Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sturgis ministry shines light of Christ into massive Harley rally
Posted on Aug 9, 2007
by Debra Hanson

STURGIS, S.D. (BP)--Main Street in Sturgis, S.D., the first week of August each year becomes a sea of motorcycles parked row upon row, block upon block, restrained only by sidewalks lined with vendor booths selling everything from t-shirts to tattoos, and filled with people from around the world wearing "do-rags" (bandanas), ripped jeans, leather and Harley Davidson t-shirts.

It's a massive "party" known worldwide as "Sturgis," which brings up to a half-million people to the Black Hills for a week of motorcycle competitions –- a far bigger crowd than virtually any sporting event in the world. This year's rally began Aug. 6 and runs through Aug. 12.
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