steering committee criticized Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for accepting the invitation to attend part of the Fall House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans, saying it would undermine the integrity of the primates’ communiqué. They said the primates “must make any determination as to the adequacy” of the response by the House of Bishops to the communiqué. “We strongly urge the scheduling of a Primates’ Meeting for this purpose at the earliest possible moment,” they said.

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